Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's just a Marathon!

"I'm thinking about running a Marathon in Cuba" says a family member to me, not blood related to me, but despite all the years of hearing how my family has suffered under the cruel dictatorship. SURPRISE was his reaction  that my father and I were NOT jubilant at his proclamation!
Just like all the clueless Hollywood actors that party in Cuba or who run Marathons in Cuba, don't really care or give a shit about the suffering of the Cuban people.

For the last 171 Sunday's, the Damas de Blanco(The Ladies in White) have marched every Sunday to Church, asking for FREEDOM for the political prisoners, and for the FREEDO of Cuba! Here's literally the kicker, they are beaten up, kicked, spitted on , or someone is arrested EVERY SUNDAY!

SO FORGIVE us if we are NOT jumping for joy, when someone like Will Smith, or a family member runs a Marathon in Cuba!