Saturday, June 12, 2021

History Keeps repeating itself! Now Mr. Pencil in Peru


History keeps repeating itself! Now we have Mr. Pencil in Peru acting like he is the savior of the “people” and in reality AGAIN the communist destruction will be a reality! In Colombia protests , destruction and shut downs. Communist behind all this in Colombia( oh Alfredo you crazy Cubans think everyone is a communist, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE!)The dictator Castro’s dream of a communist South America is slowly becoming a reality.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

For the millionth time, expect me to be happy?

“I’m visiting Cuba” or “I’m going to live in Cuba for a while!”  The usual look of bewilderment on why I’m not returning the jubilation. No matter the stories of my family’s suffering under the cruel dictatorship told to them a million times. A smirk from me and the statement “ Never stepping in Cuba until the people of Cuba are free!” Torture, imprisonment, stolen properties, and your freedom taken away is the reason for me and my family’s stance. 

Viva Cuba Libre!