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Basta de apartheid en Cuba

We call upon all Cubans to commemorate International Human Rights Day on December 10th, by exercising our right to demonstrate in a PEACEFUL SILENT MARCH as a protest of the immoral and illegal APARTHEID policy imposed by the Cuban government.
It is the duty all people to assume individual responsibility and confront the tragedy facing the nation, to urge political, economic and social changes that benefit EVERYONE, and to facilitate an end to this humiliating situation in which a powerful few violate sovereignty and enjoy privileges all while discriminating against the majority simply because they are citizens.
Governments, institutions, organizations and human beings in general have an obligation to promote respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as ensure their recognition and universal and effective application.
Our appeal, by our participation on that day, will be for the recognition, in every corner of the earth, of the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.
Never in the history of the nation has there existed such an ANTI-CUBAN government. The current constitution recognizes rights and freedoms for Cubans (Article 42 and 43), the penal code condemns as a felony any application of apartheid (Article 120-1 and 295-1); in practice the two laws are systematically violated by the established official public policy.
Despite the fact that the Cuban government is a member of the newly created United Nations Council for Human Rights, it violates its pledge to be a signatory of the international convention on repression and punishment for the crime of apartheid.
The march will take place at the park located at Calzada between D and E, in El Vedado. The start time for the march will be 11:00 A.M. and will consist of walking around the park, in silence, to avoid any kind of disorder and provocation.
We urge Cubans living outside the island to conduct activities on the 10th of December, at the same hour, in commemoration of this important date, and thus extend their support and solidarity to the march.
We call upon the international organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights to join and contribute by promoting the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the elimination of APARTHEID in Cuba.
In particular, we expect that the authorities of the government of Cuba to ensure order during the march and prevent, on this occasion, abuses by state security apparatus.
Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez, Cuban citizen.


Collage of various comments taken from Jackson Diehl, I. Shafer, H. Freeman, R. Sand and Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

During eight years in office, Chavez has already taken control of Venezuela's courts, congress, television stations and petroleum industry; his congress granted him the right to rule by decree. The constitutional rewrite will allow him to control the central bank and its reserves, override elected local governments with his own appointees, declare an indefinite "state of emergency" in which due process and freedom of information would be suspended, and use the army to maintain domestic political order under the slogan "fatherland, socialism or death!" It will also abolish any limit on presidential terms for a 53-year-old ruler who would otherwise be compelled to step down by 2012. Jackson Diehl in today's Washington Post

For eight years the people of Venezuela have been participating in massive pro-democracy demonstrations. They have been rejecting the Cuba-like regime imposed by Hugo Chavez, designed with the active participation of Fidel Castro and other Cuban personnel.

Where is the outrage from the U.S. mainstream media, U.S. colleges and universities, and our Hollywood actors regarding what is going on in Venezuela?

In Venezuela, university students are being ambushed on school property, journalists are being threatened, TV stations are being shut down, and Chavez and his henchman are raiding the country's treasury and redirecting its resources to [such unlikely places as] Harlem and other [vulnerable] areas outside the country to promote their socialist ideology.

I know of Venezuelans that are visiting the U.S. that have relatives staying in their homes in Venezuela for fear of losing their homes. I pray that the Venezuelan people will regain their freedom against such a repressive government and not allow Chavez to turn Venezuela into a third world country like Cuba!

This appeal to the American people for their support was recently received, "The situation in Venezuela is really alarming. My family and friends have been living the beginning of hell, that started when the president Chavez began to change everything there including the control of the media freedom of speech, and now, next week, he is going for the last and most crucial chapter: Getting by fraud the approval of his amendments to the Constitution, so he can have more power and stay in the government as long as he wants.

"Venezuela is screaming, asking you to support them. I am originally from Venezuela, I was born and risen in a democracy and I don't want to see Venezuela under a dictatorship regime, that could affect the region and of course, my second country, the United States." There are many photos and videos on the Internet of what has been going on in Venezuela under Chavez that the U.S. liberal media has not reported. Search and see for yourself.

If you're thinking you haven't heard much about this transformation in a major oil-producing country two hours by air from Miami, you're right. U.S. media and human rights groups have basically ignored Chavez's latest power grab. Human Rights Watch, which has been conducting a campaign about what it says is the "human rights crisis" in neighboring, democratic Colombia in close cooperation with congressional Democrats, has issued no statement on the Venezuelan violence -- including the shooting of the students by government-backed paramilitaries on Nov. 7 -- and objected to only one of the 69 new constitutional articles.

Of course they [the U.S. liberal media] turn a blind eye. When bloody commies kill millions, that's OK. The New York Times covered up Stalin's murder of about 30 million in the Ukraine. There is a tradition to uphold.

It is sad. And the worst is that Venezuela is still on time to liberate itself from Chavez - a bad imitation of Castro. It is inexplicable that the U.S. and world liberal press aren't paying attention to the people fighting there to restore democracy in that country. On the contrary, even an American former president, the nefast Jimmy Carter, went to Venezuela to bless the previous fraudulent Chavez election in spite of voters intimidated, wounded and killed.

The U.S. liberal media didn't even report the incident caused by Chavez at the latest Summit of the Americas meeting where he talked for about 25 minutes while the time limit for each speech was set at 3 minutes. This provoked King Juan Carlos of Spain to ask Chavez, "Why don't you shup up?" Have any Americans heard about that on the television national news?

While Burma and Pakistan's anti-government demonstrations are widely reported by the U.S. liberal media - because the people are protesting against right wing regimes - the same media has managed to keep the protests in Venezuela off the air because Chavez is a left wing regime. As a result of this duality, the media is blocking international solidarity for the cause of democracy in Venezuela. Without international solidarity creating political pressure against Chavez's regime, the people of Venezuela who have been demanding democracy, are lost.

The U.S. liberal media has shown a consistent favor for communist-type regimes, ignoring the fact that Communism is a dismal failure and killed 100 million people. With their silence about Venezuela and Cuba, the U.S. liberal media becomes accomplices in the crimes of communism.

The U.S. liberal media is acting as they did in the case of Cuba, they are silent about what is going on in Venezuela. This silence doesn't help people trying to liberate from communist regimes. This silence can seal the future of the Chavez communist totalitarian regime. This silence will cause suffering, misery, hunger, torture and death in Venezuela.

Another fraudulent victory for Chavez will bring grave consequences to the U.S. Chavez has been forming an anti-America alliance with the other socialist and communist regimes flourishing in the Americas as well as Islamic terrorists and Iran. Chavez have been buying fighter jets, helicopters, submarines and arms from European countries, the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea. A result of the imposition of communism in the Americas will be millions of refugees coming to the U.S.

The people of Venezuela are screaming "Venezuela SI, Cubazuela NO!"

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FREE Venezuela!

Día de Acción Bloguero

Jeff Jacoby: "Writing the truth about Cuba"

This article is brought to you by our Fellow FREEDOM fighter Jose at Cubanology:

A hero in Castro's gulag
By Jeff Jacoby

Globe Columnist / November 4, 2007
AT A White House ceremony tomorrow President Bush will honor eight distinguished men and women with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civil award. Among the recipients will be the longtime civil rights activist Benjamin Hooks; Harper Lee, author of the much-loved novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird"; and C-SPAN's founder and president, Brian Lamb.

One of the honorees, however, will not be there. Instead of joining the president amid the pomp and finery of the White House, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet will spend the day locked in a fetid cell in the Combinado del Este prison in Havana, where he is serving a 25-year prison sentence for speaking out against Fidel Castro's dictatorship.

Peter Kirsanow, a member of the US Commission on Civil Rights, has written that the conditions of Biscet's incarceration are like something out of Victor Hugo: "windowless and suffocating, with wretched sanitary conditions. The stench seeping from the pit in the ground that serves as a toilet is intensified by being compressed into an unventilated cell only as wide as a broom closet. . . . Biscet reportedly suffers from osteoarthritis, ulcers, and hypertension. His teeth, those that haven't fallen out, are rotted and infected."

A prolife Christian physician, Biscet first ran afoul of the Castro regime in the 1990s, when he investigated Cuban abortion techniques - Cuba has by far the highest abortion rates in the Western Hemisphere - and revealed that numerous infants had been killed after being delivered alive. In 1997, he began the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, which seeks "to establish in Cuba a state based on the rule of law" and "sustained upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." In 1999, he was given a three-year sentence for "disrespecting patriotic symbols." To protest the regime's repression, he had hung a Cuban flag upside down.

For decades, various American journalists and celebrities have rhapsodized about Castro's supposed island paradise, resolutely ignoring the mountains of evidence that it is in reality a tropical dungeon. Intent on seeing Castro as a revolutionary hero and Cuba as Shangri-la, they avert their gaze from the island's genuine heroes - the prisoners of conscience like Biscet, who pay a fearful price for their insistence on telling the truth.

The US detention center in Guantanamo Bay is sometimes spoken of as if it were a Caribbean concentration camp, but the only facilities that deserve such a label are hellholes like Combinado del Este, in which Biscet and so many other Cuban dissidents have been brutally abused - or worse. Over the years, life in Castro's gulag has been well-chronicled. The classic narrative is Armando Valladares's "Against All Hope," a stark and searing memoir of the author's 22 years in Cuba's horrific prisons.

The newest account of life as a Cuban political prisoner is "Fighting Castro: A Love Story," Kay Abella's affecting and inspiring saga of one Cuban couple's love for each other and for their homeland, and the cruelties, large and petty, inflicted on those who challenge the regime.

For Lino Fernandez, a young physician who pays for his democratic resistance with 17 years behind bars, those cruelties are sadistic and often bloody. Abella describes, for example, what it was like to experience a requisa - a search by armed prison guards - in the notorious round fortress on Isla de Pinos:

"A screaming mass of soldiers swarming over the circular, stabbing with bayonets, crushing limbs with truncheons and rubber-wrapped chains. The panic of no place to hide, knowing you'll be beaten harder for trying to protect yourself, stomped on for clinging to a pillar or rail, thrown down the stairs for daring to hesitate. . . . The indignity of men whining, begging, whimpering before a skull is cracked, a shoulder yanked from its socket, genitals smashed with the gun butt."

For the families of political prisoners, the cruelties come in other forms, such as the humiliating strip-searches on the rare occasions when a prison visit is permitted. And there is economic privation: Oscar Biscet's wife, Elsa Morejon, is a trained nurse, but she has been barred from holding a professional job in Cuba since 1998.

The conscience and courage of these dissidents are nothing short of extraordinary. "During these years here in prison," Biscet wrote to Elsa in a letter smuggled out of prison earlier this year, "I have seen shameful things that I am unable to describe to you in words because of their perversity and their attack on . . . civilized society. Despite this difficult situation I am not intimidated nor do I take any step backwards in my mind. . . . I will carry out this unjust sentence until the most high God puts an end to it."

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El opositor cubano Jorge Luis García Pérez, conocido como Antúnez, se encuentra ingresado en una sala de terapia intensiva, del Hospital Nacional Enrique Cabrera, en el Municipio Boyeros, tras sufrir una crisis de salud. Antúnez, uno de los ex presos políticos cubanos más emblemáticos, fue visitado por su hermana, la activista Bertha Antúnez Pernet, así como otros miembros de la oposición interna.

José Luis Ramos amplía la noticia.

Audio. (Windows Media Player — 99 kb — 2:10 Min.)
H/T to fellow FREEDOM fighter JOSEITO!

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"JFK assassination plot uncovered in Chicago?"

What amazes me is that the media or nor the JFK buffs never seem to link the JFK assassination to the apartheid dictator in Cuba. Yes, they are very quick to point out that Cuban exiles probably did it...Newsflash...they have not been able to get rid of the Adidas dictator for 50 enough of this theory...yet the apartheid dictator is still in power and check this out:

"Former agent Abraham Bolden, 72, told Chicago ABC affiliate, WLS-TV, Kennedy was waved off from a much-publicized visit to Chicago on Nov. 2, 1963, to attend the Army-Air Force football game at Soldier Field and ride in a parade after the Secret Service received a report from a motel manager who told of seeing several automatic weapons with telescopic sights on the bed of a room rented to several Cuban nationals. They had an outline of the route Kennedy was to follow from O'Hare airport that would take his motorcade past the motel. The route had been printed in Chicago newspapers. "

and this:

"News of the Cuban nationals triggered an investigation but, Bolden charges, the surveillance was mishandled and the Cuban suspects disappeared and were never identified.
"No one was sent to the room to fingerprint it or get an ID. The case was lost and that was the end of it," he said. "

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Tonight(11:00CST/12:00EST: Dictator FREE radio


Personal testimony

November 16, 2007 / APLO Press /

Kilo 8 Prison
Camagüey, Cuba

I’m letting it be known that my state of health is failing at an extremely dangerous pace. My physical well-being remains under the Sword of Damocles, and I could die. My days are slowly coming to an end because of the various dangerous illnesses from which I suffer: high blood pressure, a right bundle branch block in my heart, hypertensive retinopathy, a heart murmur, a pyloric-duodenal prolapse, chronic dermatitis, asthma, cervical arthritis, lumbo-sacral arthralgia, vitiligo, kidney and liver disorders, and an obvious immunological deficiency. I’m extremely underweight, which is quite worrisome.

Faced with this dangerous picture, prison authorities have demonstrated a policy of disinterest and indifference until last October 23rd when I sewed my mouth shut as a fair complaint against the violation of my rights and the awful living conditions under which I am kept as if I were a wild animal while the prison officials’ dogs live under exceptional conditions.

I held firm for 8 days without eating and taking in very little water, which made the state and prison police take note. On November 2nd, I was moved to the Department of Medical Services of MININT during the night. This step was in vain because the favorable conditions did not exist to do tests on me. They were postponed until the next day around noon when I was submitted to an endoscopy and a biopsy in the area of the esophagus, stomach, and intestine. The exams showed a large inflammation around there, giardiasis and a hiatal hernia, as well as bacteria that, from what became clear and from the silence shown, are a malignant kind. (H. Pylori)

The situation turned out to be much more threatening to my life that expected. I don’t harbor a single hope of getting out of this monstrous place alive. Clearly my days are numbered, and, as usual, the Cuban regime will not let me meet with those whom I love before I die—it’s a policy of vengeance and settling of scores. Since I don’t reject the possibility of a clinically induced death, neither do I reject the possibility of being the next Miguel Valdés Tamayo. Yet, in spite of this dangerous outlook, I’m letting my brothers know that I’ll continue giving as much as I can. I will continue my firm stance in defense of human rights with my campaign of accusations towards murders and cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatments.

Life is of little importance when firm and true ideas exist to defend. Eleven million Cubans suffer the vengeful shots of a tyranny in order to defend the right to a free, inclusive, pluralistic, and respectful country for everyone, one like the most highly regarded of all Cubans, José Martí, dreamed of. Until the last moment of my life, I will continue to stick to my patriotic ideals. When I die, one more political assassination will fall upon the back of this tyranny.

I will not ask for pity from those who torture me physically and psychologically. I proclaim my critical situation to the international community, and may it, along with my fellow Cubans in exile, accuse the regime in Havana. I will not be the first or the last to lose my life in Castro’s dungeons. There have been others throughout these fifty years of harsh dictatorship who have tried to restore a civil society. Cubans have the right to freedom, to a plurality of criteria, to free and transparent elections. Cuba deserves to occupy the empty seat that is waiting for her among the elite number of democratic nations.

Let all Cubans in exile and those that determinedly and peacefully struggle in the streets know that I will not give up. As a dignified follower of the ideas of Varela, Martí, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, I will not bow down, nor will my knees give way. I will continue from this dark place in support of this noble and just cause.

I cannot deny that it’s been a hard blow for me to know that I’m dying. I would love to contribute more so that a bright and promising future could add luster to our currently tarnished country from a entelechy, a breed of gangsters and mafia. I’m not afraid to face death. I’m not afraid for them to kill me. Whatever happens will happen; all will unfold as it’s supposed to be. I ask my brothers in the struggle not to become discouraged, to continue forward. From Castro’s gulag, I extend my message of hope.

have begun a new battle, this time for my life. A young Canadian named Terry Fox, knowing that cancer was eating up his whole body and with an amputated leg, ran thousands of kilometers before dying, and he never lost heart in his efforts. For me, it would be a very high honor to be added to the list of Castro’s victims. They will not succeed in extracting a cry of pity. I believe I can give even more and provide much more for our children and this country so that all can live in complete freedom.

I am very physically weak, but I’m strong spiritually. I know nothing is in vain, and I reiterate that my situation has become much more critical. I face this harsh reality. Nothing will dishearten me. Since November 3rd when I found out just how critical my health was, I have received a show of solidarity on the part of many prisoners that strengthens me.

To my brothers of the honorable political prisoners group, Pedro Luis Boitel, and especially to that tireless fighter, Jorge Luis García Pérez, “Antúnez,” I want you to know that Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta will stand up and face the terror until his last day. My weakened and critical state of health is one more example of the cruel and inhumane Cuban prison system. The world should not support the pain that those behind bars suffer for defending the right to life, to total liberty. This is the price one pays under the auspices of Castro and to which I aspire with stoicism and as a worthy son of this country.

*Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, 41, was sentenced to 20 years in jail in March, 2003. He is a prisoner of conscience of the Group of 75. He is an independent journalist, a member of the Cuban Council of Rapporteurs of Human Rights and the national coordinator of the Youth for Democracy Movement. His address is Calle 3 Oeste #1105 e/ Pintó y Varonal, Guantánamo, Cuba.

This testimony was given from Kilo 8 Prison on November 7, 2007.

All rights reserved:

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No outrage from the media, politicians, or the world???

This is from fellow FREEDOM fighter Kill Castro-War Blog :
From the always excellent Penultimos Dias arrives this image proving that Cuba has regressed to the days of slavery under Castro, the Neo-Taino.
In the best tradition of the 18th and 19th Centuries' "rancheadores" this Palestinian cop carries a "cimarron" naked and in irons through el Vedado. Where is the indignation of the Black Caucus, the Pastors for Peace, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, Angela Davis, cop killer Mummia, and so many others, includes the ones who are hiding in the open in Cuba?
Is this humble black man less black and less slave because the slave master happens to be Castro?Now, if you, my dear reader are not offended and your human being dignity is not hurt after seeing this image, you must really be on Castro's side, and he certainly welcomes you.Do not miss the "Oro Negro" tag in the fuel pump. Coincidentally, the slave drivers called their human cargo in their hellish ships like that too: "Black Gold"
Question: Why isn't this photograph in the front page of every American newspaper this morning?Answer: Because the Cuban people is alone. Because the New York Times and Herbert Matthews invented Fidel Castro, and they will first set their newsrooms on fire than condemn their criminal creation.
Note: Feel free to download the photograph and send it to all news organizations, tv channels, religious groups, all your friends and contacts, government officials, and international human rights groups. Let's make it fly around the world.
PS:Why did I call Castro the neo-taino?Because in his last babbling in print he calls Evo an aymara, Ortega a maya, and Chavez - I don't remember what. Castro is according to himself -and to Chavez- Celtic, Taino, Galician, Canario, and who the hell knows what else. That Taino blood comes handy, when the negroes are driven like that to be whipped, right FU... SLAVE MASTER? Whatever his (fake) racial mix is, he's a just a good old plain MF. Nothing short of that.

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Famous new phrase:"¿Por qué no te mueres ya?"

Famous phrase: "¿Por qué no te callas?"

I applaud the King of Spain for the "¿Por qué no te callas?" to shut up the dictator from Venezuela!....but..... why hasn't the King of Spain or other world leaders ever say this to the dictator of apartheid Cuba????????

Victims of Apartheid Cuba....what is their crime?

Name: Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina

Age: 43

Sentence: 6 Years (Released in July 2005, after five years and four months in prison)Accusation: Charged with “contempt” and “disrespecting the figure of the commander-in-chief.”

Name: Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet González

Age: 46

Sentence: 25 Years

Accusation: Accused of “serving as a mercenary to a foreign state” and displaying the Cuban flag upside down. Leader of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights which seeks to establish in Cuba “a state based on the rule of law.”

Name: Jose Daniel Ferrer García

Age: 37

Sentence: 25 Years

Accusation: Supporter of the Varela Project and coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement; two organizations deemed counter-revolutionary by the Cuban government. Charged with "acts against the independence or the territorial integrity of the State."

Name: Luis Enrique Ferrer García

Age: 35

Sentence: 28 Years

Accusation: Member of the Varela Project and coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement. Charged with "acts against the independence or the territorial integrity of the State.”

Victims of communist apartheid Cuba!

Name: Víctor Rolando Arroyo Carmona

Age: 54

Sentence: 26 Years

Accusation: Accused of "undermining national independence and territorial integrity" for contributing to the Cubanet website and Radio Martí. He was also convicted for running an independent library containing over 5,000 books.

Name: Regis Iglesias Ramírez

Age: 38

Sentence: 18 Years

Accusation: Activist supporter of the Varela Project. Charged with “acts against the independence or the territorial integrity of the State.”

Name: Librado Linares García

Age: 47

Sentence: 20 Years

Accusation: Accused of organizing human rights activities such as meetings, lectures, and seminars.

Name: Dr. Marcelo Cano Rodríguez

Age: 42

Sentence: 18 Years

Accusation: Accused of maintaining ties with the international organization Doctors Without Borders. He was also accused of seeking support in the form of medicines, clothing, and books in order to “destabilize the Ministry of Public Health and to undermine the existing social system in Cuba.”

Horrors of Communism!

H/T to FREEDOM fighter who wishes to remain annonymous!


Para más información:
Janisset Rivero
Marcibel Loo


Prisionero político en grave estado de salud

Ciego de Ávila, 15 de noviembre de 2007. Directorio Democrático Cubano. El prisionero de conciencia Pablo Pacheco Ávila, arrestado durante la ola represiva del 2003 y recluido en la Prisión Provincial de Morón, se encuentra en un estado crítico de salud. Según su esposa Oleivys García Echemendía, fuente de esta información, Pacheco Ávila sufre de una ectopia renal derecha, la cual le causa dolores fuertes en el riñón derecho. Actualmente, Pacheco Ávila recibe sueros venoclísis, tratamiento endovenoso e intramuscular.

Durante una visita de su esposa recientemente, ella tuvo la oportunidad de conversar con el médico de la prisión, quien le informó que su esposo estaba recibiendo un tratamiento sintomático a través de supositorios de peroxidan y analgésicos o venoclísis, en caso de que sea necesario. También le informó que estaría recibiendo antibióticos debido al resultado de un urocultivo que le habían efectuado. Sin embargo, Pacheco Ávila continúa padeciendo fuertes dolores producidos por esta enfermedad.

“Solicitamos como familiares, como esposa de Pablo Pacheco Ávila del grupo de los 75, no sólo su libertad sino la de todos los presos políticos porque realmente están injustamente encarcelados simplemente por luchar y decir lo que piensan libremente como debían hacer todos los cubanos; de lo único que son culpables es de ser inocentes,” expresó Oleyvis García Echemendía vía telefónica desde Ciego de Ávila.

Pablo Pacheco Ávila, periodista independiente de la Cooperativa de Periodistas Independientes de Ciego de Ávila, fue condenado 20 años de prisión junto a otros 74 activistas y periodistas independientes en la primavera del 2003. Su esposa no ha solicitado oficialmente una licencia extra penal por considerarlo un trámite que no ha sido efectivo en los casos de otros prisioneros políticos cubanos.

El Directorio Democrático Cubano hace un llamado a las organizaciones internacionales de derechos humanos y la comunidad internacional para que se haga eco de la crítica situación del prisionero político Pablo Pacheco Ávila, entre la creciente lista de prisioneros políticos cubanos en grave estado de salud.

H/T to Joseito! Thanks mi hermano!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Excuse me "wild bill" Delahunt?

U.S. Rep. William " wild bill"Delahunt "told a congressional subcommittee that national security laws are being unfairly applied to favor Luis Posada Carriles, who is wanted in Cuba and Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner."

What? Did you not get FREE oil from Chavez? No conflict of interest here? What about ALL the terrorist and criminals hiding in Cuba? Have you ever denounced one of the biggest terrorist in the world(take a look at video above)?

Friday Fast for all political prisoners

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trade Fair in Cuba

Here we have a picture of John "boy"Parke Wright, a farmer from Florida riding a horse in Cuba. Isn't that special? 100 businesses from the U.S. in Cuba participating in the apartheid dictatorship trade fair. All we hear about is "poor me" in regards to trade with Cuba.


Catholic Church and religious organizations where are you?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Media silent on pro-democracy demonstrations n Venezuela

Ignoring Dr. Biscet

Dear Mr. Williams,

On the November 6, 2007 broadcast of the NBC News you gave two names of the eight recipients of the White House's presidential medal of freedom.

Absent was the name of the black political prisoner Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet - languishing in Castro's dungeuns - who was a recepient of this award. Dr. Biscet had been tireless fighting for freedom and human rights for all Cubans on the island. This long overdue recognition to this black Cuban political prisoner, following the teaching of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, should be an example for all Americans.

Read the article A Cuban Hero by Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Nov. 5, 2007, pg. A18, The Wall Street Journal, The Americas and A HERO IN CASTRO'S GULAG by Jeff Jacoby, Sunday,Nov. 4, 2007, The Boston Globe.

The fact that you didn't mention Dr. Biscet leave a lot to be desired from NBC News.


Agustin Blazquez
UNCOVERING CUBA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (UCEF), A non-profit organization [501 (c) (3)]
Silver Spring, Maryland
301 949-8791 &

Friday Fast for ALL political prisoners in Cuba

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dr. Biscet: Medal of FREEDOM....What are we doing

My FREEDOM-loving brethren, what have we done today or everyday for the FREEDOM of Cuba? I know we all have problems, we all are busy, and just the everyday grind of life distracts us on the meaning of life. I have been constantly whining lately with all the changes in my life, yet here we have a TRUE HERO giving his life for FREEDOM of the Cuban people. Dr. Biscet speaking out against the apartheid dictatorship and the horrors of abortion has endured prison for many years JUST for speaking out!

NO media attention outside the Cuban community? Mis hermanos it's disgusting the obvious disdain and hatred from the outside world towards the noble cause for FREEDOM for Cuba. Well my brethren, fellow mambisis, get up and let's take it to the media and to the world, concerning Dr. Biscet and Cuba.

Get up do something, get the fire and determination of Jose Marti, get the bravery and courage of Dr. Biscet and let's move forward...

Every Friday many FREEDOM fighters fast in honor of all political prisoners in Cuba. Starting tommorrow we will continue the Friday fast, but will note the Medal of FREEDOM and will bombard the media outlets, religious institutions, and those who will help the cause for FREEDOM in Cuba.

It's the least we can do for our brother Dr. Biscet, our brothers and sisters in heaven looking down waiting that Cuba will finally be FREE.

Will you join me or not?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Useless Nothings

Can you believe this? The UN praising Cuba as a "model" in feeding its population. What? The Cuban people have been on ration books for over 40 years!

Jean "Claude Van Damn the Cuban people" Ziegler, the UN independent investigator did not want to comment on human rights. Why not?

Yeah, keep overlooking the abuses, the torture, the lack of FREEDOM, and that one minor detail: one dictator has held power for over 48 years

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


After settling in late last night, I sat down to watch the tube and catch up on the latest news. I start to channel surf and I come across C-Span with Jose "can't you see that I am a communist" Serrano babbling on concerning Latin America. Now this is on the same day that Dr. Elias Biscet receives the Medal of Honor, yet NOT one mention of Dr. Biscet. He goes on defending Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and other socialist countries. While speaking in a forked tongue, he continues his warped speech by using the oldest commie tactic in the world: class warfare! It's O.K to take away FREEDOMS, confiscate property, and imprison those who simply disagree just because of class warfare?

You go on to boast that you grew up in the projects in the Bronx and with that YOU are qualified and identify with Chavez, Castro and ALL Latin America. We don't give a shi.. where you come from, just like you don't give a shi.. about the Cuban people, those who have been executed by the apartheid dictatorship, those who have died crossing the straits of Florida. You referred to us in your speech as THOSE PEOPLE in South Florida. You give more respect to Castro and Chavez than your fellow Americans of Cuban descent!

ALL this on the same day that Biscet receives his Medal of Honor.

Mr. Serrano, why do you hate Cubans so much? How can you continually defend a dictatorship of 48 years?

I am baffled on how Serrano and others can blindly spew this nonsense without any facts or any recourse?

Or are they really blind?

Those blackmail videos must be really..........bad

Medal of FREEDOM

Monday, November 05, 2007

Dr. Elias Biscet

Letter to Brian Williams

Dear Mr. Williams,

I was pleased that on October 24, 2007, NBC News finally had a story about smuggling Cubans into the U.S. These operations have been going on for decades. However, the only sources you used were Cuban regime officials resulting in a totally one-sided story which incorrectly laid all blame on the U.S. Was that NBC’s attempt to “balance” a Bush speech earlier in the day about Cuba? Which you went though very quickly, by the way . . ..

Left out of the smuggling operation report was the significant fact that the Cuban regime gets a significant cut of the thousands of dollars paid to get each family member out of Cuba. With the radar system Cuba has and with the extreme vigilance of their coasts, the only intruders they miss are the ones they are paid to miss.

The smuggling operation is conducted through official channels inside the island. Those channels are the ones who inform the relatives on the island that a boat will be waiting for them at a designated place and hour and in some cases, they are escorted to the boat.

Also, for decades the Cuban regime is also directly involved and profiting in the smuggling Cubans through Latin American countries. Cuba provides fake passports of other countries and arranges flights to Bolivia or Venezuela. Handlers in those countries pick them up at the airport and take them to “safe houses.” The fake passports are destroyed and new fake passports are provided as they travel from country to country until they are detained and treated inhumanely by the corrupt Mexican border police.

Their Mexican captors force them to call their relatives in the U.S. to demand an additional ransom – normally from one to three thousands dollars per person - to be sent via Western Union. After the ransom is received, they are escorted to the U.S. border.

A fascinating, newsworthy story with thousands of first hand witnesses free to talk in the U.S.

Why don’t you report the story like it is?


Agustin Blazquez
UNCOVERING CUBA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (UCEF), A non-profit organization [501 (c) (3)]
Silver Spring, Maryland
301 949-8791 &

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Lap dog Felipe Perez Roque made an usual remark at the U(useless) N(nothings). He stated that Cuba is ready to "renounce its sovereignty and its flag." So does that make Mini-me chavez the new dictator of cubazuela or is it Venecuba?

God help us!!!!