Friday, August 28, 2009

Gorki speaks about the Juanes concert in Cuba


Fantomas said...

Este es otro oportunista , lo que le interesa es vender discos baratos, beber y fumar

a el le conviene mucho que los hermanos castro sigan en el poder

Claro que si

Anonymous said...


Gorki speaks the truth and you can't stand that? Yo must be tremendo communist!

Fantomas said...

Nada de eso ... Al comunismo yo lo combato inteligentemente de otra manera . use your head. Think
Gorky es un drogadicto mas who happens to be on our side


Anonymous said...

Gorki should be the one doing a concert for the Cuban people NOT Juanes!

Fantomas said...

And you think the dictatorship will allow it


Are you Cuban dude

did you live there under el comunismo?

Anonymous said...

yes DUDE I am Cuban and YES I live there under communism until the age of 8! I know the dictatorship will never allow him to play, THAT's my point DUDE!

Fantomas said...

Señores Juanes no fue el que llevo el comunismo a cuba ni juanes es el que va a liberar a ningun preso ni a restaurar la democracia


POR FAVOR ...vamos a ser mas sensatos.. who da fu-- are we to coartarle a Juanes el derecho de hacer en libertad lo que el crea mas conveniente porque le da la real gana

if you want to punish Juanes do it SEPTIEMBRE 21..iAM SURE I MAY DO IT AS WELL

Alfredo said...

Fantomas mi hermano,

juanes singing in Cuba has so many different conotations, even if REALLY meams that this is not political, the dictatorship as you know twists everything a certain political way. Probably after thje concert the talk will be about the softening of the embargo or travel restrictions always in favor of the dictatorship. NEVER, EVER does a actor or a singer visiting Cuba EVER mention FREEDOM or the plight of the political prisoners!
What gets me is that people who really are uneasy about this concert are NOT alowed to express how they feel? POOR Juanes feels a little uncomfortable, WHAT ABOUT WHAT THE CUBANS HAVE FELT FOR 50 years!

I am not buying any of this non-political stuff and he wants to sing in Cuba FINE, but don't sell us on this PAZ and non-political crap.

Fantomas said...

NEVER, EVER does a actor or a singer visiting Cuba EVER mention FREEDOM or the plight of the political prisoners!

Pero por supuesto Alfredo, they can not speak against the revolution because if they do they wont be able to enter the island

what iam saying is this , iam against censorship and prohibitions
Again, Juanes IS NOT CUBAN, he did not trajo el comunismo a la isla and he is not going to praise the revolution. the price juanes will pay for going there will be high

Deja que se embarre , in the mean time we dont know if something EXTRAORDINARY to our cause may ocur on stage..Let things flow and pay attention on the 2oth ..I know were i will be from 12pm until 7 pm and that will be in frot of my tv set watching

You are lucky you may be able to go to the parallel concert in Miami
Hope you can make it but please please i Beg you do not burn any juanes cds @ the concert

Vigilia Mambisa said...

Fantomas you are a dead man

Fantomas said...

Alfredo your page is WAY TOO SLOW,,because you have too many videos and pictures

Make the videos smaller change the widtg and the height in the code to say 250 - 240

also only put 7 or 8 entries on your first page para que corra la pagina mas rapido

Alfredo said...


Thanks for the tip! I put the videos on for effect!