Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apartheid Cuba

Val at Babalu has the audio of a phone call from a radio personality im Miami, posing as Cuban in Cuba trying to make a reservation at get this:
Havana Libre.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hunger Strike Ends

Uncommon Sense has the story:

Meanwhile, Guillermo Fariñas, a psychologist and director of the independent Cubanacan Press agency, is in serious but stable condition after on Wednesday ending a 56-day hunger strike he began to demand free access to the Internet.
The dissident "has had no complications, but he is very weak, with headaches and polyneuropathies in his legs and hands," his mother Alicia Hernandez told EFE on Wednesday.
Fariñas, 43, is receiving medical care - including intravenous nourishment and fluids - in a hospital in Santa Clara, some 280 kilometers (about 175 miles) east of Havana.
Hernandez said that her son continues to suffer from cramps, has little feeling in his hands and legs and remains committed to continuing his hunger strike, although relatives and friends "are doing everything possible to get him to end it." Fariñas - who began another hunger strike in 2003 that he pursued for 14 months, taking in only liquids - has staged 19 shorter protests of this kind since 1995.
Media Bashing

I know I am going to catch some flak for this, but I am going to harp on this until no end. So, here it goes again: "The Spanish media sucks here in the U.S." Why? It's because of their one-sideness of which group they target and what topic they concentrate on a daily basis. The Spanish media is even organizing the mass protest that we are seeing these last several days. Yet, when we have someone dying for the simple reason of trying to achieve the simple task of freedom on the internet, complete silence from the media and even complete silence from the religious organizations.
"El Cafe Cubano, who cares about what they say in the Spanish media?"
You see we are losing the culture war in this arena. Socialism is the idea that is sweeping the news, programs, and anti-U.S. sentiment is prevalent. I went to a Flea market this weekend and was stunned by the amount of Che Guevara t-shirt cladded youths and stores filled with this crap. I even went into one of these stores and lectured the owner of the atrocities of Guevera and the dictator. All I got was a stunned look and a sarcastic smile with an offer to buy a Scarface poster featuring Al Pacino.
I was pissed and mentioned that Pacino is not even Cuban you comemierda. The point is that even today, Cuban-Americans are still seen as the Scarface character and Guevera is seen as a hero. Folks, we are sleeping and losing the culture war!

Received e-mail from Defender Alert Network:

"In the spring of 2003, the Cuban government arrested and summarily tried and sentenced 75 human rights defenders, independent journalists, and librarians to terms of up to 28 years in prison. The wave of arrests is widely considered the most severe crackdown on civil society that Cuba has seen in years. The repressive move was roundly condemned by foreign governments, the United Nations and human rights organizations. Of the 75 who were imprisoned, 14 have since been conditionally released for health reasons."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fariñas Blogburst

"If God wants me to die, I will die. I will be a Martyr for the Free information in the World"- Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

A man willing to risk his life for something that many of us take for granted: FREEDOM. Please keep Mr. Fariñas in your thoughts and prayers! No word has come out in the last several days on his condition.Wake up world to the apartheid government of Cuba! Let's not forget Dr. Biscet and all the political prisoners in Cuba.

Click here for information on the blogburst.


Who is El Coco?

"Let me be buried on this spot!"- Val

Freedom fighter:"Dying for Freedom"

The "silence" of the struggle

Another blog comments: "Fariñas is an outlaw, and a hero"

How many days on Hunger strike?

Juan has a message:"Save Guillermo Farinas"

More on Coco!

Ya No Mas has his message concerning Coco

"Very Brave Man"-Alberto

"Value of Freedom"- La Ventanita

"There is not much time left "- Pat Texidor

"Morality and Freedom" - Jose Reyes

Here's the beef!

Who cares if the dictator burns his underwear, here is the real beef from La Nueva Cuba:

SOS Justice and the Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy (MCUD) summons all organizations and individuals that would want to support and/or participate in the following international campaign:
No more banking operations with the criminal Communist Party of Cuba.
The oppressed Cuban people have the right to know in what foreign banks the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and/or their relatives have established accounts, because the money that is deposited in those accounts have been obtained illegally as confirmed by the ex-official of counterintelligence, Otto, to The Miami Herald newspaper (to see link # 1).
Otto, whose real name is Delfín Fernández, worked between 1980 and 1999 in "Department 11 of the Cuban counterintelligence, assigned to the Castro brothers (Fidel and Raúl) and their closest foreign investment contacts..."
According to The Miami Herald, this ex-official of Cuba’s counterintelligence confessed to “carrying suitcases with cash out of Cuba for the Castro brothers".
"Raúl likes the money -- he has a transition plan,'' Fernández said. "Fidel doesn't. I think Raúl would want to lead an economic transformation, and ultimately find a way to retire peacefully with his family with all the money he has stolen from the Cuban people over the years and taken out of the country.'' - Fernández added

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fasting for Fariñas and all political prisoners

"If God wants me to die, I will die. I will be a Martyr for the Free information in the World"- Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

Let's continue to show our support for this brave freedom fighter and all the political prisoners in Cuba. A call to fast every weekend until the world recoginizes the plight of this man, the plight of all the political prisoners, and the freedom from the apartheid government of Cuba.It's up to you and God what you want to do and level you want to take the fasting. Please join El Cafe Cubano and all the bloggers to your right in support for Mr. Fariñas, freedom for all political prisoners, and for a FREE Cuba.
Dirt on the dictator

Don't get me wrong here it's cool that he is spilling the dirt on the dictator, but where's the beef? Yeah, it's weird that he burns his underwear and that he loves Serrano hams. What about all the political prisoners, location of the dictator's house, location of the dictator's vacation homes in Cuber and in other countries and thousands of other questions?

"Oh, Fidel's former gofer confirms, too, the heftier ''secrets'' that Cuba experts have talked about for years: how the brothers assemble dossiers on foreign businessmen who want to invest in Cuba, for instance." - This is not new news, many have been saying this for 40 years.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Let's hope he really spills the beans and cracks the image that the lefty commies love so much!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Political Prisoner

Received this e-mail:

We are trying to raise awareness for Cuban Political prisoner Adolfo Fernandez Sainz.Adolfo was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for exercising his right to free speech. He spent almost a year in solitary confinement, his health is detoriating. He was recently transferred to the notorious Canaleta Prison. As far as we know he last received medical treatment a year ago. Please take the time to sign his petition.

For other ways to help Adolfo please visit

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why no mention of signs at WBC?

This photo courtesy of Real Cuba. El Confetti attended the game, has comments, and a slide show. Now I only watched 3 innings of the game, but after hearing Joe Morgan and the other comemierda fawn all over the Cuban team and ESPN repeatedly showing shots of Tony"The defector buster," was to much to take. I noticed this sign while watching the game, but of course it was not in focus and no mention from the announcers. They gleefully showed all the dictator supporters dancing and whooping it up of course.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

E-mail from Enrique

Received an e-mail from Enrique concerning the events at the World Baseball Classic. Here are this FREEDOM FIGHTER's comments:

Estoy muy decepcionado por cosas que he visto y escuchado en estos dias a proposito del clasico mundial de beisbol... Especialmente la prensa de Puerto Rico , el ciudadano comun de Puerto Rico que puso al deporte en primer lugar y no supo distinguir que la presencia y la victoria de cuba no es para el pueblo cubano ni para el deporte , ni para la paz del mundo , sino para el regimen de fidel castro. .. Me entristece la mente cerrada de muchos inclusive despues de yo explicarles.... Pero voy mas lejos que eso.... Lo que es imcomprensible para mi es ver las cantidad de cubanos que pude entrevistar en el ultimo juego Cuba VS puerto Rico que portaban banderas cubanas en el stadium...Hasta gente de Miami me encontre en el stadium apoyando a Cuba.... Inconcevible? Definitivamente la maquinaria castrista logro su objetivo aqui en puerto rico.... Lograron desviar la atencion , al concentrarse hablar de deportes , no le dieron a la prensa o a la poblacion , la oportunidad de descubrir , el fracaso que ha sido la dictadura castrista por 47 años, la cantidad de presos politicos que viven en condiciones infrahumanas ,la continua division de la familia cubana, violacion de derechos humanos etc.
Saque el cartel, y despues de contar mi pequeña hazaña a varias personas he podido notar que a la gran mayoria de ellos consideran mi pequeña hazaña algo absurdo y estupido de mi parte...No le dan ninguna importancia y como siempre entonces catalogandome a mi o al exilio cubano como los malos de la pelicula , los reacccionarios, los derechistas etc.

Claramente queda demostrado que cada segundo que pasa Fidel Castro oficializa su ilegitimo gobierno frente a la opinion politica mundial....

Tambien quiero en esta descarga ajusticiar al exilio cubano y todas sus organizaciones existentes que son mas de mil en el mundo entero que debido al protagonismo entre ellos, para obtener donaciones , salir en periodicos, cabildear por los republicanos en Washington, hacer negocios y mucho dinero se han olvidado de ponerse de acuerdo por primera vez en la historia para de esa forma ser mas efectivos y contundentes en la lucha contra el tirano castro.

A veces pienso que este mito de Fidel Castro y su revolucion ha sido habilmente manejado de una manera en que todos los involucrados salen ganando y con los bolsillos repletos de dolares....

aL PRINCIPIO DE LA DECADA DEl 60 mucha gente se fue al exilio y no pudieron regresar mas ,debido a la negativa de Castro has ta finales de los 70 cuando Castro autorizo los viajes en el 79. Una vez empiezan a regresar esos cubanos repletos de dolares para sus familiares ahi Castro es que empieza a ver que facil es que haya mas cubanos afuera para que sigan regresando luego trayendole a el personalmente los codiciados dolares..Negocio redondo , si claro que si...
Enter el Mariel, un año despues 125, 000 personas mas abandonan Cuba .....Ya saben lo que esta pensando Castro... Mas money para mis arcas en dos o 3 años... Y asi ha transcurrido hasta hoy dia donde a pesar de un embargo existente mas de cien millones de dolares son enviados a cuba cada año,, nada mas y nada menos por los mismos cubanos...

Segundo..... A Ciertos miembros de el exilio cubano les interesa que Castro dure 120 años. Me explico ...Ellos se han enriquecido y han vivido de lo que les ha proporcionado los refugiados cubanos que entran diariamente a la florida.... Esa gente que viene sin nada de cuba, tienen que comer , comprar casas, productos , servicios, y a quien ustedes piensan que ellos van darles su dinero.... Bueno usen su inteligencia..... Si castro no estuviera en el poder no existirian 1200 organizaciones del exilio que recolentan dinero de sus miembros a traves de las famosas donaciones por la causa, no existieran Web sites en contra de la tirania, no existirian negocios de envios a cuba, de medicina y dinero , etc.....
Por todo esto es un negocio redondo..

Ultimo ..... Los Estados Unidos ..... Si hubiese querido E.E:U:U hubiera acabado con Castro.hace rato .Pero debido la guerra fria y los constantes negocios debajos de la mesa por los misiles entre kennedy y Nikita Kruschev estados unidos permitio que castro se mantuviera en el poder..Ahora tambien es un negocio redonde para los industriales americanos que ya le empezaron a vender ganado, cereales, pollos, frutas, arrroz etc.

Lei en un articulo que Moises Alou dominicano le regalo un guante a Tony Castro y le dijo que su papa Felipe era admirador de fidel ......Me imagino en san diego o puertorrico en el hotel donde se hospedan los peloteros cubanos y dominicanos que otras cosas tras los bastidores estan pasando que todos desconocemos....

Imaginense a pujols o david ortiz haciendo lo mismo...tambien si ningun pelotero se asila eso es una victoria para fidel... pero despues de todo los jugadores mas jovenes no tienen nada que perder porque con fidel o sin fidel en 2 o tre años mas TODOS ELLOS ESTARAN JUGAN
DO EN LAS GRANDES LIGAS...despues de todo Bud SELIG favorece a fidel asi que no se extrañe nadie que aun con fidel podamos ver en nuestros televisores muy pronto a 10 o 15 peloteros cubanos autorizados por fidel para jugar en grandes ligas, Depues de todo piensen en esto CHINA COMUNISTA.... Yao Ming -Houston Rockets-JUGADOR CHINO Estrella de la NBA.......

Escrito por " enrique"..marzo 18, 2006
Rumor concerning Lucia Newman

CB at Killcastro has the latest rumor concerning Lucia Newman being kicked out because of her video of Fariñas. Many of us bloggers have no respect for her because of her blind eye to all the atrocities for many years. I do give her credit for the video and the story, no other media outlet has a video or any type of story.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fast for Fariñas

"If God wants me to die, I will die. I will be a Martyr for the Free information in the World"- Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

We have been talking about solidarity, let's show Mr. Fariñas our support by fasting. It's up to you and God what you want to do and level you want to take it. It's clear and simple, he is risking his life for FREEDOM of Expression, let's show our solidarity and send a message to the silent media and to the world.

Please join Ziva at Blog for Cuba and El Cafe Cubano in the ranks of support for Mr. Fariñas, a true Freedom fighter.
Message of Solidarity

Received this e-mail from Eloy Gonzalez, which should be extended to Cubans everywhere:

¡Cubanos del Metroplex ¡Este sábado, muchos cubanos en todo el mundo estarán mostrando su solidaridad y reconocimiento a aquellos cubanos que dentro de la Isla llevan una lucha desigual contra la Dictadura. De igual forma se hará patente la solidaridad con los presos de la Primavera de Cuba, y sus familiares , las valientes “Damas de Blanco’.¿Qué podemos hacer?, muy sencillo, hasta el domingo estaremos todos los cubanos del Metroplex , interconectados por Internet , enviándonos mensajes sobre los eventos que vayan ocurriendo en los distintos lugares donde se estén celebrando estas actividades. Aprendamos a encontrarnos y reconocernos en este azaroso Exilio. Empecemos así.¡Para Cuba ya es hora.

¡Eloy A González.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it ". Martin Luther King.

International Call.

For them, for everyone, and for each of the human rights
movements, civilian and political within Cuba, valiant Cuban organizations in exile we will mobilize internationally protesting and denouncing in front of diplomatic missions of the Cuban dictatorship everywhere where compatriots and friends of the Cuban people will support us in this cause. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE THIS MARCH 18 2006. Cubans, this 18th of March we want to join you in giving voice to our brothers in Cuba who risk their lives and freedom every day facing all sorts
of repression and the fascist parapolice brigades of fast response. This call goes out for them. rights and of life, tens of journalists, poets and pacifist citizens who are suffering the rigors of Cuban jails, lacking medical attention and enduring other abuses. It is for all of them that we call for this international mobilization. With this action, we also continue publicly denouncing the repressive character of the Cuban dictatorship and the systematic violation of human rights in Cuba. Cuban brothers, friends, we await you in each country and each city where we stage our protest. Please attend; your first priority is the mother country. THE
EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE THIS MARCH 18 2006. In support for our brothers who fight on the island, Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19, protests, masses and other events will take place around the world.
There are more than the four hundred prisoners of conscience and defenders of human

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"If God wants me to die, I will die. I will be a Martyr for the Free information in the World"- Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

The world continues to be silent, his simple request of freedom to information and to the outside world is denied. My question and plea to the world: Where are you? I know this is not a hip and cool cause, since his cause is against a communist regime, and a cause for FREEDOM for all Cubans. I know Cubans are not the ethinicity of choice for Spanish media, activist, clergy and religious institutions, MLB, Talk shows, Lucia Newman, and shall we go on.... , but let's save this freedom fighter's life!!

Update from Net For Cuba International.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Venezuela has a new flag

Mini-me raised the new Venezuelan flag Sunday. No big deal right? Wrong! Symbolism is the key to these commies. The horse now is galloping to the left, an obvious message that the government is marching towards the left or communism and a homage to the master himself: The dictator. A machete to represent the cutting down of any type of opposition. All you non-believers still think that Chavez is not a threat or a communist?
God help Venezuela and please God: FREE Cuba

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"----- You Bud Selig"

Puerto Rican officials have the courage and know the meaning of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. From the Real Cuba:

Here is what Puerto Rico Police Superintendent Pedro Toledo told the Miami Herald: ''I am in agreement with
freedom of expression; I am not in agreement with taking away people's posters,'' he said. ``In Puerto Rico,
anyone who wants to hold up a sign is free to do so. Here we have a guaranteed right to express ourselves.''
Col. Adalberto Mercado of the San Juan city police said that although baseball had the right to enforce its
existing rules, his officers will not step in either, leaving it to private security personnel hired by Major
League Baseball and the promoter, MB Sports, to enforce the conduct code.''From our standpoint, having a sign is not a crime here. In fact, it is a protected constitutional right,'' he
said. ``I explained to the Cubans that this is a constitutional right, a law. They know it's a law of the United
States but were denouncing the lack of enforcement of Major League rules.''

Now Bud Selig and MLB have banned posters with any political message in obvious appeasement to the dictator. Mr. Selig, show us the law that you can not have any signs with freedom expressions or of that nature? Mr. Selig again you take the side of the dictator, rather than Americans of Cuban descent.!!!

My freedom loving brethren please send Mr. Selig your thoughts:

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10167
Phone: (212) 931-7800
Thank You

How about this, Free thoughts has a post concerning the singer La India; and this is what she said to a Cuban official after being offered a million dollars to perform in Cuba:

"I'll not go there out of respect for my late friend Celia Cruz and the Cuban-American community. I won't go to Cuba unless Castro's regime is gone"
The dictator and the jets!

The people of apartheid Cuba have nothing, yet the dictator is ordering "two brand new Ilyushin planes worth $110 million " from Russia. Cubans are not are allowed at hotels, at the beach, at restuarants, or any where a tourist is to be found. Dr. Biscet is in prison and is in poor health and Guillermo Fariñas Hernández is risking his life on a hunger strike for freedom of expression. Where is the moral outrage? Continually the press omits the suffering of the Cuban people! Thousands of letters to politicians, clergy, and important figures from the bloggers, and the many Cuban-Americans, and yet TOTAL SILENCE. Why? what is your rationale?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Even Sports has a report on what happened yesterday at The World Baseball Classic yesterday. Now let's not get to excited because sooner or later the media will turn against the Cuban exiles.
We do have to say a special Thank You to Puerto Rico and Col. Adalberto Mercado, who was quoted in response on why they took the Cuban official to the police station: "We explained to him that here the constitutional right to free expression exists and that it is not a crime,"
Can you imagine the dictator and his thugs watching the game and all of the sudden, the imagine above pops up on television in Cuba. He must of had a heart attack and to top things off, he has his son Tony, the defector buster, going hollywood by taking pictures and signing autographs at the games!
In the spirit of Enrique and those at the game who did something for the FREEDOM of Cuba, here at Cafe Cubano we have some slogans for some posters:

-Arriba, abajo the dictator es guanajo

-Tony, the defector buster

-If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate

-Free healthcare, so why all the despair

- Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing

- 47 years and what?

-Many have tried to shut us up, but we will never give up

This photo and the story behind the photo can be found at the Real Cuba website. La Ventanita, Babalu,and Cuban-American Pundits have more information and their take on the World Baseball Classic.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Team Dictator

Well, who do we have hear? It's the dictator's son Tony, the team physician. Isn't it nice that he can be the team physician, live a life of luxury, while other doctors are sent to other countries to basically do slave labor for the dictator.


Here we have a video from journalist Rey Sanchez of Newsday. I have a couple of comments:

1. No, he is there to make sure no one defects and to intimidate!
2. A decent player, which scouts were interested? How do we know that? No freedom of press in Cuba, come mierda! Probably another B.S. propaganda move that everyone eats up without any verification.
3. Did you ask him about the signs? Did you ask about any of the political prisoners? I can go on and on...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cigar Festival continued.....

Isn't that special, paying thousands of dollars to attend a event hosted by a dictator. The apartheid country of Cuba will not even let Cubans at hotels, beach resorts, or any where a tourist is to be found. No outrage?
I have one special message to the cigar patrons: Blow the smoke up your....!!!!!!
I am sick of "Peanuts"

From Newsmax:

Jimmy Carter Favors U.N. Over U.S.

Former President Jimmy Carter has sided with the likes of Cuba and Egypt and is pressing for a vote in the United Nations against American policy regarding the U.N. Human Rights Commission.
At a recent dinner he attended in New York, Carter discussed the ongoing negotiations concerning an attempt to replace the ineffectual Geneva-based commission with a more accountable Human Rights Council.
Carter assured guests at the dinner – including the ambassadors from Cuba, Pakistan and Egypt – that the U.S. would not dominate all other nations in the council, the New York Sun reports.
But the next day, American’s U.N. Ambassador John Bolton demanded that the five permanent members of the Security Council have permanent seats on the new council.

Carter told the Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday that Bolton’s demand "subverted exactly what I have promised” the ambassadors.
Carter said he called Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and she told him Bolton’s statement was not going to be honored. Despite that assurance, Bolton’s stance "became American policy,” the Sun reports.
Carter told the Council: "My hope is that when the vote is taken, the other members will outvote the United States.”
Bolton has said that the new council must be a clear departure from the discredited Human Rights Commission or efforts to improve the protection of human rights will be undermined, NewsMax reported in January.
Carter’s opposition to U.S. efforts to reform the commission is hard to fathom. Some of the world’s worst violators of basic human rights have won seats on the commission, and current members include Sudan, which is carrying out genocide, and Nepal, whose monarch has suspended basic liberties.

Friday, March 03, 2006

"Tremendous challenge"

The official press from apartheid Cuba states that the challenge in the World Baseball Classic is going to be "tremendous." I believe the real challenge for them is to keep players from defecting.The real challenge is not who the opposing pitchers are, but keeping tabs on Joe Cubas and those evil Cuban exiles.
So let's keep score, not baseball, but defections!

Now if there is a massive exodus, I do have replacements from my All-Cuba team:

Name: "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team"
Colors: Blood Red
Owner( I mean Dictator): Fidel Castro
Financing: Ted Turner
Arbitrator: Jimmy Carter
Media: CNN, N.Y. Times. Spanish: Univision
Reporters: Lucia Newman, and Dan Rather
Manager: Hugo"mini-me" Chavez
1B Daniel Ortega
2B Gabriel Garcia Marquez
SS Pastors for Peace
3rd National Council of Churches
LF Jose Serrano, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters
RF( No right fielders, no one wants to play here!)
Backup Pitcher: Raul Castro

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cigar Festival

Check out this video of Cuba's most beloved propagandist praising the cigar festival. She uses the terms "pilgramage" and "promise land" to entice you to the falshood of Cuba.What about the hunger strikes, the political prisoners, the executions, no free elections in 47 years, must I go on! What don't you Lucia Newman and others print the truth! Why are you supporting the brutal regime?