Friday, August 21, 2009

No Toilet Paper in Cuba?

No Toilet Paper in Cuba?
By Jose Reyes

Yes that’s right, in Cuba there is a serious shortage of toilet paper, did you know this? As this very short, mini report explains also, there is a shortage of fruits and vegetables and “other” food items. But, don’t worry, there’s a shipment of toilet paper coming in soon. I wonder if in that shipment there will be any fruits and vegetables or maybe some meat, chicken, sugar, milk, regular paper, plastic, wheat, medical supplies, aspirin, WATER, electrical equipment, nails, hammers, rope, building supplies and a few other items I missed?

Meanwhile, back at the resort area where all the vacationers and celebrities stay, yes, those imaginary places, scattered about, hidden in secluded areas throughout the island. Yes, where a state of amnesia suddenly devours them all and where double standards rule, those beautiful tropical beach resorts where they stay. “In Cuba everyone has all they need to survive, the inhabitants live comfortable there”, they all say. And why? Because they want Cuba for themselves and it really doesn’t matter to them what government is in place there. All that that matters is that it stays the same. As long as they have toilet paper at the Hotels and fruit, vegetables, lobster, meat, chicken, rice and beans, milk, WATER, Aspirin, and first class hospitals, that’s all that matters. They sometimes take a walk around the outskirts and see with their own eyes, they see the poverty, the shirtless kids playing with old used car tires. They see it all as they turn their heads and begin back to their oasis in the sun. I wonder if they even take a roll of toilet paper with them so they could hand it to the “citizens” of the island. Or maybe they are using the toilet paper as a negotiating tool, who knows? And who really cares about toilet paper, what the heck, the Cuban people rarely go to the bathroom, they have nothing in their stomachs.

I know, there are those who are saying, ” this was reported a few weeks ago already, this is old news.” Well, I’m writing this article for the ones who did not hear about it, the ones who were busy doing something else and were innocently unaware, hey, this happens. I’m also writing this for the countless of tourists who have been traveling to Cuba on a yearly basis, the ones who know all about the hardships its inhabitants experience on a daily basis. I’m talking about the ones who do not dare to stir things up, the ones who’s only concern is to lay on their Cuban beach and drink their Mojitos.

So you can say that I’m bringing up the rear here, for those who were not aware and of course, for those who still do not believe it. Those stormy monsters are beginning their yearly ritual, lining up in the Atlantic Ocean again, in their traditional orderly fashion, ready to create havoc. Although the forecasts are favorable this year, make sure you click on those links within this article and remember these are very loose predictions. Let’s pray for the least damage possible this year. The shipment of “toilet paper” will be the least on the minds of the Cuban people.

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