Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dealing With The Devil Part IV

House Speaker John Richardson touting how: "he was part of the discussion with President Fidel Castro and that meeting was crucial to winning what the administration says is a $20 million export deal for Maine."

He goes on: "You've got to understand, Fidel Castro micromanages that economy and a failure to meet with him is a failure to gain a greater amount of export (dollars)," Richardson said. "He's sharp as a tack. He has a full grasp of what's going on in the agriculture field, and he definitely calls the shots."

-Micromanages? Of course you dumbshit, he micromanages everything in Cuba. Sharp as a tack or do you mean that he whacks off any type of protest or dissent? He sure calls the shots come mierda, just look at all those who have been executed.(I am sure this was never mentioned in your meeting with the micromanager)

Now this gets better:

During the governor's short stay, the delegation got a "surprise" visit from Castro, Richardson said. News of that meeting sparked strong criticism from Republican legislative leaders, who said the meeting "lends legitimacy to a brutal communist ruler with an appalling record of human rights violations."Richardson said the talks were about agricultural products and people."We were talking about our likes and similarities," he said. "We're a poor, very proud but poor state; we hold our children in high esteem; education is a big issue — in Cuba and in Maine. There are a lot of similarities."Castro specifically wanted to know about Maine dairy cattle, Richardson said, because Maine farmers export dairy cattle to Cuba. There also were discussions about apples, potatoes, lumber and Maine seafood."It was all on the table," Richardson said.

- " Surprise" visit, no everything is planned, calculated, and spied on with vigorous detail. I guess you'd say any bullshit for a $20 million dollar deal.


Anonymous said...

Alfredo, How do people like this governor sleep at night? He equates Cuba with his home state of Maine? Monkey see, monkey do, anything for a buck. I wonder if the proud independent farmers in Maine realize that those profits coming from the Island are paid for with slave labor tainted with blood.

Albert Quiroga said...

Speaking of APPLES, I'd like this Maine monkey to hear why this fruit dissapeared from Cuban grocery stores around spring-summer 1960...hint: It had nothing to do with a so-called "American embargo." It had to do with an internal embargo imposed by a certain bearded a-hole who likes to play soldier, puke-green fatigues and all.

It amazes me how some folks can't see through this manipulative a-hole. All for a buck - even if the bucks come from the blood-tainted hands of a degenerate tyrant.

Robert said...

I don't know whether to feel sorry for poor imbeciles like Richardson, or smash them over the head with a heavy object.

Maine = Cuba. Who would've thought?