Saturday, December 31, 2005

Quotes From Mini-e #3

Here are some quotes from the commie coca "We are proud to be coca producers; you know that coca leaf is not cocaine," of Boliva in his trip to Cuba. While reading the quotes and thinking to myself "Yeah right, it's just the opposite of what you say." At that moment I hear in the background: "This is Thing 1 and Thing 2, they do the opposite of what you say" from the movie "Cat In The Hat." So with out further adieu, I present quotes from Thing 2:

Morales said that the United States "constantly accuses me of everything: being a drug trafficker, coca leaf mafia man and a terrorist," questioned by reporters late Friday.

"We are proud to be coca producers; you know that coca leaf is not cocaine," stressed Morales, here for a 24-hour visit and meetings with communist President Fidel Castro.

"There will not be zero coca, but there will be zero cocaine," Morales pledged Saturday. Coca is the raw material from which cocaine is processed. But it has been used in traditional medicine and religious ceremonies in his country for centuries.

"If the (United States) wants bilateral, diplomatic and trade relations, they should have them -- but without submission, subordination, conditions or blackmail," Morales warned.

I have never had good relations with the US government -- but I have with the people of the United States," he added.

"Before they think about a coup, the US government had better think about withdrawing their troops from Iraq and closing their military bases in South America," Morales said.

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