Thursday, December 08, 2005



"XXIst Century Socialism" - Just what the hell does this mean?The REAL STORY is that the vast majority (83% and counting upwards as we await the final tally of null votes) of voting age Venezuelans opted to BOYCOTT the quintessential act in any democracy because they had no other means
to effectively express their opposition, fear, lack of confidence, or loss of patience at the way the political elite –
those in power and those sensibly powerless – have been conducting the affairs of the State.
The clear losers here were the authoritarian government and the political parties that failed to hear and interpret both
a nation's plea and its deafening silence.

The TRUE STORY here is that after 7 years people are fed up with all things Chávez. This may not mean they are ready to go back to the now "100% demonized past," but it certainly means that Chávez has been robbed of the weapon that made him so menacing. No longer can he state ANYWHERE that his crooked brand of populism
is backed by those he proclaims to be helping.
This Sunday's election proves that the only gullible people around are those that failed to understand the true story by the time the polls opened, or worse those who continue to insist on the contrary after the votes were counted
and the damming observer's reports were delivered.

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