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ARMANDOVALLADARESFHRPor Armando Valladares (Exclusivo para Nuevo Acción)
Todos los dictadores y asesinos de sus pueblos han tenido defensores a ultranza; los tuvo Stalin, Hitler y también Fidel Castro.
Quizás los más abominables en esa fauna que respaldan dictaduras, son los escritores, los poetas, los artistas.
Llevo décadas diciendo que un intelectual honesto tiene un compromiso con la sociedad: decir la verdad, luchar por el respeto a la dignidad humana y no utilizar el privilegio de poder llegar a millones de personas, para mentir, para escamotear la realidad histórica.
Este es uno de los más grandes crímenes y es el caso del fallecido Gabriel García Márquez. Puso su pluma al servicio de la tiranía de Fidel Castro apoyando las torturas. los crímenes, los campos de concentración. Los fusilamientos.
Solía decir que el único país del continente americano que respetaba los Derechos Humanos era Cuba.
Recuerdo que hace muchos años, rescaté al secretario personal de García Márquez en Cuba, que estaba escondido en Colombia y buscado por la Policía para devolverlo a la Habana. El actual Comisionado y entonces alcalde Xavier Suarez me acompañó al aeropuerto a recibirlo.
Nos contó cómo era la vida del escritor colombiano en Cuba. Vivía en una casa de protocolo con Blanquita, su amante adolescente, con edad para ser su nieta. Vimos las fotos. Se movía en un Mercedes Benz blanco, también regalo del dictador.
A cambio de eso defendía a ultranza la dictadura cubana y a su amigo Fidel Castro mientras se rasgaba las vestiduras denunciando a Pinochet.
Llegó a ser delator, informante de la Policía Política. Hace muchos años, allá en la Habana el disidente y activista por los Derechos Humanos Ricardo Bofill, logró que el entonces reportero de la agencia Reuters, Collin McSevengy lo entrara a un hotel donde estaba García Márquez tomando unos tragos. En un aparte, con absoluta discreción, Bofill entregó a García Márquez una serie de documentos y denuncias de la situación de varios intelectuales en Cuba…
RICARDOBOFILLPAGESUnas semanas más tarde cuando la Policía Política arrestó a Ricardo Bofill (foto) alli, sobre la mesa del interrogador estaba abierta la denuncia que él le había entregado a García Márquez.
El 13 de Octubre de 1968 el Diario ABC y el Diario 16 de Madrid, España, publicaron la denuncia enviada por Bofill relatando estos hechos y señalaban que: “La delación de García Márquez ha supuesto la encarcelación de numerosos escritores y artistas cubanos” (Textual). La cortesana de Castro- como lo llamó Vargas Llosa -y chivato de Castro agrego yo.
Algunos de sus amigos que lo defienden, han dicho que intercedió por mi libertad. ABSOLUTAMENTE falso. Toda un falsedad. Tengo suficiente honradez moral (que él no tenía) como para haberlo admitido si hubiese sido cierto. Aquella versión fue una maniobra de sus amigotes, para capitalizar en su favor, la simpatía internacional que produjo mi liberación. Lo que hizo fue utilizar la entrega del Premio Nobel, para repetir las acusaciones de Castro contra mí, lo cual motivó una carta recriminatoria del Pen Club francés que me había adoptado como miembro de honor.
García Márquez si logró la libertad y salida de Cuba de un prisionero político. Un chivato como él, y que delató a noventa y nueve conspiradores. Era el líder del movimiento MRP el despreciable Reynold González
García Márquez apoyó las torturas, los fusilamientos, los asesinatos de mis compañeros en las prisiones…si yo fuera un cristiano puro tendría que decir: ¡que el SEÑOR lo reciba en sus brazos…! pero como no lo soy, como no llego a ese nivel de perfección espiritual, deseo que se achicharre eternamente en las pailas del Infierno.

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Today we celebrate with joy that our savior had risen from the dead. Our Lord died for us and for our sins! A joyous occasion that we celebrate with family and friends...yet, today we await the resurrection of Cuba from the dead. Many have died and many have paid the ultimate price for Cuba to be FREE. Darkness and sin still reign over Cuba holding our brethren captive, but with hope and faith, the day will come that Cuba will be resurrected!
This month 14 years ago my beloved grandfather passed away and with him a little torch and yearning for Cuba to be resurrected from the dead passed away with him. I did not realize at that time, he was passing the torch of liberty, FREEDOM, and the quest for Cuba to be FREE. All those years while sitting in his rocking chair, telling my brother and I over and over again, what really happened to our family, and to our fellow brethren due to the apartheid dictatorship. We can not forget the translation service that we provided and his famous words: "Dile" and then in translation telling the culprit: "He is not happy with you!" after softening and changing the colorful language that he used!
No, he was not perfect man, he had many faults, but as my Abuelo he was perfect to me!
God bless you Abuelo and may God bless all my family and friends!

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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, when the Lord our savior died on the cross for our sins. He died for US and for the Glory of God. Man’s glory is that of power through manipulation. Jesus died on the cross at 3:00 PM, it is said if we honor the hour with the Three O’clock prayer to the Divine Mercy, our petitions will be heard!
“You expired, O Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls and an ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us. O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You. Amen”
We need to get our priorities right, the world is now fixed on material wealth and power. It’s not about US, we need to do what is right! Easier said that done, right? I remember when I was about 13 years old on a Good Friday, my dear Grandmother explained to me that this was a day for prayer, not to play music, and basically a day reserved to remember what Christ did for us. I laughed it off as hocus-pocus and went out full of myself to play basketball at the park hooting and hollering. Several hours later I was in the ER with a broken arm. When I got home I got an ear full from my Grandmother and other family members about honor and dignity. How I could not simply honor Our Lord, who was CRUCIFIED for US? Selfish I was and still am!
My dear Lord, we honor you this day for your endless sacrifice!
How many have sacrificed for Cuba’s FREEDOM in a dignified way? We ask that Cuba one day will be resurrected!
God bless my family, friends, and my FREEDOM loving brethren!

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"An Anniversary Of Heroism And Shame—The Bay Of Pigs At Fifty"

An Anniversary Of Heroism And Shame—The Bay Of Pigs At Fifty

 by Humberto Fontova
“They fought like tigers,” writes the CIA officer who helped train the Cubans who splashed ashore at the Bay of Pigs 50 years ago this week. “But their fight was doomed before the first man hit the beach.”

That CIA man, Grayston Lynch, knew something about fighting – and about long odds. He carried scars from Omaha Beach, The Battle of the Bulge and Korea’s Heartbreak Ridge. But in those battles Lynch and his band of brothers counted on the support of their Commander in Chief. At the Bay of Pigs, Grayston Lynch (an American) and his band of brothers (Cubans) learned — first in speechless shock and finally in burning rage — that their most powerful enemies were not Castro’s Soviet-armed soldiers massing in nearby Santa Clara, but the Ivy League’s best and brightest dithering in Washington.

Lynch trained, in his own words, “brave boys who had never before fired a shot in anger” — college students, farmers, doctors, common laborers, whites, blacks, mulattoes. They were known as La Brigada 2506, an almost precise cross-section of Cuban society of the time. The Brigada included men from every social strata and race in Cuba—from sugar cane planters to sugar cane cutters, from aristocrats to their chauffeurs. But mostly, the folks in between, as befit a nation with a larger middle class than most of Europe.

Short on battle experience, yes, but they fairly burst with what Bonaparte and George Patton valued most in a soldier: morale. No navel-gazing about “why they hate us” or the merits of “regime change” for them. They’d seen Castroism point-blank.

Their goals were crystal-clear: firing-squads silenced, families reunited, tens of thousands freed from prisons, torture chambers and concentration camps. We see it on the History Channel after our GI’s took places like Manila and Munich. In 1961 newsreels could have captured such scenes without crossing oceans. When those Cuban freedom-fighters hit the beach at the Bay of Pigs 50 years ago this week, one of every 18 Cubans suffered in Castro Gulag. Mass graves dotted the Cuban countryside, piled with hundreds who’d crumpled in front of Castro and Che Guevara’s firing squads. Most of the invaders had loved-ones among the above. Modern history records few soldiers with the burning morale of the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters.

From the lethal fury of the attack and the horrendous casualties their troops and militia were taking, the Castro brothers and Che Guevara assumed they faced at least “20,000 invading mercenaries,” as they called them. Yet it was a band of mostly civilian volunteers their Soviet armed and led-troops outnumbered 30-to-1

“Where are the planes?” kept crackling over U.S. Navy radios two days later. “Where is our ammo? Send planes or we can’t last!” Commander Jose San Roman kept pleading to the very fleet that escorted his men to the beachhead (and sat much closer to them than the Sixth Fleet sits to the Libyan coast today). Crazed by hunger and thirst, his men had been shooting and reloading without sleep for three days. Many were hallucinating. By then many suspected they’d been abandoned by the Knights of Camelot.

That’s when Castro’s Soviet Howitzers opened up, huge 122 mm ones, four batteries’ worth. They pounded 2,000 rounds into the freedom-fighters over a four-hour period. “It sounded like the end of the world,” one said later. “Rommel’s crack Afrika Corps broke and ran under a similar bombardment,” wrote Haynes Johnson in his book, the Bay of Pigs. By that time the invaders were dazed, delirious with fatigue, thirst and hunger, too deafened by the bombardment to even hear orders. But these men were in no mood to emulate Rommel’s crack Afrika Corps by retreating. Instead they were fortified by a resolve no conquering troops could ever call upon–the burning duty to free their nation.

“If things get rough,” the heartsick CIA man Grayston Lynch radioed back, “we can come in and evacuate you.”

“We will NOT be evacuated!” San Roman roared back to his friend Lynch. “We came here to fight! We don’t want evacuation! We want more ammo! We want PLANES! This ends here!”

Camelot’s criminal idiocy finally brought Adm. Arleigh Burke of the Joints Chief of Staff, who was receiving the battlefield pleas, to the brink of mutiny. Years before, Adm. Burke sailed thousands of miles to smash his nation’s enemies at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Now he was Chief of Naval Operations and stood aghast as new enemies were being given a sanctuary 90 miles away! The fighting admiral was livid. They say his face was beet red and his facial veins popping as he faced down his commander-in-chief that fateful night of April 18, 1961. “Mr. President, TWO planes from the Essex! (the U.S. Carrier just offshore from the beachhead)” that’s all those Cuban boys need, Mr. President. Let me order…!”

JFK was in white tails and a bow tie that evening, having just emerged from an elegant social gathering. “Burke,” he replied. “We can’t get involved in this.”

"WE put those Cuban boys there, Mr. President!” The fighting admiral exploded. “By God, we ARE involved!”

Admiral Burke’s pleas also proved futile.

The freedom-fighters’ spent ammo inevitably forced a retreat. Castro’s jets and Sea Furies were roaming overhead at will and tens of thousands of his Soviet-led and armed troops and armor were closing in. The Castro planes now concentrated on strafing the helpless, ammo-less freedom-fighters.

“Can’t continue,” Lynch’s radio crackled – it was San Roman again. “Have nothing left to fight with …out of ammo…Russian tanks in view….destroying my equipment.”

“Tears flooded my eyes,” wrote Grayston Lynch. “For the first time in my 37 years I was ashamed of my country.”

When the smoke cleared and their ammo had been expended to the very last bullet, when a hundred of them lay dead and hundreds more wounded, after three days of relentless battle, barely 1,400 of them — without air support (from the U.S. Carriers just offshore) and without a single supporting shot by naval artillery (from U.S. cruisers and destroyers poised just offshore) — had squared off against 41,000 Castro troops, his entire air force and squadrons of Soviet tanks. The Cuban freedom-fighters inflicted casualties of 20 to 1 against their Soviet-armed and led enemies. This feat of arms that still amazes professional military men.

“They fought magnificently and were not defeated,” stressed Marine Col. Jack Hawkins a multi-decorated WWII and Korea vet who helped train them. “They were abandoned on the beach without the supplies and support promised by their sponsor, the Government of the United States.”

“We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty!” proclaimed Lynch and Hawkin’s Commander-in-Chief just three months earlier.

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SOS Venezuela

"Venezuela: tear gas, live ammunition fired at protesters"

Apr 13, – National Guard troops fired tear gas and bullets to disperse hundreds of demonstrators in the eastern part of capital, Caracas, on Saturday. The demonstration was organized by opposition members who refuse to take part in the talks between the opposition and the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.
hromedia Venezuela tear gas, live ammunition fired at protesters intl. news4Maduro and the opposition Democratic Unity Coalition (MUD) for the first time held a televised meeting on April 10 in a possible first step toward defusing tensions that have escalated during two months of anti- and pro-government protests in the Latin American country.
Foreign ministers of Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador as well as Vatican’s ambassador to Venezuela Archbishop Aldo Giordano also attended the meeting, urging the two sides to find common ground to end weeks of deadly unrest in the country.
Maduro agreed to the face-to-face meeting with opposition leaders after the regional group of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) offered to mediate between the government and the opposition last month.
Venezuela has been the scene of violent protests against and in support of the government since mid-February.
President Maduro says the street clashes have inflicted some ten billion dollars in damage on the Venezuela economy.
Caracas says the opposition seeks to launch a coup d’état against the government with the backing of the United States.
The opposition, however, blames the Maduro administration for rampant crime, soaring inflation and shortage of essential goods.
Press journalist for HRO media – Norberto Lluch contributed to this report.
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Hace once años fueron fusilados por querer huir hacia los Estados Unidos

Hace once años fueron fusilados por querer huir hacia los Estados Unidos

Visitenos en
Desde Cuba
Ultimo Congreso
Patria Pueblo y Libertad
Huber Matos
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The AP and twitter in Cuba

The "BIG" news story for the AP(Associated Propaganda for Cuba) is that of the "AP investigation last week found that the program, known as ZunZuneo, evaded Cuba's Internet restrictions by creating a text-messaging service that could be used to organize political demonstrations."
So let me get this straight.....Currently Cubans do not have open access to twitter and other social mediums....and the USAID found a mechanism for Cubans to communicate  through a Cuban twitter.
Now the AP is all up in arms about this........So...Is the AP AGAINST FREE SPEECH in Cuba?
Never mind what's happening TODAY in Venezuela??
What about the last 55 years and all the atrocities committed by the castro dictatorship??
Nope it's ALL about the twitter story!


Josue Colome Vazquez en South Beach
en la playa de Miami Beach
hijo del ministro del interior
castrista Abelardo colome'
Fernando Remirez de Estenoz Barciela, ex Viceministro  y su hijo Pablo Ernesto Remirez de Estenoz Semidey.
Fernando Ramirez hijo del ex jefe de la seccion de intereses de la
dictadura castrista en Washington,en la foto de la izquierda en la Universidad
de la Habana,en la de la derecha en Miami frente al restaurant Versailles
Vilma Rodriguez Castro con Mariela Oltuski, Bolsa Louis Vuiton de $800.00 1
En la foto a la izquierda Vilma Rodriguez Castro
nieta del dictador Raul Castro en Miami,junto a
su prima Mariela Oltuski Fijense en la bolsa de la
nieta de Castro es de la marca Louis Vuiton,
costo de la cartera o bolsa $800.00 dolares

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Happy Birthday!

I would like to send a very special Happy Birthday to my very dear father. Thanks for always being there, thanks for teaching me the value of freedom, and for setting the example of the importance of family. We are now closer in distance and I CHERISH the time we spend together. May God bless you in this very special day!!!! How can we forget:

"Where are the scratch and dents?"

"cream proof"

" I came to this country with nothing"

Dad, you have always been there for me. One of the reasons I do this blog is for you. I cannot FREE Cuba for you, but I will do everything I can to try to FREE Cuba. I hope one day we can step foot together all of the family in your beloved Pedro Bentacourt in a FREE Cuba!

Brutality in Venezuela by the Venezuelan National Guard

Venezuelan  holding a peaceful protest on Thursday, were attacked with tear gas by Venezuela's National Guard, and dictator castro backed paramilitary thugs beat and stripped students at Venezuelan Central University.

meanwhile the AP is fuming about twitter in Cuba......Yet SILENT on this?

Where are all the HisPANIC groups concerning this???....SILENT

Where is Univision????......SILENT

Where is CNN?....SILENT

Where is Danny Glover??......SILENT

Why hasn't Jimmy Carter denounced this???.......SILENT

Why hasn't sean penn denounced this???......SILENT

Where is Oliver Stone???.....Why is he not documenting all the brutality and beatings???.......SILENT

UNPACU toma nuevamente las calles en Santiago de Cuba

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Cuba: More than 800 political arrests in March, more than 2,900 in the first quarter

Cuba: More than 800 political arrests in March, more than 2,900 in the first quarter
For further information, please contact:
Elizardo Sánchez, President of CCDHRN. Telephone until april 17th: +420776524228
Best regards,
Unión Patriótica de Cuba


Cuba: más de 800 detenciones políticas en marzo, más de 2.900 en el primer trimestre
Si desea mayor información puede ponerse en contacto con:
Elizardo Sánchez, Presidente de la CCDHRN. Teléfono hasta el 17 de abril: +420776524228
Un saludo cordial,
Unión Patriótica de Cuba

Gender based violence in Cuba is mainly exercised by the Government

30% of the ladies in white arrested before or after their Sunday visit to the churches in Cuba
For further information, please contact:
José Daniel Ferrer, Executive Secretary of UNPACU. Telephones: (+53) 58 14 6606 / (+53) 53 14 6740 / (+53) 53 74 0544 / (+53) 58 32 3612
Best regards,
Unión Patriótica de Cuba


La violencia de género en Cuba es ejercida principalmente por el Gobierno
El 30% de las Damas de Blanco detenidas antes o después de su visita dominical a las Iglesias en Cuba
Si desea mayor información puede ponerse en contacto con:
José Daniel Ferrer, Secretario Ejecutivo de la UNPACU. Teléfonos (+53) 58 14 6606 / (+53) 53 14 6740 / (+53) 53 74 0544 / (+53) 58 32 3612
Un saludo cordial,
Unión Patriótica de Cuba