Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama to visit Cuba in March

Obama plans to visit Cuba in March and the news media again triumphantly trumpeting the word "HISTORIC"........yet many of us feel like a machete has pierced us right through the back!

Is Obama again legitimizing a cruel communist dictatorship?

Remember when Obama did the unscheduled "HOLA" tour at our beloved sacred Ermita? The very next day he announce the opening of relations with Cuba, without asking in reciprocation from Cuba to do something and loosen it grip on the Cuban people!


HISTORIC will be the day the Cuban people are FREE......

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cuba Valentine Selfies!!!!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Carnations are Sweet
And so are you.
And so are they
That send you this
And when we meet
We'll have a kiss.

Cuba selfie of the day....Valentine Style

This past Sunday on Valentine's day, the Damas de Blanco(The Ladies in White) marched for the 41st straight Sunday and a 130 PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were arrested.

The Pope meets with the Russian Orthodox leader in Cuba.

The Russian Orthodox leader meets with The dictator of Cuba



Saturday, February 06, 2016

Pope to Meet With Leader of Russian Orthodox Church..........what about the damas de Blanco?

Here we go again with the word "HISTORIC" thrown around a thousand times when it involves anything regarding or in Cuba. The Pope will meet with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, BUT will he ever meet with:

The Damas de Blanco?

Inquire about the dissents who were beaten up and arrested during his visit?

Push for FREEDOM in Cuba?

Soooo you're telling me there's a chance?

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cuban selfie of the day

So much for the polls and who know what's going to happen from here on? It's incredible that we have 2out of the top 3 contenders for the Republican nomination who have Cuban roots. In just one generation we have 2 Cubiches that could be President?? It's incredible, but I can imagine all of the spew coming out from the members of the exclusive Cuban exile haters club:
Can you imagine the hissy fit going on in Havana!!!!
Univision and Jorge Ramos must be really pissed
What is Al Madrigal saying since he LOVES Cubans and denies Cubans entrance in the exclusive "Latino Club"
Hollywood actors who support the Cuban Dictatorship must be aghast!