Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dealing with the Devil

Governor John Baldacci of Maine signed a trade agreement with Cuba last Sunday. Even before reading the article, I knew what the Governor had to do in exchange: "normalization of relations with communist Cuba must come one step at a time." Just denounce the embargo and encourage relations with the thugs and in exchange receive a $20 million dollar package. I guess nobody gives a crap about the political prisoners, nobody cares about all those who have been executed, and no one gives a shit about how the Cuban people have been suffering for over 40 years.

Some nauseating excerpts:

Baldacci, the sixth sitting U.S. governor to visit Cuba since the United States imposed trade sanctions four decades ago, said he wanted Maine to be a leader in expanding U.S. trade with the island.
"We're working within the existing framework, trying to show other states the ability to trade with Cuba," Baldacci told a news conference. "We hope to demonstrate how important this is."
In 2001, Maine became the first U.S. state to pass a resolution urging an end to the decades-old U.S. trade and travel sanctions against the Caribbean nation.

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