Thursday, December 22, 2005

Propaganda Ploy

"Cuba said on Thursday it would donate its revenues from a world baseball tournament to Hurricane Katrina victims if the Bush administration reverses a controversial decision to bar Cuba's participation. "

Isn't that nice, but their is a problem. What has the dictator done for the hurricane victims in Cuba? What the heck has he done for the people of Cuba for over 40 years? Nothing! Give cash away, but his slaves are still on ration books. $20million dollar deal here, 30 million dollar deal there, give doctors to Venezuela, give cash away to play baseball. In return we have one of the most repressive regimes in this hemisphere, no Cubans allowed in hotels and beaches that are frequented by tourist, political prisoners, no freedom of speech, knocking down of churches, people risking their lives to leave this hell hole, and one dictator(never been elected) in absolute power for over 40 years.

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