Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something is in the air.......

Rumors are flying that the dictator is dead....I REPEAT RUMORS.....I don't believe it and their is no way of confirming it anyway.

One thing for sure something is in the air....PEOPLE are protesting in Cuba despite being brutally attacked and tear gased by the castro dictatorship.



Increment of violent repressive acts escalates throughout the island

August 28, 2011

Forces of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior began acts of repression on Friday, August 26, 2011, against human rights defenders in three cities in Eastern Cuba to prevent the Ladies in White from attending mass at the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba on Sunday. The cities of Palma Soriano, Palmarito de Cauto and Santiago de Cuba were besieged by paramilitary squads and “acts of repudiation” were carried out by government instigated mobs against the homes of peaceful activists.

Ladies in White Caridad Caballero Batista and Marta Diaz Rondon were dragged, beaten, sexually harassed, insulted and arrested on Saturday as they were on their way to Palma Soriano. Caridad Caballero suffered a fractured finger. Both women were released full of bruises from a police station in Bayamo, August 28, 2011.

Also, this past Sunday in Palma Soriano, thirteen Ladies in White, who were gathered in the home of Aimee Garces Leyva, were prevented from going to the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba by State Security officers who twisted their arms and beat them when they tried to go out into the street. Tania Montoya’s arm required medical assistance as a result of the ill treatment. The 13 women were forced onto buses that left them at undisclosed locations. The home of Garces Leyva was ransacked by authorities. Among other women also involved were Belkys Cantillo, Oria Casanova, Yaquelin Garcia, Gisel Escalona, and Berta Soler who had traveled from Havana and whose whereabouts are unknown.

Around twenty five human rights activists, who were gathered at the home of Marino Antomarchy, also in Palma Soriano, were brutally beaten by armed riot troops, were overcome by teargas, and were violently arrested late Sunday afternoon. Even neighbors who went to the aid of the activists were gassed and arrested. Antomarchy’s family, including a young daughter, was also the victim of this attack. The home was searched and authorities took a computer, mobile phones and documents.

Some of those also arrested in Palma Soriano were: Ruben Adrobe de Armas, Doraisa Correoso, Marino Antomarchy, Reinaldo Rodriguez, Jose Batista, Yimi Troche, Raumel Vinajera, and Jorge Cervantes who was severely beaten during his arrest by a head State Security Officer and was eventually released after he declared himself on a hunger strike.

In the city of “El Caney”, the home of Guillermo Cobas Reyes was surrounded by paramilitary mobs. Cobas Reyes was violently arrested along with Agustin Magdariaga Alvarez, August 28, 2011.

Annia Alegre Pecora was also arrested and released. In addition, Rusela Vaso and Romel Avila Vaso, respectively, the wife and son of human rights defender, Raudel Avila Losada were arrested.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” also denounced the Cuban regime’s arbitrary arrests of members of the “Orlando Zapata Tamayo” National Front of Civic Resistance” and the increment of repressive acts against its leaders in the provinces of Pinar del Rio and Camaguey.

Rosario Morales and Ivon Mayeza, known activists who were arrested on Friday, August 26, 2011, before a large crowd in Havana as they made noise beating pots and pans to protest the unemployment, the hardships of the Cuban people, and demanding an end to the dual currency in Cuba, were released on Sunday, August 28, 2011, after both endured brutal beatings.

From August 26 – 28, 2011, the Cuban regime has subjected more than 50 human rights activists and their families to unlimited physical and emotional violence. Once more, The Coalition of Cuban-American Women makes an urgent call to the press and to non-governmental organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights worldwide, as well as to individuals in positions of leadership in religious, political, educational, social, and cultural institutions to denounce these cruel and degrading acts committed by the Cuban regime against its own people.

FURTHER INFORMATION IN CUBA: Belkis Cantillo + 53 53790867 / Jose D. Ferrer Garcia + 53 53631267 / Caridad Caballero + 53 52629749 / Berta Soler + 53 52906820 INFO IN SPAIN: Luis E. Ferrer + 34 - 691 803 955

Coalition of Cuban-American Women / Laida A, Carro / Joseito76@aol.com

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pablo Milanés concert in Miami

Pablo "yo soy fidelista....no soy fidelista" Milanés had his concert in Miami last night. If you were read the articles concerning the concert you would think 15,000-20,000 attended the concert at the American Airlines Center.

3,500 people attended the concert....that's right folks 3,500 at the American Airlines Center which has a capacity of 15,000 for concerts.

11,500 empty seats.

Protesta en Cuatro Caminos

Friday, August 19, 2011



Their clothes were ripped off and they were dragged half naked by a paramilitary mob that beat, kicked, spit, scratched, pushed, and pulled their hair

August 18, 2011

In the streets of Neptuno and Hospital, at around 4:30 P.M., mobs instigated by the Cuban regime brutally attacked a group of almost fifty pro democracy women dressed in white as they were about to march through the streets of Havana to advocate on behalf of Cuban political prisoners and the freedom of all Cubans.

As the “Ladies in White” set off from the house of Laura Pollan located at Calle Neptuno No. 963 between Aranburen and Hospital, following their monthly “Literary Tea”, they were dragged, beaten, kicked, spit upon, scratched, pushed, and had their hair pulled as well as their clothes ripped off by paramilitary mobs. The violence forced them back inside the home they consider their headquarters.

Also, the following eight women were detained as they were on their way to Pollan’s home to attend the meeting they hold the 18th of every month: Sara Martha Fonseca, Idalmis Ramirez, Odalis Izarza, Cristina Duquezne, Ivon Mayesa, Mercedes Fresneda,Rosario Morales, Yanelis Rey.

In Cuba, violence against human rights defenders and particularly against the Ladies in White has escalated to acts of brutality following a speech given by Raul Castro at the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party held in April 2011, were he stated that: “…we will never deny the people the right to defend the Revolution, since the defense of independence and of the gains of socialism, as well as of our plazas and streets, will continue to be the first duty of every Cuban patriot.”

The Ladies in White are asking that the Cuban regime put a stop to the violent repression and requested the Pope’s intercession in this critical matter.

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women denounces the increase of these cruel and degrading acts committed by the Cuban regime against their own people and makes an urgent call to the press and to non-governmental organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights worldwide, as well as to women in positions of leadership in religious, political, educational, social, and cultural institutions.


Laura Pollan – ( + 53 7 8734165) or ( + 53 5 2457830) / Berta Soler – ( + 53 5 2906820 )

Coalition of Cuban-American Women / Laida Carro / Email: Joseito76@aol.com

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Singer Pablo Milanes urges more freedom in Cuba"

After ALL these years Pablo "the weasel" Milanes, just now is urging more freedom in Cuba? This is from the same man who FOR YEARS has publicly PRAISED Fidel Castro and the revolution in his songs.

Now he just wants JUST to sing songs and "hold out a hand to those who extend their hand to me".

Sorry, not buying it, but it doesn't matter what I think, what about those YOU denied extending YOUR hand who have DIED urging for FREEDOM? Did the "weasel" ever give a high five to Zapata? Did the weasel ever EXTEND a hand to all the political prisoners?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"People-to-people tours to Cuba take off Thursday"

Liane and Tom Young will be one of those to particpate in the people-to-people exchanges. They are scheduled to take off today towards Cuba's communist dictatorship. Now folks I am not making this up...a little background on the Young's according to this Miami Herald  article:

"became interested in Cuba while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club"

"My husband and I think this is a fabulous opportunity to get to know the Cuban people,’’

"Young, who is retired but working on a screenplay, and her husband, a small-scale organic farmer"

Ok...right....now they are SUPPOSE to MEET with ORDINARY Cubans right? So let's take a little looksy at their itinerary:

"A sample itinerary for the trip she is taking includes stops in Old Havana, Cathedral Square and museums as well as visits to schools, an orphanage and Callejón del Hamel, a community art and cultural project where tour participants will meet with Afro-Cuban artists. The trip is also supposed to include sitting in on a meeting of a neighborhood Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, chats with tobacco farmers and possibly catching a baseball game of Havana’s Industriales team."

Yeah.....Ordinary Cubans especially with the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution! Again this smells like some organic material!!!!!!!!

Detención violenta de Ivonne Mayesa Galano

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


CUBA: Activists with fractures hospitalized after brutal attack / URGENT



Santiago de Cuba / Palmarito de Cauto / August 7, 2011

Ladies in White (a peaceful group of Cuban women who are family members and supporters of Cuban political prisoners) and human rights activists holding meetings in their homes, suffered such violent attacks by the political police that many of them had to be hospitalized this Sunday, August 7, 2011, in the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Palmarito de Cauto, in the Eastern province of Cuba.

After attending Sunday mass in the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba, government led mobs with blunt objects and members of the Ministry of the Interior were waiting outside for the twenty Ladies in White as they were on their way to march through the streets of Santiago de Cuba with their flowers to demand the release of all Cuban political prisoners. Access to the Cathedral was interrupted by police squads led by Lieutenant Colonel “Elliott” as loud music and governmental propaganda was heard through loudspeakers. The twenty women were followed by the mob, were insulted, threatened, and pushed into buses that took them to an unknown location.

The home of the ex-political prisoner, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, where activists were gathered as well as three minors, was also attacked by a government led mob that threw stones to the house. The home of activist, Maximiliano Sanchez was also attacked in the same manner.

As a result of the violent acts of repression carried out in the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Palmarito de Cauto by the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, six human rights activists were hospitalized with fractures, contusions, and wounds that had to be sutured. By orders of the political police, doctors refused to provide these wounded activists with a medical certificate which they need in order to accuse Cuban authorities of the violence perpetrated against them.

Among those critically hurt: Julio Cesar Salazar Salinas, Osmelis Cruz Dacal, Annis Sarrion Romero, Magalys Fernandez Eulices, Prudencio Villalon Rades, Jose Angel Garrido Morris, Osmelis Cruz Dacal, Juan Carlos Vazquez Osoria, and a neighbor who tried to defend the activists: Rubilandys Torres Perez.

Also attacked and hurt in Palmarito de Cauto: Angel Verdecia Diaz, Andry Verdecia Osorio, Amado Verdecia Vive, Ramon Bolaños Martin, and the wife and daughter of activist Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Belkis Cantillo and Fatima Victoria ( 6 years of age ).

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women denounces and makes an urgent appeal before international public opinion concerning the escalation of brutal and aggressive acts by the Cuban government against a Cuban civil society that is peacefully demanding fundamental rights in the island. The lives of these Cubans are in danger and we hold Cuban authorities responsible for their physical and mental wellbeing. Coalition of Cuban-American Women- Translation to English/ Joseito76@aol.com / Tel: + 305-662-5947

Information provided by JOSE DANIEL FERRER GARCIA in Cuba – Telephones (Spanish): ( + 53 631267 ) or ( + 53 790867 )

Thursday, August 04, 2011

castro blasting bureaucrats???

castro blasting bureaucrats for supposedly blocking his reforms? You have to be kidding me....the castro dictactorship has been in power for 52 years, and in those 52 years, THEY have put people in key postions in the government and power. So in reality castro should not only blasting fifo and himself, but ALL those in the government.