Saturday, September 04, 2021

Let’s go to Cuba???


I can’t count how many times I and my family have had figuratively a machete piercing through our backs. Now this time from another family member(NON Cuban) joyfully proclaiming to me “Let’s go Cuba!”.. a look of SHOCK and BEWILDERMENT overcome his face, when I calmly(freaking pissed off and deeply hurt inside of me) say … I can’t and won’t step a foot in Cuba until the Cuban people are FREE! This after more than 30 years knowing saying to this person and his family ,from the beginning my stance, what my family endured under the brutal communist dictatorship and what is happening to his country because of the communist.

I know I am insignificant and my voice doesn’t really matter, but after seeing my fellow Cuban brother survive on that rickety raft on the picture above, if people are willing to die and flee on rafts, rather than live in that piece of shit system, I must continue to play and write my insignificant thoughts on our struggle for a FREE Cuba!