Saturday, December 31, 2005

Quotes From Mini-e #3

Here are some quotes from the commie coca "We are proud to be coca producers; you know that coca leaf is not cocaine," of Boliva in his trip to Cuba. While reading the quotes and thinking to myself "Yeah right, it's just the opposite of what you say." At that moment I hear in the background: "This is Thing 1 and Thing 2, they do the opposite of what you say" from the movie "Cat In The Hat." So with out further adieu, I present quotes from Thing 2:

Morales said that the United States "constantly accuses me of everything: being a drug trafficker, coca leaf mafia man and a terrorist," questioned by reporters late Friday.

"We are proud to be coca producers; you know that coca leaf is not cocaine," stressed Morales, here for a 24-hour visit and meetings with communist President Fidel Castro.

"There will not be zero coca, but there will be zero cocaine," Morales pledged Saturday. Coca is the raw material from which cocaine is processed. But it has been used in traditional medicine and religious ceremonies in his country for centuries.

"If the (United States) wants bilateral, diplomatic and trade relations, they should have them -- but without submission, subordination, conditions or blackmail," Morales warned.

I have never had good relations with the US government -- but I have with the people of the United States," he added.

"Before they think about a coup, the US government had better think about withdrawing their troops from Iraq and closing their military bases in South America," Morales said.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Dozens of Cubans Make Landfall

From the Associated Press:

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Dozens of Cuban migrants, including at least nine children, came ashore Friday throughout South Florida, officials said.
A total of 87 Cuban migrants reached Florida, said Steve McDonald, spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol. Two groups totaling 37 people came ashore in Marathon, 28 came to Miami Beach, three reached Key Biscayne and 19 made it to the Dry Tortugas at the tip of the Florida Keys.
The group that came ashore in Miami Beach consisted of 12 men, seven women and nine children — the youngest 6 years old, said Arley Flaherty, a Miami Beach police spokeswoman.
"For the most part they looked fine, just a little dehydrated or cold," Flaherty said. "Nobody had identification with them. They had relatives' phone numbers with them, some were in shorts. The kids were in long shirts, shoes or sandals."
The migrants were taken to immigration offices, where their cases will be processed, Flaherty said.
The Miami Beach group said they left Cuba on Wednesday night and that a good Samaritan picked them up at sea after their makeshift boat ran into trouble, Flaherty said.
McDonald said authorities were investigating whether the boat actually had trouble or if the story was concocted to deflect attention from suspected smugglers.
According to the Miami-based Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, migrants have been smuggled into Florida in recent years aboard sophisticated speedboats rather than arriving on rickety, homemade craft.
The Coast Guard said the number of captured migrants spiked to 2,834 in 2005 from 1,499 the previous year.
Under the so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy, Cubans who reach U.S. soil are usually allowed to stay, while most picked up at sea are sent home.
In a separate incident Friday, authorities took into custody two alleged Cuban smugglers, along with four migrants from Ecuador and two from Peru, who were found on a boat in the waters just off Miami Beach, McDonald said.

Mini-me #3 In Cuba

Mini-me #3 arrived in Cuba today on his first official visit abroad. The dictator salivating on another country spiraling down the path of communism. For those who still do not believe that Morales is not a communist, and that their is nothing to the connection with Cuba:

"The presence of comrade Morales in Cuba fills our people with satisfaction and is an important stimulus to strengthen friendship and co-operation between the Cuban government and the future Bolivian government,"

"The Cubans are going to offer massive medical and educational assistance, like they did with Venezuela when Hugo Chavez became president," a Latin American diplomat predicted.

-The propaganda machine is in full spin mode. The pacts will be done in blood and the media will eat it all up with the familiar code words(Free Medical and Free Education). I suggest they take the commie 101 course:

21st Century Socialism-(We need to get back to the Old style of Lenin and Mao)

Nationalization-(steal all the banks, business, and property)

We are for the poor-(Everyone will be poor, except Castro, Chavez, Morales, and Government elite)

President Castro-(Dictator Castro who has never been elected to office)

The Revolution-( The term they continually use to justify all the atrocities)

The Motorcycle Diaries-( I am rich kid bumming through South America and I really did not know how to ride a motorcycle)

Socialism-( As the late Guillermo Cabrera stated: "The price of socialism is slavery, brutality, and death-all in the name of man.")

Free Healthcare-(Healthcare for the elite government and tourist with$$$$, not everyone else)

Check out the two commies in this slideshow.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Letter To The Pope

Everyone I know this is reaching a bit, but since the vatican has mentioned that the Pope might visit Cuba, a mention of the political prisoners and the " real" situation in Cuba is merited.

Santo Padre,

This is a letter to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, that God will bring you many blessings, and your help in regards to Cuba and it's political prisoners. Dr. Elias Biscet is holding on to his dear life in prison. His crime: He spoke out against abortion and the communist regime in Cuba. His prison term: 25 years! Most of the international and Christian community have no clue or have ignored this struggle. Here is an excerpt from Armando Valledares, who spent 22 years in prison :

"Valladares vividly expressed how much it meant the international reaction to the Cuban political martyrdom: "During those years, with the purpose of forcing us to abandon our religious beliefs and to demoralize us, the Cuban Communist indoctrinators repeatedly used the statements made by some representatives of the American Christian churches. Every time a pamphlet was published in U.S., every time a clergyman would write an article in support of Castro’s dictatorship, a translation would be given to us, and that was far worse for the Christian political prisoners than the beatings or the hunger. Incomprehensible to us, while we waited for the embrace of solidarity from our brothers in Christ, those who were embraced were our tormentors."

Please we are asking for your support either moral, spiritual, or anything that will save Dr. Biscet's life and that of all political prisoners being held in Cuba.

Here is a website dedicated to Dr. Biscet:

Listing of political prisoners:

Human Rights Violations:

Thank you and God bless!

-My fellow bloggers if you want to send a e-mail to the Santo Padro:

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Call For Help!

From Net For Cuba:

SOS for the release of the Cuban prisoner of conscience Francisco Chaviano González.

(HAVANA/CUBA/December 28/Lux-Info-Press/ -

Poor health and dreadful prison conditions of the Cuban prisoner of conscience Francisco Chaviano González compelled his wife's to call for an international intercession for her husband's release from prison. In exclusive declarations given to LUX-INFO-PRESS and to the Press Bureau of the Information Bridge Cuba Miami, Angililla pointed out that: "Doctors detected a tumor on my husband's right lung on x- rays that were taken last December 9th"- she further stated that: " my husband acquired this new affliction in prison and said affliction is a product of the dreadful conditions he is subjected to in prison; such as existing humidity, unjust solitary confinement, a lack of sun and the many abuses constantly attempted against his physical and moral integrity".She went on to say - "In the evening of December 11th, Chaviano tried leaving the television area in his prison black to go back to his cell for he was feeling ill and a prison official forced him to remain there until the programming was over".In an effort to save the life of the Cuban prisoner of conscience his wife pleaded-" I am calling on all the people of good will and the international community to intercede so that my husband be released from prison due to his ill health".Francisco Chaviano González was unjustly sentenced to 15 years in prison on May of 1994 and he has served over 11 years of the sentence.
Mini-Me #3 To Visit Cuber

I had someone ask me the other day: "Do you think Evo Morales is a communist?" Hello, anybody home! While he is not getting fooled by radio pranksters, he first trip away is to : Cuber! Just in time for the 47th anniversary of the revolution on January 1. No symbolism or connection here my friends.

Morales said he will meet with Cuban President Fidel Castro on his first trip abroad since winning the Bolivian presidential elections this month. He didn't say how long he would remain in Cuba, which marks the 47th anniversary of its revolution on Jan. 1.


Morales has repeatedly declared himself an admirer of Cuba's Castro, and has referred to himself as the ''younger brother'' of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


To all my family and friends: concerning the fires in the Arlington/Kennedale area. The fires came close but not to worry, everything is fine. I have to admit I was a little worried and found myself outside watering the grass and the house plus had all the valuables(My family) ready to go!

Click here for slide show.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Here is a letter from El Cafe Cubano to Fr. Frank Pavone(Priests for Life):

Fr. Frank Pavone,

First of all I want to thank you for your passion and endless work concerning the unborn. As a Catholic I support you and the cause 100%. The reason for this letter is that we need your help and prayers. A political prisoner in Cuba, Dr. Elias Biscet is holding on to his dear life in prison. His crime: He spoke out against abortion and the communist regime in Cuba. His prison term: 25 years! Most of the international and Christian community have no clue or have ignored this struggle. Here is an excerpt from Armando Valledares, who spent 22 years in prison :

"Valladares vividly expressed how much it meant the international reaction to the Cuban political martyrdom: "During those years, with the purpose of forcing us to abandon our religious beliefs and to demoralize us, the Cuban Communist indoctrinators repeatedly used the statements made by some representatives of the American Christian churches. Every time a pamphlet was published in U.S., every time a clergyman would write an article in support of Castro’s dictatorship, a translation would be given to us, and that was far worse for the Christian political prisoners than the beatings or the hunger. Incomprehensible to us, while we waited for the embrace of solidarity from our brothers in Christ, those who were embraced were our tormentors."

Please we are asking for your support moral, spiritual, or anything that will save Dr. Biscet's life!

Here is a website dedicated to Dr. Biscet:

Thanks and God Bless!

- I urge you my fellow bloggers to write and spread the word. Even in the christian community their is widespread ignorance concerning Dr. Biscet and
What Kind Of Rationale Is This?

Why doesn’t the United States want Cuba baseball players to participate in the upcoming World Baseball Championships?Is it because of Cuba’s Communist economic and political policies or could it be because of color confrontation?

- Again the ignorant have no clue about the real situation in Cuba. They always use divisiveness and color, but in the same breath they have no idea of Dr. Biscet and the apartheid of the Cuban people

Let’s reexamine the politics.
If you’re a communist Cuban and a great athlete, you are more than likely a person of color and you are not welcome to play sports in championships that include games played in America or in American controlled territories like Puerto Rico.

-No, let's reexamine why you have always stood silent concerning all the atrocities, executions, tortures, and political prisoners who happen to be both black and white and not communist?

Those same political pundits were quiet as a mouse when the Cuban government responded and said that any funds that Cuba received from playing World Championship Baseball would be donated to kelp the victims of Hurricane Katrina on America’s Gulf Coast.

-Funds that the dictator will not use with his own people. One of the wealthiest person on the planet, yet the people are on ration books, not allowed the freedom to travel anywhere they would like and one of the poorest countries? What about the recent hurricane in Cuba? Look at the destruction(wait a minute, this regime does not have freedom of the press!)

Regardless of how the baseball controversy turns out, African Americans should know that Cuba not only desires to help the African American victims of hurricanes and the subsequent governmental neglect, Cuba has been a big help to Africans on the continent of Africa. If you didn’t know, the country of Cuba sent soldiers to assist African countries in their fight for independence and their fight against apartheid. Cubans died so many Africans could be free.

-Tune up on your history and reevaluate your commie propaganda, the spread of the evil ideology of Marxism and absolute power is the sole purpose of the "dictator' not the people of Cuba.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

To all my family, friends, readers, and fellow bloggers: "Merry Christmas." To the people of Cuba: that all free nations of the world will finally recognize that it's time for FREEDOM and JUSTICE, and finally "FELIZ NAVIDAD"

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Dictator calls Bush a "Fool"

The dictator rambles:

He is very much a fool," the Cuban president said of Bush. "He doesn't know who the Cuban baseball players are, or that they are Olympic and world champions. If he knew, he would know something about this country's government."

Who is the fool? The leader of free, democratically elected government, or the never been elected dictator who has enslaved the Cuban people for over 40 years? The dictator prides himself on having the elite "slave for labor" amatuer
baseball team. The World Baseball Classic is a professional endevor not an amatuer one. The dictator is the fool!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Propaganda Ploy

"Cuba said on Thursday it would donate its revenues from a world baseball tournament to Hurricane Katrina victims if the Bush administration reverses a controversial decision to bar Cuba's participation. "

Isn't that nice, but their is a problem. What has the dictator done for the hurricane victims in Cuba? What the heck has he done for the people of Cuba for over 40 years? Nothing! Give cash away, but his slaves are still on ration books. $20million dollar deal here, 30 million dollar deal there, give doctors to Venezuela, give cash away to play baseball. In return we have one of the most repressive regimes in this hemisphere, no Cubans allowed in hotels and beaches that are frequented by tourist, political prisoners, no freedom of speech, knocking down of churches, people risking their lives to leave this hell hole, and one dictator(never been elected) in absolute power for over 40 years.
Familiar Bullying Tactics

From Reuters:

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba branded the country's best-known dissidents on Wednesday as U.S. agents, using taped phone conversations, secret video footage and guilt by association during a televised broadcast to portray them as traitors. Longtime activists Osvaldo Paya, Martha Beatriz Roque and female relatives of already imprisoned government opponents, known as "the Ladies in White," bore the brunt of a 90-minute state-run television show during which official journalists used what appeared to be intelligence service materials in an attempt to discredit them.
"They are a mix of parasites, habitual vagabonds, chameleons and ruffians, lacking charisma and mass support, that serve as an instrument of the empire," show moderator Randy Alonso said of the dissidents.
The show, called the round table, features local journalists and officials presenting the government's positions on various topics.
"This could be setting the stage for more imprisonments and repression but at the same time Cubans learned who we are," Roque told Reuters in a telephone interview.
Cuba's small opposition movement is rarely mentioned by the official and only media in the country and regularly branded by officials as in the hire of the United States.
Wednesday's broadcast was unusually virulent and followed a Tuesday broadcast that accused U.S. mission chief Michael Parmly of using the dissidents to carry out the Bush administration's declared goal of ousting President Fidel Castro'
The United States and Cuba, bitter foes since Castro led a revolution to power in 1959, do not have diplomatic relations but maintain lower-level Interests Sections in each others' capitals.
Parmly succeeded James Cason, now U.S. ambassador to Paraguay, whose confrontational style and open support for dissidents was given as the reason for the imprisonment of 75 dissidents two years ago on charges of working with Washington to overthrow the government.
"Look, if this costs the government a Yankee invasion its all the same to me," Roque was heard saying in an apparently taped phone conversation on Wednesday's show, after which video was shown of her purchasing goods in exclusive hard-currency stores.
Roque, who leads the Assembly for the Promotion of Civil Society, an umbrella group that held an unprecedented opposition gathering on May 20 in Havana, was portrayed as strongly supporting U.S.
President George W. Bush' and receiving money from Cuban exiles in the United States, which the show branded "Miami terrorists," and squandering it on herself.
Paya, whose Varela Project petition drive garnered thousands of signatures for a referendum on Communist rule a few years ago, was branded "an impudent conspirator" as photos were shown of him meeting in an apparently clandestine way with persons linked to the U.S. Agency for International Development masquerading as tourists.
"This man has participated in clandestine activities promoted by Parmly and the Interests Section," said journalist Arlene Rodriguez, charging Paya was paid to coordinate courses to train future Cuban leaders.
Exile Team Denied In World Baseball Classic

The idea of a Cuban exile team came to a halt:

"the commissioner's office of Major League Baseball, in agreement with the Baseball International Federation and the MLB Players' Association, said that they will not allow any independent teams to play in the World Classic. "

Livan Hernandez to play for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic? What do you think about this my fellow brethren?
Evo Morales Fooled

Real Cuba has the scoop on how mini-me #3 was fooled in believing that he was talking to the Spanish Prime Minister. OOPS! he let the cat out of the bag on how he wants to form an alliance with Castro and Chavez(Like we did not know this!). Listen to the audio.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

U.S. Cuba Energy Summit

Summit will take place on February2-4, 2006 in Mexico City. Here is the agenda. I believe they left out certain topics: Political Prisoners, No Freedom, Wet/Dry Foot Policy, Apartheid of the Cuban people, shall we go on.............

Here is a list of "micromanagers" who attended previous "Business" summits:

Fidel Castro, President, Councils of State and Ministers
Carlos Lage, Vice President, Council of State
Ricardo Alarcon, President, National Assembly
Raul de la Nuez, Minister of Foreign Trade
Marta Lomas, Minister of Foreign Investment
Francisco Soberon, President, Cuba Central Bank
Pedro Alvarez, Chairman, Alimport
Dagoberto Rodriguez, Head of Cuban Interests Section, Washington, D.C.
Rafael Dausa, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Relations
Gustavo Machin, Director, North America, Ministry of Foreign Relations
Abdias Peon Garcia, President, Cuban Port Association
Eduardo Bencomo, President, CIMEX
Jesus Calderon, President, ITH
Maria de la Luz B’Hamel, Dir. North America, Ministry of Foreign Trade
Ruben Ramos, Dir., North America, Ministry of Foreign Investment
Miguel Figueras, Sr. Advisor to Minister of Tourism
Dealing With The Devil Part IV

House Speaker John Richardson touting how: "he was part of the discussion with President Fidel Castro and that meeting was crucial to winning what the administration says is a $20 million export deal for Maine."

He goes on: "You've got to understand, Fidel Castro micromanages that economy and a failure to meet with him is a failure to gain a greater amount of export (dollars)," Richardson said. "He's sharp as a tack. He has a full grasp of what's going on in the agriculture field, and he definitely calls the shots."

-Micromanages? Of course you dumbshit, he micromanages everything in Cuba. Sharp as a tack or do you mean that he whacks off any type of protest or dissent? He sure calls the shots come mierda, just look at all those who have been executed.(I am sure this was never mentioned in your meeting with the micromanager)

Now this gets better:

During the governor's short stay, the delegation got a "surprise" visit from Castro, Richardson said. News of that meeting sparked strong criticism from Republican legislative leaders, who said the meeting "lends legitimacy to a brutal communist ruler with an appalling record of human rights violations."Richardson said the talks were about agricultural products and people."We were talking about our likes and similarities," he said. "We're a poor, very proud but poor state; we hold our children in high esteem; education is a big issue — in Cuba and in Maine. There are a lot of similarities."Castro specifically wanted to know about Maine dairy cattle, Richardson said, because Maine farmers export dairy cattle to Cuba. There also were discussions about apples, potatoes, lumber and Maine seafood."It was all on the table," Richardson said.

- " Surprise" visit, no everything is planned, calculated, and spied on with vigorous detail. I guess you'd say any bullshit for a $20 million dollar deal.
Earthquake in Louisiana

A minor earthquake with a magnitude of 3.0 occurred yesterday in Louisiana. Before the enemy starts with the propaganda, this is not a direct result of the evils of capitalism, global warming, "Operation Rocky," or Cuban exiles.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Global Exchange Sending Reality Tours to Cuba

Reality? I believe it's just a political statement. This quote clearly indentifies their motive:

Global Exchanges supports the freedom to travel to Cuba, along with the freedom of information. We believe one of the most important tools in ending the embargo and travel ban against Cuba is by making complete and accurate information available to the U.S. public. We are currently recruiting consultants to support our research and information gathering efforts in Cuba. You can be a part of supporting our efforts to make this much-needed information available to professionals, researchers, students and the general U.S. public.

How about all the political prisoners, those who have been executed, and the total lack of freedom? The general public in the U.S. has no clue concerning the situation in Cuba, or what happened in the past, or about Cuban exiles. Fellow bloggers why don't we give them some suggestions on gathering information concerning the truth!!!!
Castro Wants Pope To Visit Cuba

From Reuters:

ROME (Reuters) - Cuban leader Fidel Castro wants Pope Benedict to make a visit to his country, an Italian cardinal has said.
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone of Genoa, who recently visited Cuba and met Castro, told the Italian Catholic business magazine "Il Consulente Re" that Castro told him he was impressed by Benedict, who was elected last April.
"I recognised in him the face of an angel, the face of a very good person. I would like to invite him to Cuba," Bertone quoted Castro as telling him.
According to the monthly magazine, published on Tuesday, Castro asked Bertone to help arrange a visit. Benedict's predecessor John Paul visited communist Cuba in 1998.
Prayer Request

Juan at Paxety Pages, Ziva at Blog for Cuba, and Pedro at Baracutey Cubano are asking for your prayers and action in saving a Baptist Church from demolition. Please help our Christian brothers, no matter what faith or religion you aspire to help is needed!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Plane Crash

CB at Killcastro has post concerning a plane crash off the coast of Miami Beach. Looks like no survivors.
Dealing with the Devil Part III

U.S. Wheat Associates commits to sell Cuba half a million tons of U.S. wheat. Let's see what else Wheat Associates have to do? Maybe a statement denouncing U.S. policy towards Cuba:

"Just as important, for the long-term, this document is a testament to the power of trade in establishing a human dialogue that can hopefully act as a counterpoint to some ill-advised political strategies which are still mired in the tired rhetoric and failed policies of yesteryear," Mr. Kisling said.

Looks like these guys have been chummy with the dictactor for some time:

The U.S. wheat industry has been working for the last decade to establish relations with Cuba. In coordination with member state wheat commissions, USW initially facilitated wheat flour donations in the mid-1990s through humanitarian groups working in Cuba. Following a series of meetings between USW and Cuban officials over a three year period, Cuba was ready to purchase U.S. wheat in 2001.

These guys even petitioned the United States Department of the Treasury concerning the payment terms in regards to trading with the brutal regime.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Disgrace Part II

Finally found the media release from Unesco. The mockery will take place on January 28, 2006 on the anniversary of Marti's birthday. The award is for "an individual or institution having contributed to the unity and integration of the countries of Latin American and the Caribbean and to the preservation of their identities, cultural traditions and historical values. " The only unity here is the desire for all of Latin-America to go down the slippery slope of Marxism. Unity for hatred, division, Godless society, and total control. Yes I can see the Democratic values cleary in Chavez?

Media Release:

14-12-2005 4:30 pm President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will receive the 2005 International José Martí Prize in a ceremony that will take place in Havana (Cuba) on 28 January. The ceremony will coincide with the anniversary of the birth, in 1853, of José Martí the Cuban humanist, writer, translator, diplomat and teacher, who is known as the “champion” of Cuba’s independence. The Martí Prize was created in 1994 by UNESCO’s Executive Board on the initiative of Cuba to honour an individual or institution having contributed to the unity and integration of the countries of Latin American and the Caribbean and to the preservation of their identities, cultural traditions and historical values. The $5,000 Prize is awarded on the recommendation of a seven-member international jury, which includes Nadine Gordimer, the South African Nobel Prize for Literature laureate. In the past the Prize has been awarded to Mexican sociologist Pablo González Casanova (2003), Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín (1999), and Dominican historian Celsa Albert Bautista (1995).

Saturday, December 17, 2005

ELN in Cuba for Peace Talks?

ELN in Cuba for peace talks and guess who is in the middle: Gabriel García Márquez. Let's see, a commie group is in Cuba(commie country who sponsors all these groups) with Marquez who is Fidel's pal. All they want is a Marxist government in Colombia and Latin-America. I guess we should give more land to rebel groups and look the other way concerning the atrocities. That's what this is really about.

From the Miami Herald:

HAVANA - Peace talks between Colombia and its second-largest rebel group began Friday in Cuba with help from Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez and facilitators from Spain, Norway and Switzerland.
Attempts at peace have formed and fizzled before, but Antonio García, the military commander of the National Liberation Army, better known as ELN, promised that his rebel group won't give up easily.
''We are not going to run,'' García told reporters. ``If the obstacles are big, we'll have to look for support in society, support in the international community. We'll have to reflect deeply on the obstacles and work hard to overcome them . . . to clear the way to peace.''
Several attempts at talks between the Colombian government and the ELN have failed since 1998.
When Cuba last hosted Colombia's talks with the rebel group, in 2002, then-President Andrés Pastrana pulled out, saying the rebels were not interested in peace. Friday's talks mark President Alvaro Uribe's first formal negotiations with left-wing insurgents, although he has been negotiating with right-wing paramilitaries.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

What a Disgrace!

Pedro at Baracutey Cubano, has a post concerning Hugo Chavez to receive the Jose Marti award in January 2006. Yes folks, this commie receiving an award with the name of Jose Marti is a utter disgrace. The name of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro should never be mentioned in the same breath of the beloved Jose Marti!!!

This post is in Spanish and you have to scroll down a bit.
Press Release from Jose Serrano

Naturally our favorite commie is so concerned about Cuba not being able to play baseball, but overlooks the "Ladies in White" not being able to travel and Dr. Biset in prison. In the spirit of baseball I would like to nominate the "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team" Please send in your nominations and I will post them. Here are my picks:

Name: "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team"
Colors: Blood Red
Owner( I mean Dictator): Fidel Castro
Financing: Ted Turner
Arbitrator: Jimmy Carter
Media: CNN, N.Y. Times
Reporters: Lucia Newman, and Dan Rather
Manager: Hugo"mini-me" Chavez
1B Daniel Ortega
2B Gabriel Garcia Marquez
SS Pastors for Peace
3rd National Council of Churches
LF Jose Serrano, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters
RF( No right fielders, no one wants to play here!)
Backup Pitcher: Raul Castro

***I need nomination for pitchers(All lefties of course!)
All LHP's:

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some Media is Now Responding

What a surprise some mention of the "Ladies in White" and how they can not leave the country to receive the award.

From Reuters:

HAVANA (Reuters) - The Cuban government is not allowing members of Cuba's "Ladies in White" opposition movement to travel to Strasbourg to receive the EU's top human rights prize, the women said on Tuesday.
For the past two years, the women dressed in white have marched in silence every Sunday along a Havana avenue to demand the release of their husbands and sons who are political dissidents jailed by President Fidel Castro's government.
The Cuban women are joint winners of the 2005 Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought, which will be awarded at a ceremony in the European Parliament on Wednesday.
The other winners are the Nigerian human rights lawyer Hauwa Ibrahim and the Paris-based press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders.
But the five "Ladies in White" selected to receive the prize said Cuba's communist government had not given them exit permits in time to travel to Europe.
"Immigration authorities have my passport and told me I would get it back on Dec. 30 when I would know if I could leave," said Julia Nunez, wife of pro-democracy activist Adolfo Fernandez.
Fernandez was jailed in a March 2003 crackdown on growing opposition to Castro's 46-year rule. He was accused of plotting with the United States to overthrow Cuba's one-party state and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
"The EU as a whole deplores the fact that they cannot go to receive the Sakharov award," said Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff, the European Commission's charge d'affaires in Havana.
"This will not affect the women's ability to continue their peaceful protest against the detention of their relatives," he said.
The Ladies in White expected the European Parliament to send a delegation to hand them the prize in Cuba.
"We will continue denouncing abuses," Nunez said.
The prize, named after former Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, is awarded annually to a person or group that has contributed significantly to human rights.
Song dedicated to the "Ladies in White"

María Lourdes Borrajero, a 16 year old singer, dedicated her song "Virgen de la Caridad" to the "Ladies in "White" in recognition of the Sakharov award. No surprise that the mainstream is ignoring this, and our favorite "look the other way" Lucia Newman is totally silent.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Monument for Victims of Communism

From Newsmax:

A new monument is planned for Washington, D.C. – the International Victims of Communism Memorial, commemorating the more than 100 million lives lost to the enslaving ideology.
Members of the foundation behind the monument are meeting this week at a fund-raiser and will bestow the group’s annual Truman-Reagan Freedom Awards, presented this year to President Reagan’s arms control adviser, Gen. Edward Rowny; the Polish Solidarity Movement of the 1980, and Pope John Paul II, whose posthumous award will be accepted by the Apostolic Nuncio to America, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo.
If the foundation raises the $650,000 required for the memorial, ground will be broken this spring and the monument should be completed in six months, foundation chairman Lee Edwards told the New York Sun.
The group has received about $500,000 so far, and additional fund-raisers are planned, including a February event in New York to be headlines by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The monument will be a 10-foot bronze replica of the "Goddess of Democracy” statue erected by Chinese students and destroyed by Red Chinese troops in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The image is based on the Statue of Liberty.
Other images that were considered include barbed wire to symbolize the gulags, boats for the Vietnamese "boat people,” a replica of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and a field of skulls to represent the Cambodian killing fields under Pol Pot, according to the Sun.
The "Democracy” statue will stand on a three-foot granite pedestal and be located at a major intersection on a lot approved by the National Parks Service in April. Congress and President Clinton approved the monument in 1993, and President Bush has agreed to serve as the foundation’s honorary chairman.
"People are quite aware of what the Nazis did, but they are not aware of what the communists did,” said Richard Pipes, a noted Sovietologist and Harvard professor who helped document the death toll due to communism.
"There is this general sort of presumption, particularly among intellectuals, that, ‘Oh, communism was a good idea that didn’t quite work out so well.’

"But in terms of human casualties, what went on in Russia and China is outrageous. I think this kind of memorial will make people aware of it.”
Dealing with the Devil Part II

Click here for pictures of the $20 million dollar deal. Love the handshake, what do the Cuban people get? A good swift kick in the ass. Dr. Biscet who is lingering in prison for his life gets nothing! No help or no mention. I am sure John Baldacci will never clasp the hands of any Cubans or Cuban-Americans for the freedom of the Cuban people.
Question to You?

Take a look at the picture in this article. Now tell me did this really rub you the wrong way? Now I do not have all the circumstances and why they did this, but it did rub me the wrong way.
Dealing with the Devil

Governor John Baldacci of Maine signed a trade agreement with Cuba last Sunday. Even before reading the article, I knew what the Governor had to do in exchange: "normalization of relations with communist Cuba must come one step at a time." Just denounce the embargo and encourage relations with the thugs and in exchange receive a $20 million dollar package. I guess nobody gives a crap about the political prisoners, nobody cares about all those who have been executed, and no one gives a shit about how the Cuban people have been suffering for over 40 years.

Some nauseating excerpts:

Baldacci, the sixth sitting U.S. governor to visit Cuba since the United States imposed trade sanctions four decades ago, said he wanted Maine to be a leader in expanding U.S. trade with the island.
"We're working within the existing framework, trying to show other states the ability to trade with Cuba," Baldacci told a news conference. "We hope to demonstrate how important this is."
In 2001, Maine became the first U.S. state to pass a resolution urging an end to the decades-old U.S. trade and travel sanctions against the Caribbean nation.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Help Dr. Biscet!!!

Forget about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, and Jose Serrano to do or say anything about the plight of Dr. Biscet. Cuban American Pundits and Babalu are leading the charge with a plea to write a letter for the release of a true champion of freedom!!

U.S. Mission Chief Slams Cuba

From Net For Cuba:

Diplomat slams Cuba for rights abuses
Sat Dec 10, 2005 8:29 PM ET`
HAVANA (Reuters) - President Fidel Castro's communist government is clinging to power by trampling on the rights of Cuba's 11 million people, the top U.S. diplomat in Havana said on Saturday in his first public meeting with Cuban dissidents.U.S. mission chief Michael Parmly said the targeting of opponents by angry mobs of government supporters sent to demonstrate outside their homes was a "particularly disgusting" practice that recalled Nazi brownshirts or the Ku Klux Klan."The Cuban regime does not represent the people," Parmly said in a speech to dissidents and foreign diplomats marking International Human Rights Day at his residence."It maintains itself by isolating Cubans from the rest of the world, keeping Cubans artificially poor and dependent on a state that demands unquestionable compliance, and instilling fear among those who question the regime's lies," he said.Wives of imprisoned political prisoners, known as the Ladies in White, attended the event along with Cuba's leading dissidents, who said government repression worsened in 2005.Rights groups say the one-party state is holding more than 300 people in prison for political reasons."The situation is deteriorating. We are seeing more repression every day by a government that is on its last legs," said Vladimiro Roca, the son of one of the founding fathers of Cuban communism.Dr. Hilda Molina, who pioneered neurosurgery in Cuba, said: "In my opinion, not a single human right is respected in Cuba. We have a government that operates entirely by whim."Molina quit the ruling Communist Party a decade ago because she disagreed with preferential treatment given to foreigners by Cuba's medical system to generate hard currency.The Cuban government has denied Molina's requests to travel to Argentina to visit her son and see two grandchildren she has never met."The public health system is caring for foreigners and discriminates against Cubans," she said.The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba shortly after Castro's leftist revolution in 1959. The two ideological foes are represented by low-level interest sections opened in each capital in 1977.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Oil Pimp Program

Here is a press release from our favorite commie congressman. Please boycott Citgo!!

“Some have tried to read politics into these outreach programs” said Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez, “but they should not do so. This is a humanitarian gesture on the part of the Venezuelan people to our neighbors in need. It flows out of a promise President Chavez made during his trip to New York shortly after the hurricanes caused such havoc. It is consistent with our outreach to other countries in the Americas, using our oil to assist in economic development and regional integration. We are all Americans.”

To Fidel and mini-me everything has to do with politics!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Political Prisoners

Those who are marching in Cuba to protest against torture are really misguided. I believe they know what they are doing and aiding the enemy. Just a refresher on some of those suffering in Cuban jails. What about Dr. Biscet? Christians? Why don't they do a little fact-finding and research on all those who were killed and tortured simply because they spoke out and were Christians. Of course not, just plain commies!!!!
Protest March

from Cubanet:

Women stage protest march in Santa Clara


December 8 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / - Ten Opposition women marched through the center of Santa Clara on Sunday in a protest against the imprisonment of political dissidents.The women, all members of the Marta Abreu Feminine Movement, met at Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje church, where they prayed for the release of prisons before undertaking their march.Dressed in white, they marched to the Leoncio Vidal Park, where they laid a wreath of gladiolas at the statue of Marta Abreu de Estévez, the city's benefactor."We were under surveillance by the political police and some paramilitaries at all times, but we were never bothered," said Noelia Pedraza Jiménez, president of the organization, which was founded last month.

Thursday, December 08, 2005



"XXIst Century Socialism" - Just what the hell does this mean?The REAL STORY is that the vast majority (83% and counting upwards as we await the final tally of null votes) of voting age Venezuelans opted to BOYCOTT the quintessential act in any democracy because they had no other means
to effectively express their opposition, fear, lack of confidence, or loss of patience at the way the political elite –
those in power and those sensibly powerless – have been conducting the affairs of the State.
The clear losers here were the authoritarian government and the political parties that failed to hear and interpret both
a nation's plea and its deafening silence.

The TRUE STORY here is that after 7 years people are fed up with all things Chávez. This may not mean they are ready to go back to the now "100% demonized past," but it certainly means that Chávez has been robbed of the weapon that made him so menacing. No longer can he state ANYWHERE that his crooked brand of populism
is backed by those he proclaims to be helping.
This Sunday's election proves that the only gullible people around are those that failed to understand the true story by the time the polls opened, or worse those who continue to insist on the contrary after the votes were counted
and the damming observer's reports were delivered.
Commie in a business suit

Here is the commies evil master donning a suit? A slideshow of the the dictator attending a summit in Barbados.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Soap Box

My freedom loving brethren, lately I have been frustrated with many things concerning this blog. Several of us have called out to you do something concerning the wet foot/dry foot policy. Not a peep, just some comments that it's not worth it, you will never get anybody to listen. Just the typical B.S. whining. I am quite surprised the comments are usually from those whom I'd never expect to react that way. The last several days I have contemplated on not doing this anymore, does anyone besides the few loyal bloggers dedicated to the "truth" concerning Cuba, really care? Well, something happened that really sparked me. I have noticed that I have had several hits on my blog from "Cuber" I figured it was some official checking my blog out. I received several messages "Thank You"
"Spread the word concerning our plight" " we do read your blog in clandestine"
Now it could be some government official, or maybe not. I am not going to divulge who they are or explain how they gained access. I need to protect them just in case. Now is this blog and our struggle worth it? Yes!!!! We must not give up our fight! I entered a temporary state of darkness and I have seen the light!

This graphic courtesy of Daniel from Venezuela News and Views. Many concerns still linger about the recent election. Chavez supporters won all of the 167 National Assembly seats.

Concerns from The Miami Herald:

''Broad sectors of Venezuelan society have no confidence either in the electoral process or the independence of the electoral authority,'' the EU observers wrote. The National Electoral Council is dominated by supporters of Chávez,
The OAS report mentioned the decision to keep some polling places open beyond the 4 p.m. closing time. This coincided, it noted, with ``an increase in the government's campaign to increase participation in the final hours.''
At the 4 p.m. deadline only 19 percent of voters had cast their ballots, international observers told The Herald. The opposition election-monitoring group Súmate claims that nearly a third of the votes were cast after 4 p.m.
The extension of the closing hours ''helped to create uncertainty and suspicion,'' the OAS said in its statement, although it fell short of saying the government had inflated the polling numbers, as some opposition groups claim.
Other concerns included the illegal participation of government officials, including ministers, and public resources in the campaign, and the abuse of state media and the president's right to take over the airwaves at any point and for an unlimited time.
Western diplomats in Caracas meanwhile criticized what they said were last-minute changes to soften the wording of the OAS report -- and alleged that the changes were made under strong pressure from the Venezuelan government.
The Herald was told by diplomats from both EU and OAS member states that OAS observer mission chief Rubén Perina received calls from Venezuelan Vice President José Vicente Rangel and electoral council chairman Jorge Rodríguez after the draft report had already been prepared.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Elian's 12th Birthday

Elian's celebrates his 12th birthday by doing what? You guessed it chico, by listening to a two-hour speech by the master of propaganda himself. I thought castro was not going to use Elian for any publicity? Thank you Bill Clinton and Janet Reno for sending Elian back to the thug.

Story here.
Castro Calls Jeb Bush "Fat"

Article from the Miami Herald:

Castro called the governor ''the fat little brother in Florida'' and wondered if Bush had helped Luis Posada Carriles into the country, according to a transcript released Monday of the Nov. 17 address to University of Havana students, who erupted in laughter.
The Cuban leader didn't stop there.
'Forgive me for using the term `fat little brother' '' Castro said. ``It is not a criticism, rather a suggestion that he do some exercises and go on a diet, don't you think? I'm doing this for the gentleman's health.''

-Isn't that special that he is concerned about Jeb's health or really? He takes shots at everyone, but no one can criticize him. We better watch out because the brutal regime will probaly take out a $163,000 ad in some other newspaper and who knows who they are going to arrest next!

Read the entire nauseating speech.
Please Support These Sites

Came across these interesting sites. The more sites we have dedicated to the "truth" about Cuba the better. Please give them your support:

Monday, December 05, 2005

Howard Dean supports Code Pink

Come mierda Howard Dean endorses our favorite commie group Code Pink. Here is a picture of the screamer with code commie t-shirts.
Speech by a Dictator

Here is a speech given by dictator castro(never been elected) at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of his admission to University of Havana. Please try to stay awake while reading this and see if you can make any sense out of it?

Check out these excerpts:

"This is the kind of world we are living in. It is not a world full of goodness, but a world full of egoism. It is not a world of justice, but one full of exploitation, abuse and pillage, where millions of children die every year –and they could be saved--, just because they are lacking a few cents worth of medicine, or some vitamins or re-hidration salts and a few dollars worth of food, enough for them to live. " Yes, mr. dictator right in your own backyard.

"More than a century has gone by and this piece of our territory is still forcibly occupied today bringing shame and horror to the world when it is known to have been turned into a torture center, where hundreds of people pulled in from different parts of the world are kept in detention. They do not take them to their own country because there may be laws that would make things difficult for them to illegally hold these people by force, kidnapped for years, overriding any legal procedure, and to the amazement of the entire world, these people are being subjected to sadistic and brutal torture. The world learned of this only when in Iraq they were torturing hundreds of prisoners from a country invaded by the powerful forces of a colossal empire, and where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have lost their lives."

- What about all the political prisoners and those executed the last 40 years?
(La Cabana and Isla de Pinos ring a bell?)

"Iran is a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and so is Cuba. We have never considered producing nuclear weapons, because we don’t need them. Even if they were accessible, how much would they cost and what sense would it make producing a nuclear weapon with an enemy that has thousands of nuclear weapons? It would mean joining the game of nuclear confrontation."

-Did we forget the Cuban-missile crises in the 60's

"Which of us, which of you, which of our compatriots would quietly admit to a story of torturing even one citizen, "

- We know what happens when people speak out!

"I wish I had more time to speak to you, but this moment now is without precedent. It is a time that is different from all the others. It is nothing like it was in 1945; it is nothing like it was in 1950 when we graduated, but we had all those ideas that I mentioned that day, when I affirmed with love, respect and the utmost affection, that I came to this University with a rebellious spirit, with some elemental ideas of justice, then here I became a revolutionary, I became a Marxist-Leninist and I acquired the ideas that I have never abandoned, nor have I ever been tempted to do so, not in the least. For that reason, I dare say that I will never abandon them."

-More time to speak? what do you need another 5 hours blathering about yourself and the idiotic revolution?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Latest in Venezuela

It is past 5:oo P.M. E.S.T. and according to Venezuela Today : Voting Centers Empty - Abstention at 85%. Many voting centers were still open after the 4:00PM deadline.

Remember who we are dealing with! Look who helps spread the propaganda of mini-me.

Venezuelan diplomat met regularly with Ecuadorean rebels.

Jimmy Carter where are you?

Photo slideshow of today's events

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Eve of the Election

Daniel has an excellent post on the election in Venezuela and does a masterful analysis on how democracy has ended in this country. Again where is the worldwide outcry? The Carter Center had an extensive "Carter Center and The Peacebuilding Process in Venezuela" that detailed a 5 year plan to restore and build democracy. As you can see things have gone the other way down the path of the absurd ideology of socialism.

Congressional elections are scheduled for tomorrow for Venezuela. Here is a reminder on how extensive Jimmy Carter reviewed the claims of fraud for the election. Jimmy "one day and out" intensive investigation can be seen through his report and his silence concerning the upcoming elections.
"Hasta Siempre"

Check out the movie trailers on this movie produced by " Rice N Peas." I did not check out all the trailers. Some were good others were pure propaganda, but it does put some dents in the so called "Revolution." Let me know what you think?
Cubanos No Way!

Blog for Cuba has an excellent analysis on the immigration issue. I hear these comments all the time "Cubans get preferential treatment when it comes to immigration." Look at the numbers: 400,000 vs. 2,368. We have over 11 million illegals in this country. It's funny everyone wants to come here for a better life and live the American dream, but why? You never hear this, could it be that Mexico and other Latin-American countries could give a crap about their people! They are rich in resources but basically are poor and corrupt. No it's not yankee imperialism, you guys are bunch of crooks! You commies do start on what you believe the utopia called Cuba! That is why people are dying trying to reach freedom. The exodus is not from U.S. to Cuba!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Always Blame the U.S. and Everyone Else

Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel alleged that the U.S. Embassy had links to moves by several opposition parties to pull out of Sunday's elections.
"We have sufficient intelligence and enough information suggesting that behind the card of not participating there are aims of destabilizing the country," Rangel said. "Behind it all, the U.S. Embassy has been very active, extremely active."

Read the rest of the story here.
Elections in Venezuela

The congressional elections are scheduled for this Sunday and some opposition groups are withdrawing saying that conditions are not conducive to fair elections. I am sure Jimmy Carter will come in and straighten everything out(For Chavez that is!!) I have to admit they are good when it comes to propaganda. In this article they reference chavez as "champion of the poor." We all know what these revolutions really do: "make everyone poor"
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get home last night after a rough day and I start checking my e-mail. I get this long rambling e-mail concerning why we should use "holiday" instead of Christmas. I am thinking what does this have to do with the blog? I did mention about having a t-shirt with "Merry Christmas"

To Mr. Communism(that's the name he used):

Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas !
and by the way Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!