Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Call For Help!

From Net For Cuba:

SOS for the release of the Cuban prisoner of conscience Francisco Chaviano González.

(HAVANA/CUBA/December 28/Lux-Info-Press/ -

Poor health and dreadful prison conditions of the Cuban prisoner of conscience Francisco Chaviano González compelled his wife's to call for an international intercession for her husband's release from prison. In exclusive declarations given to LUX-INFO-PRESS and to the Press Bureau of the Information Bridge Cuba Miami, Angililla pointed out that: "Doctors detected a tumor on my husband's right lung on x- rays that were taken last December 9th"- she further stated that: " my husband acquired this new affliction in prison and said affliction is a product of the dreadful conditions he is subjected to in prison; such as existing humidity, unjust solitary confinement, a lack of sun and the many abuses constantly attempted against his physical and moral integrity".She went on to say - "In the evening of December 11th, Chaviano tried leaving the television area in his prison black to go back to his cell for he was feeling ill and a prison official forced him to remain there until the programming was over".In an effort to save the life of the Cuban prisoner of conscience his wife pleaded-" I am calling on all the people of good will and the international community to intercede so that my husband be released from prison due to his ill health".Francisco Chaviano González was unjustly sentenced to 15 years in prison on May of 1994 and he has served over 11 years of the sentence.

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