Sunday, August 30, 2009

"LA Congresswoman Praises Cuban Revolution & Castro’s Health Care System"

Here is a Jim Dandy quote from this ignorant congresswoman:

"You can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met."

H/T to the Real Cuba for this video!


pissed off Cuban said...

Then why is she not living in Cuba with her hero Fiddle Castro? Wow I never knew that el che had to go around looking for Fidel? I always thought that Fidel for years had a terrorist guerilla movement in the sierra and overthrew Batista thru force..well I guess all of the Cubans who lived thru this don't know their history. Thanks Rep. Diane Watson for setting us straight on Cuban history. You must have majored in Cuban history and specialized in Che studies???

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Fidel is bright or not, but that is not the point, you can be bright and a ferocious tyrant at the same time. If she doesn't realize that she is not very bright. The U.S. may end up paying a very high price for the dullness of some of its representatives.

Fantomas said...

Ols news , we know how these fools del black caucus think. why give them more publicity

dont get it

Alfredo said...


Yes, we know how they think, but when they make such a foolish statement it should go unchecked and without response? This is a perfect opportunity to take her to school!

Forrest Gump to Diane Watson said...

stupid is as stupid does!

Melek said...

Ah! Ignorance is bliss, but also dangerous!!

It's not a matter of this being old news ... the point is that this lefty ideology prevails in this present administration. Somehow, people like Congresswoman Watson are emboldened these days and don't hesitate to show their true "red" colors!

I wish you well :) Melek

“In the vacuous recesses of their own minds, those who deny reality manage to convince themselves that they are "reality-based". Today's political left are the hands-down, gold medal winners in the Denial of Reality Sweepstakes. Watch them spin, lie, distort and finally resort to personal attacks their critics without any debate on the facts--and learn all about their creatively dysfunctional coping." ~ Dr. Sanity

Anonymous said...

Move to Cuba A hole!

Anonymous said...

If she moves to Cuba, she'll probably feel at home at "El Palo Cagao"

Anonymous said...

Ms Watson needs a course on Cuban history! Then, go to Cuba and visit with the real people and let them tell her about the real health system of Cuba.....even better, she needs to leave her comfortable life in CA, move to Cuba and live among the cubans without US dollars. She would enjoy the hardships of daily life, their wonderful health system and most important...lack of freedom!