Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Soap Box

My freedom loving brethren, lately I have been frustrated with many things concerning this blog. Several of us have called out to you do something concerning the wet foot/dry foot policy. Not a peep, just some comments that it's not worth it, you will never get anybody to listen. Just the typical B.S. whining. I am quite surprised the comments are usually from those whom I'd never expect to react that way. The last several days I have contemplated on not doing this anymore, does anyone besides the few loyal bloggers dedicated to the "truth" concerning Cuba, really care? Well, something happened that really sparked me. I have noticed that I have had several hits on my blog from "Cuber" I figured it was some official checking my blog out. I received several messages "Thank You"
"Spread the word concerning our plight" " we do read your blog in clandestine"
Now it could be some government official, or maybe not. I am not going to divulge who they are or explain how they gained access. I need to protect them just in case. Now is this blog and our struggle worth it? Yes!!!! We must not give up our fight! I entered a temporary state of darkness and I have seen the light!


Anonymous said...

Shut up Alfredo! Yoy will never ever be able to defeat castro!!!
you are part of the miami mafia spreading lies.

long live communism!!!!!

Alfredo said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Really brave to post these comments and hide behind "anonymous" Anyway,that is the best you can do calling me a part of the "Miami Mafia." I believe the term mafia best decribes your evil master fidel.
Don fidel wipes out anyone who speaks out and has other ideals that are not his. communism has killed over 77 million people.