Saturday, May 30, 2015

2nd Machete in the back.....

As predicted by El Cafe Cubano and the "pesky" Cuban exiles, the day after the "Hola" tour by Obama at the sacred Ermita sanctuary in Miami, Cuba is removed from the terror list.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Machete in the Back

Yesterday Obama visited the Our Lady of Charity shrine in Miami, a VERY symbolic and SACRED place for the Cuban Exile community. Now because of this visit many are calling this a “symbolic” visit or an “olive branch” extended out to the Cuban Exile community because of Obama’s move to normalize relations with the dictatorship of Cuba.
On the outside, it seems warm, and fuzzy. The first President to visit the shrine, but a DEEP DOWN feeling that I have is that of a MACHETE piercing through my back.
-Well let’s see…..The US is about to drop Cuba form the State sponsor of terrorism. What a coincidence that TODAY is the last day of the 45 day period that congress could of challenged the President’s decision to remove Cuba form the state sponsored terror list.
- Obama opened the door for the normalization of relations between Cuba and the US.
-Basically the President  ignored and left out the Cuban exile community and the people of Cuba.
But….Alfredo, the president visited our shrine and said “hola” to those in the church!  Yes, and the dictator Fidel and his revolutionaries came down the mountain all wearing rosaries…..and 56 years later …the nightmare continues!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"New luxury hotel in Cuba to offer Wi-Fi in every room"

Wow.... we are in the year 2015 and Cuba will have its first hotel with WIFI. This asinine  article points out that every room in this hotel will have WIFI, like it's something spectacular or out of the ordinary.
Just wondering... will they let Cubans stay at this hotel and use the WIFI????

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to spot a Cuban-American.......

Ever since Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio announced they were running for President of the United States, they as well as Cuban Americans are not deemed LATINO(We are NOT in this exclusive Club) enough or as interview above asked asinine questions proving how Cuban he really is. Believe me I have been told by “LATINOS" (I forgot we are not in this Club)” and non-LATINOS that I don’t look Cuban, excuse me; I did not know that Cubans were supposed to have a LOOK?

El Café Cubano has come up with a guide for you to SPOT a Cuban right away without having to check his Cubiche card for verification, a Cuban litmus test if you will:
1)      We wake up in the morning saying,” I have only two things in this world, my balls and my word”
2)      When we get home in the evening we say “Lucy I’m home”
3)      We finish every sentence with “Meng”
4)      We all eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day at Versailles
5)      In Cuba, our families worked in casinos with Meyer Lansky, and ALL of us brought our millions to the United States. What we have is because of “special treatment”
6)      Santeria is our official religion and practiced by every single Cuban
7)      At lunch every day we play the bongos
8)      We ONLY listen to CUBAN music and specifically the song Guantanamera
9)      We all drive 1959 Chevy’s
10)   We all live in Hialeah and Little Havana, not Miami Lakes bro
11)   We ALL SMOKE  cigars
12)   Mafia members
13)   ONLY play baseball
       14)      LOUD, NOISY, DISRESPECTFUL ALL the time!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

elian gonzalez interview

Here is a HARD HITTING interview with Elian........well NOT REALLY, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Jim Avila conducts the SOFTBALL interview(Did Al Madrugal check to see if Jim Avila LATINO Enough?)

"A icon in Cuba"  I thought the dictator of Cuba was NOT going to use Elian politically?

"Whose father stood up to the United states" NOPE, whose father who DID NOT stand up against the dictator of Cuba. Well let's see Jim, why don't you ask the silent father, how many times did he attempt to flee to the US before the Elian drama? Why don't you ask the father if he knew that Elian LEFT with his mother to the United states on a raft?

Who orchestrated this interview??? Is it coincidence the timing of this interview?

Monday, May 11, 2015

"Castro: Pope Francis so impressive I might return to church"

Dictator Castro "MIGHT" return to the church, if let's see, the Vatican helps with the removal of the embargo and removing Cuba from the terror list?

I hope the Vatican pressed the dictator on:

-Stop BEATING up the Ladies in White on the way to Church
-Stop aiding and abetting the FARC in Colombia
-The release of ALL Political Prisoners
-FREEDOM of speech, religion, and of the press
-FREE Elections
-Regime change after one family in power for 56 years
-Accountability for ALL the executions
-All the wealth stolen from the Cubans returned back to the Cubans
-Stop CONSTANTLY HARASSING the Cuban people
-What happened to Oswaldo Paya?
- STOP the Travel Restrictions and the Family Separation
-Stop sending weapons and missiles to terrorist countries
-Removal of over ALL castro spies in Miami.
-Did Fidel really sellout Che?
-What's the deal with spermgate, and why were political prisoners in Cuba NOT given the same "SPECIAL TREATMENT?"
-Stop "LATINO" activist and comedians from HATING and RESENTING Cubans and not have Cubans EXCLUDED from the exclusive "LATINO" Club
-pay for the dental work for Allan Gross
-APOLOGY to the CUBAN people for ALL the atrocities committed against them.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

"LATINO" of the week: Al Madrugal!

El Cafe Cubano nominates Al Madrugal the "LATINO" of the week for his comments and fondness for Cubans! His bio states the he is half white and half Mexican, but I believe it's more half comemierda and half postalista.

For his nomination and winning the "LATINO(NO CUBANS ALLOWED IN THIS EXCLUSIVE CLUB)" of the week, Al will receive:

Bottle of Jalapa( it's a sticky substance, that comes from a sticky fruit) so he can apply it all over and on that toothpick that he used on Comedy Central.

A comedy appearance to do stand up at Versailles in Little Havana, while wearing your "Cubans are snooty t-shirt"

A raft and inner tube to go to Cuba and  do comedy for the dictator brothers in Cuba! Make fun of the dictatorship and see what happens "LATINO"brother, just maybe you will feel our pain and what it FEELS like to be CUBAN!!!!!!

Instead of El Jebe t-shirt, a "El Comemierda" t-shirt courtesy of El Cafe Cubano

Congratulations for the AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2015

"Al Madrigal Says What Everyone's Thinking But Won't Say About Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio"

Humberto Fontova at Babalu posted an article titled

"Comedy Central’s token Latrine-oh (Mexican Al Madrigal) denounces Cubans as: “a snooty subset–the WASPS of the Latino world”

Now here we have an article by another Cuban Hater,

Friday, May 01, 2015

May Day Protesters: HAPPY COMMIE DAY!!!!!!!

Since it's May Day(Commie Day) and  protesters and "Activists" will be  marching for labor and immigrant rights all across today and probably will take advantage and direct their "ACTIVISM" message towards police brutality.

In the spirit of commie day, All the "immigrants" who are NOT here legally will have their country of origin BILLED for medical care and other expenses on a daily basis(redistribution of cost). Secondly, ALL the wealth, Houses, cars, royalties and ALL of the money  of the Hollywood celebrities, community activist, and Michael Moore will be REDISTRIBUTED to all the immigrants not here legally and to the unpeaceful protestors in Baltimore!

Not that is a May Day to remember!!!

May Day: Happy Commie Day!!!!!!