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Michael "el gordo mierda" Moore is taking again a new low with regards to the movie "Sicko." Not only did he take ailing ground zero workers to apartheid Cuba for medical care, now with this movie, he basically foams at the mouth talking about the healthcare in a country in which no FREEDOM exist.

How low can you go gordo?

Let's see Gordo: NO elections in 48 Years, one mafia family stealing and using everything at their whim 48 years, executions, political prisoners, no one can own any property, no FREE internet access, No FREE press, no Cubans allowed to own cell phones, the Cuban people on rationing books for 48 years, people leaving in rafts risking their lives in order to leave gordo's so called paradise... and we all know the medical care is a sham.....only tourist receive healthcare at a cost and.....they had to fly in a doctor from Spain to save the aparthied dictator's life.

I believe that El Gordo forget to mention these finer points. I am often wondering that El Gordo can go to any buffet line and eat whatever he likes, but can Cubans ever dream having a buffet line instead of a ration line? No, all the apartheid sympathizers with their elitist attitude feel that they know what's better for people. These elitist should have all the "MONEY" and all the"POWER" but not the Cubans, they should just be happy singing and dancing in the street as shown in the "Today" show. How racist and downright smug is that?

You go on Jay Leno with your puppy dog look and soft voice to trash the U.S. and act like your some kind of a champion. What about those political prisoners that have been silenced for 5,10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years. Who cares about them? Why didn't you mention them? WHAT ABOUT THE CUBAN PEOPLE?

You don't care about the best COUNTRY in the world, the UNITED STATES and you certainly don't care about the Cuban people.

If you love the dictatorship and Cuban health care sooooooooooo much go live in Cuba and get your RATION CARD like the REAL Cuban people do!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the Real Cuba:
José Luis Rodríguez Chávez points to the stickers that he pasted on his front door, saying that he doesn't cooperate with the dictatorship and asking for a change in Cuba

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reminder: Friday fast for all political prisoners in Cuba and let's remember Venezuela

My fellow FREEDOM fighters their have been some misconceptions concerning the fast. First: "Do I have to fast all day?" No! the fast is just being conducted on Friday mornings. You can set your hours and how far you want to take this! El Café Cubano is just calling for a simple gesture! These political prisoners are the true heroes and they are willing to die for FREEDOM! This is a time for unity not division. Is this to much to ask in support of the political prisoners?

Political prisoners languish in prison in apartheid Cuba and the media ignores their struggles and cause. We must not forget our brothers and show them signs that we are with them and support them!

Let’s show the world, better yet let’s show our brothers and sisters in apartheid Cuba that we are behind them!

Fast it forward my FREEDOM-loving brethren!

I will leave with this:

48 years of misery,
caused by a diabolical tyranny,
why must the Cuban people continue to suffer?
Others have been oppressed,
why then do they get all the press?
My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?
Our faith, endurance, and confidence continually test us!
All we ask is for Cuba to be FREE,
Is that to much of your flock to ask of thee?
Just as Our Lady has asked us to fast and pray,
we come to your arms dear Lord looking for that DAY!!!!!

El Cafe Cubano-2/08/07

Let Them Eat Cake

By Alberto de la Cruz

In Michael Moore’s latest feature length fantasy titled, Sicko, the filmmaker attempts to show us just how bad the healthcare system in the US is by comparing it to the so-called free universal healthcare available in, of all places, Cuba. With his usual disdain for actual facts and the complete disregard for context that are so prevalent in all of his films, Mr. Moore would have you believe that the average Cuban citizen has access to and receives superior healthcare in comparison to the average American. The truth about Cuba’s healthcare or better said, lack of healthcare, is easily verified by anyone who has access to the internet (Cubans on the island do not have this luxury—internet access is available only to the elite). There, anyone can view actual photographs and read first-hand accounts of the filth and lack of medicine and medical supplies that plagues virtually every hospital and clinic in Cuba available to the average Cuban citizen. Mr. Moore, finding these actualities inconvenient to his storyline, prefers to perpetuate the propaganda put out by the Cuban dictatorship and shows you only the healthcare that is available to communist party officials and tourists. Moore, who is not as dumb as he looks, is fully aware of these inequalities, but chooses instead to disseminate the lies and distortions that continually hurt the Cuban population at large. Michael Moore and his Cuban communist friends all enjoy personal freedom and access to exceptional medical care. To the rest of the Cubans who must suffer under the yoke of communist oppression and medical apartheid, Mr. Moore’s intentional omission of facts simply says; let them eat cake!

Sicko is just another example of the left’s bigoted and elitist posture towards people enslaved by leftist dictatorships. Moore would like you to believe that he is a champion of the downtrodden and the exploited, but the reality is that he is part of the reason millions of Cuban citizens continue to be subjugated and exploited by the ruling communist elite. From their limousines and private jets, Michael Moore and those like him lament what they call the ghastly US embargo on Cuba, all the while ignoring the atrocities committed by their hero, Fidel Castro, on the Cuban people. The truth is that Michael Moore and his leftist brethren have no concern for the well-being of the Cuban people; their only concern is their own welfare and the promotion of their leftist political ideologies. That it hurts the Cuban people is of no consequence to them. Perhaps Cubans are not high enough on their evolutionary scale to warrant the entitlement of full-fledged human rights.

This elitist attitude is not new among the left, though they have done an effective job of cloaking their bigotry. Nevertheless, their total disregard for the welfare of the Cuban people speaks volumes about who they really are and what they really think of Cuba. Like modern-day Marie Antionettes, Michael Moore and those of his ilk subscribe to an elitist self-indulgence, caring only for themselves, their own comfort, and the advancement of their beliefs and philosophies. They have no concern for the Cubans that are languishing under a totalitarian dictatorship; they want to sip their mojitos and enjoy the island’s pristine beaches without having to worry about such unpleasant topics. Emulating 18th century French aristocracy, these haughty patricians have no interest for the daily struggle that common Cubans must endure to feed their families. Instead, they raise a toast to the island’s dictator and compliment him on his dubious societal advances, apathetic to the inhumane conditions that the vast majority of Cubans must live in.

Although Moore is fully aware of the cruelties inflicted on the Cuban people by Castro’s heinous government, it is obvious that it does not bother him. He is more than willing to look the other way and accept whatever the despot’s propaganda machine spits out to hide the sad state of affairs on the island. Apparently, Mr. Moore knows what is best for Cuba and its people better than the eleven million who have to deal with, and live under, the dreadful conditions that exist on the island. When pressed about the truth of life in Cuba, Moore prefers to skip the topic, reverting instead to some bland drivel that people have “various levels of freedom around the world.” If he were to answer the question honestly and not hide his obvious bigotry, he would have most likely said that Cubans do not have the same freedom that he enjoys because they are not smart enough or socially evolved enough to have it.

From its inception, the premise behind communism and socialism is that average people do not have the ability to make a decision for themselves. They need the guidance and leadership of the State to tell them what to say, what to think, what to wear, what to watch, what to read, what to eat, when to sleep, when to work, and when to rest. This is elitism in its most vile form—removing all rights to individual freedoms and thought. Mr. Moore finds this type of tyranny readily acceptable for the Cuban people. Of course, such a system would never work for him—he needs to pursue his art and considers himself too good and too smart to have his free expression stifled. For the repressed population of Cuba, however, he finds it a viable and just form of governance that supposedly (as he reads the cue cards provided to him by the Cuban Ministry of the Interior) provides the most basic needs to its people.

Although Moore values his freedom dearly, and would never relinquish it for the benefit of the State, he expects Cubans to continue doing so. By shilling for the Castro dictatorship, he becomes a willing accomplice to the forty-eight years of gross violations of human rights committed by Castro’s tyrannical dictatorship since taking power in January of 1959.

Michael Moore may consider himself too clever to be found out, but the millions of Cubans who crave liberty and justice have his number. Those people who he does not deem worthy of justice will continue to struggle and fight for the day when they are finally free of oppression. Michael Moore may feel superior and more worthy of freedom than mere Cubans, but they have something he has never had: Integrity.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Por Jaime Leygonier.

¿A que juega el Régimen cubano con las declaraciones de Mariela Castro Espín , hija del General Raúl Castro -- y de paso Licenciada en Psicología -- quien en foros internacionales deviene en campeona de los derechos de los homosexuales y de que se les permita en Cuba cambiar de sexo mediante cirugía?

La homofobia es un elemento de la idiosincrasia del cubano el Régimen la aplica como herramienta política para desacreditar a disidentes de sus filas y opositores.

En los 60 creó campos de internamiento para ¨ reeducar ¨ a homosexuales, disidentes y religiosos, para enseñarlos ¨ a ser hombres ¨ mediante trabajos forzados agrícolas. Las U.M.A.P. (Unidades militares de ayuda a la producción).

Y hasta hoy la suposición de homosexualidad continúa siendo causa velada o decretada para negar la militancia en el Partido Comunista, la profesión militar o del magisterio, con tolerancia relativa para los ¨ intelectuales revolucionarios ¨.

De esos discursos y persecuciones oficiales cabe responsabilidad directa a Fidel Castro y a Raúl Castro. Este último también calumniado por sus enemigos como falto de virilidad -- y padre de esta psicóloga.

En Cuba no se debate sobre el tema de los derechos de los homosexuales – ni se debate de ningún tema – por ello toda declaración de un cubano que viaje a foros internacionales no puede ser tomada como opinión particular sino como mensaje oficial.

En Cuba todos los derechos son pisoteados por las instituciones y personas oficiales—desde los derechos humanos, hasta los de la infancia, los de la patria potestad y los de los reclusos , pasando por la violación del código penal y la Constitución vigentes.

Y en medio de los abusos de todo tipo ¡contra todos¡ y la impunidad de las autoridades para cometerlos , sin importarle esos derechos para nada , sin el menor análisis público del tema homosexual , ¡cae del cielo un miembro de la familia reinante para servir de Teresa de Calcuta a los homosexuales cubanos¡

Y con persistencia digna de una testigo de Jehová aboga por los derechos de los homosexuales y – como quien no quiere la cosa – lleva la defensa en dirección al ¨ tristrás ¨ quirúrgico y a la adopción de niños.

¡Muy peligroso que el régimen – por favor ,¡ nadie diga que Mariela Castro es una particular¡ -- abogue por los derechos de un sector de la población mientras pisotea los de la población entera¡

¡Muy peligroso para los cubanos que el Estado les impongan desde arriba en su caos legal lo que es sobrado controvertido en sociedades ordenadas¡
Si Suecos , Franceses y Canadienses se meten en estos berenjenales, sistema legal tienen para intervenir si las cosas resultan mal y los derechos de una minoría resultaran opuestos a los derechos humanos.

Ya la emigración desesperada de cubanos con la cobertura legal de matrimonios con extranjeros abastece de prostitutas al mundo y se habla de casos de jóvenes que al llegar al país extraño con el esposo de sus esperanzas son drogadas y privadas de órganos y ojos para trasplantes.

El estado vende a sus nacionales como aquellos reyecitos yorubas que vendían a sus súbditos como esclavos a los barcos negreros.
No es este el Estado que puede organizar un plan de adopciones de niños, ¡ni por homosexuales ni por heterosexuales¡

Ya la asistencia médica a los cubanos es un caos, gracias a la debacle económica y a la exportación de profesionales de la salud a cualquier país extranjero y a la atención médica a extranjeros en Cuba en hospitales y salas vedadas a los cubanos -- con comisión de delito de apartheid.

¿Qué será de lo poco que queda para asistir a los enfermos cubanos si el Régimen se dedica a otra ¨ operación Milagro ¨ -- mucho más lucrativa – en que dedique sus escasos cirujanos a convertir a los homosexuales en lo que desean ser y no son?

¡Ojo con estos Castro , civiles, profesionales , aparentemente ajenos a la política que viajan el mundo con pasitos suaves transmitiendo mensajes e imágenes¡

¡Cuidado cuando los que viajan a expensas del Estado que viola los derechos indiscutibles defienden ¨ derechos ¨ controvertibles¡ ¡Cuidado cuando los asesinos y castradores de las libertades de Cuba se muestran caritativos con los que siempre marginaron¡

La Habana, 18 de junio ,2007.

How does the blogging dictator look without a beard?

H/T to Fantomas at Abajo Fidel

Monday, June 25, 2007

Does anyone else see the danger with China?

Please read this with a whisper, no, no, in a lower whisper! The media hushes this and all the commie lovers are SILENT. First it was the TAINTED dog food, now we find out that NO standard safety regulations with Beijing on food and with drugs. What? They could taint our food and how would we know? 39,000 pets were affected by the tainted dog food, but where were PETA, CODE PINK, Charles" raspy" Rangel, Matt Lauer, Danny Glover and Wolfman Blitzer? Is it because China is communist, so it's O.K.

No media blitz?

Am I the only who sees the danger in China?

I was at a reunion and I had to hear this moron preach that the U.S.A. should be like China? He was from South America, working and enjoying the FREEDOMS here, but unhappy about CERTAIN things about USA. I proceeded to tell him: "THEN GO LIVE IN CHINA OR CUBA and why your at it, see what happens if you criticize the government!"

The blogging dictator continues to blame everyone else

The Adidas wearing blogging dictator continues his babble with a forked tongue. Guess who is at fault for the embargo? I know that this a tough one, ready Vern? He blames the United States for the embargo and for over 48 years has blamed the US for every failure that HIS APARTHEID DICTATORSHIP has produced.
Very simple fifo, just allow FREE Elections and FREEDOM for the people. No, it's all about YOU and YOUR family. You have talked about SACRIFICE for 48 years, but YOUR and YOUR family have lived in LUXURY(stolen that is)while the Cuban people have been shafted.
Hey Fifo, since you are blogging now, why aren't the Cuban people allowed to blog and express themselves? Is that the fault of the US? Why won't YOU let the PEOPLE have this FREEDOM?
It seems like it all falls on you!

Will someone send mini-me to his room for a time out!

Click here for mini-me's nonsense!


Hey Washington Post: Here's the REAL Vilma Espin

H/T to Stefania at FREE Thoughts!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Message from Tomas Estrada-Palma

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Cuba: get up, stand up

Last Ditch Effort

Since the apartheid Adidas wearing dictator has been regulated to blogging duties, a pattern has developed since the failing of the dictator both physically and mentally. In the media all we hear about is how the embargo(What Embargo?) should be lifted for the SUBSIDIZED American farmers, and leading the charge is Charlie “Raspy” Rangel and other states such as the Cornhuskers from Nebraska and the Crimson Tide form Bama! We recently heard from Matt ‘DQ” Lauer and the Today’s Show propaganda for the apartheid dictatorship. Now this week, all we heard from all the media, was the comical notion that Vilma Espin was somehow associated with women's rights! The last nail in the coffin was that of the U.N. dropping Cuba from the list of Human Rights abuses.(Who knew?)

The communist sympathizers are on the last minute offensive attack from the communist playbook! The play that they have called: LEFTY 666! You see they know that the dictator is gone mentally and will be gone physically soon, so they all are jockeying for position, whether for money or covering their ass. They all believe they will have the IN when the crusty dictator kicks the bucket with his military boots on!

Following me so far, Vern!

What they have underestimated and forgotten: the CUBAN PEOPLE. Cuba will be FREE and will again belong to CUBANS. Justice will be served and believe me, documentation for the last 48 years has been recorded concerning all the atrocities and a list of all of the sympathizers of these communist thugs. So when this evil is lifted, we will not believe or hear: “I did not know” ‘I had to do what I had to do” “ Just did it for better relations”

This is a fight between GOOD and evil, plain and simple! 48 years of a brutal regime can not be excused or covered up by the SYMPATHIZERS. Hate Cuban-Americans and the Cuban people if you want, but you MEDIA and dictator friends, you know in your heart of hearts, you cannot JUSTIFY this and you know that your wrong. Why is it your always trying to silence us, but NEVER the apartheid DICTATORSHIP? AFRAID of the TRUTH?

No, it’s not about the dictator, raulita, “tricky ricky’ alarcon, carlito”wrong way” lage, “cuidado que te voy a dar un tiro” valdes, cigars, the jineteras, cheap vacations, visiting Hemingway’s place, all the 50’s cars, trade, etc…

It’s about the CUBAN people and FREEDOM. A right that God gave us and that NO MAN shall take away.

You can try to cloudy the situation with different issues and justifications, but the sad TRUTH is that the CUBAN people are not FREE!






















Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reminder: Friday fast for all political prisoners in Cuba

We will never give up the fight!

The Useless Nothings!

I cannot let this one go by without a comment. How can the United Nations drop Cuba as a nation with poor Human Rights records? After all these years with NO ELECTIONS, EXECUTIONS, POLITICAL PRISONERS, APARTHEID SYSTEM AGAINST CUBANS, and THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF CUBA. The U.N. has again turned its back against the Cuban people, a total disgrace even though they have 48 years of DOCUMENTATION concerning violations.

The U.N. another guilty accomplice!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I can't take this anymore!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this article from the Washington Post. I know that Vilma Espin is dead, but c'mon people! She empowered women? Fought for women's rights? Fought for homosexual rights? Let's tell the truth people. Vilma was a spoiled rich brat who continued her spoiled ways by living off the revolution with everything stolen and ripped out of Cuba's heart. Let's see... Cuba has one of the highest abortion rates in the world...Cuba lures tourist with jineteras(prostitutes for y'all who don't understand Spanish)...Cuba sends aids patients to a secluded area basically to die...Cuba would send homosexuals to prisons with signs"We will make men out of you"...... and why has the media neglected to comment on the so called "preferences" of both Vilma and raulita(You know what I mean, Vern!).....Cuba has all men running the mafia show.....

She's dead and I understand that, but PLEASE stop the EMBELLISHMENT!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vilma Espin is dead

Click here for the story.

Just a thought...

It seems that the Adidas wearing apartheid dictator is now reduced to blogging. Can you imagine that! Do you think that the crusty cuban hater reads our blogs?

Castro vows U.S. 'will never have Cuba'

Well apartheid dictator, when will Cuba belong to Cubans?

Click here for the idiotic babble.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tribute to my Father

My dear Father,

Since a card or a simple phone call can’t express all the emotions and things that I want to say. So here it goes:

Years have passed and distance has kept us away physically, but the bonds that we share will always be in my heart. You have taught me about the importance of family, love of country, and to cherish FREEDOM. I know you had to leave your beloved Cuba in the prime of your life to start anew in the U.S.A with nothing. We did not have much, but yet we had everything we needed! My fondest memories are when you coached baseball all those years. I can not forget the time when you going through all the signals with the batter and the batter just stared at you because he forgot the signs, and you yelled with your loud voice: “Hit the ball!!!” We cannot forget the “greatest” victory over Windy Hill! We can’t forget watching Reggie Jackson hitting those home runs in the World Series!

I cannot forget the simple things such as all my broken arms and fingers and YOU always being there for me in the emergency room. I can not forget my last basketball game in High School and probably feeling the lowest realizing one of my dreams being shattered, you were there comforting by your presence and taking care of the “situation.’

You made us laugh at the expense of the entire used car salesman in the area. Loved it when you kicked the tires and explicitly telling the salesman that he is crazy and that you did not come off the banana boat yesterday! We cannot forget all the SCRATCH and DENT sales, when we would walk in and you would say loudly: “where’s all the scratch and dents?”

Thanks for staying up all night with padrino fixing and painting the infamous 69 Malibu! The night before I got married, I did not go to a bachelor party, but spent it with my father drinking a beer and watching a baseball game, couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Dad, you have always been there for me. One of the reasons I do this blog is for you. I cannot FREE Cuba for you, but I will do everything I can to try to FREE Cuba. I hope one day we can step foot together all of the family in a Cuba libre!

Many years have passed my dear Father, time to come home!

Happy Father’s day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The one and only Celia!

¨La tómbola de La Milagrosa¨.

Yusnaimy Jorge Soca
Activista, Centro de Salud y Derechos Humanos ¨Juan Bruno Zayas¨.

¡Mamá, mamá! Llévame a la tómbola de La Milagrosa, me dijo mi hijo muy emocionado; a tanto insistir quise complacerlo. ¡Al llegar vaya sorpresa la mía! Pensé que estaba en la cola de la carnicería cuando viene el cuarto de pollo una vez al mes, pero me limpié bien los ojos y no, no estaba allá, sino frente a la misma Iglesia.

Al mirar noté como los niños eran maltratados por las personas mayores, por el ansia que tenían de entrar para alcanzar el preciado tesoro. Digamos así, porque esos padres que estaban ahí disputando su entrada pensaban quitarse un enorme peso de encima, lograr alcanzar algunos zapatos o piezas de ropas, lo que sería un gran premio, pues así no tendrían que pensar en qué negocio hacer, si el sueldo no les alcanza, o qué robar para poder satisfacer las necesidades de sus hijos.

La mayoría de los presentes frente al hogar de Dios era de la raza negra y todos aparentaban tener malas condiciones de vida, me atrevo a asegurarlo por la vestimenta y los modales. Es increíble que estas personas a pesar de muchas ser fuertes, con deseos de trabajar, tengan que estar corriendo detrás de una limosna en la Iglesia.

¿Cuándo logré entrar al recinto que encontré? Unas mesas llenas de abrigos, ¡como si en Cuba hiciera tanto frío!, y algunos pulloveres que a penas le servían a los infantes. Muchos padres salieron insatisfechos, pues los que pensaron resolver un problema poca caridad encontraron de regalo.

Es muy bueno resaltar la importancia de las acciones humanitarias que realizan en las Iglesias, pero deberían tratar de ser más coherentes con respecto a las necesidades mínimas de los infantes, porque se corre el riesgo de dañar las fantasías e imaginación de los pequeños.

Estando en la entrada escuché a varias muchachitas decir: ¨ojalá me regalen un par de zapatos para salir porque los que tengo ya no dan más¨, otra: ¨voy a rezar para que me den unos jeans, porque este pantaloncito ahorita sale caminando solo¨; pero que decepción para ellas y la mayoría de los niños esperanzados de recibir alguna solución a sus problemas.

Los regalos consistieron principalmente en abrigos, para morir de calor en el eterno verano de Cuba. Después de tantas ilusiones en sus mentes infantiles y de tanto sacrificio para entrar a la iglesia, la decepción de salir a penas con nada.

Si en Cuba, como ocurre en la mayoría de los países, se le pagara un sueldo apropiado a las personas, estas no tendrían que estar matándose para alcanzar una muda de ropa que poco satisface sus necesidades.

Sabemos que las Iglesias también son víctimas de este régimen totalitario, ya que el estado siempre trata de impedir su labor social, incluso quitándoles los recursos que les envían desde el exterior. Si les llegan dos contenedores de ropas, por lo general, uno tienen que dárselo al estado y así sucesivamente, pero lo que deben hacer es traer o dos contenedores de ropa buena o darle el que contiene en su mayoría abrigos al estado, y así quedan bien con ellos y con el pueblo humillado.

Reminder: Friday Fast for all political prisoners in Cuba and let's not forget Venezuela

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time for a Caption Contest in honor of Matt Lauer

El Cafe Cubano thought this would be the best time to hold a new caption contest in honor of Matt Lauer's trip to apartheid Cuba. Please my FREEDOM-loving brethren don't hold back! I will throw in a FREE Guayabera or t-shirt donated by SOROA Enterprises for the best caption! (please visit SOROA Enterprises and give them your support!)
Please read below for rules and regulations:
***In pursuant of the by laws of the El Cafe Cubano caption contest, this contest is open to all in the general public except for Fidelito, those affiliated with the communist party, clueless journalist who constantly defend the dictatorship, Code Pink, Jose Serano, Danny Glover, Charles Rangel, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Michael Moore, CNN in Havana, people who wear Che t-shirts, ramiro"cuidado que to voy a dar un tiro," Dan Rather, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, that guy who helped with the Cuba search engine, Pastors for Dictators, and all those who defend the apartheid dictatorship.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Agustin Blazquez On NBC TODAY in Havana

Agustin Blazquez On NBC TODAY in Havana

NBC’S TODAY SHAM FROM HAVANA:THE SAME BROKEN RECORD © 2007 ABIPby Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Warning to America: The NBC TODAY show knows what is going on behind the scene in Cuba but has decided not to tell the American people.

The reason is that in order to get a visa to report from Havana or to have a news bureau on the island, maybe even get the career-making interview with the tyrant himself, a news entity has to behave like a “good old boy” and deliver positive reports with plenty of references to the joys of touristing in Cuba – if not, it is expelled.

According to the article “Cuba Boots Foreign Reporters” by Humberto Fontova [] at the beginning of this year, “Gary Marx of the Chicago Tribune, Stephen Gibbs of the BBC, and Cesar Gonzalez-Calero of the Mexican newspaper El Universal were all served with pink slips, announcing that their services were no longer needed.” Cuba has done this many times and the U.S. media never make a big fuss about it. And so NBC went ahead with Matt Lauer’s trip to Cuba.

NBC executives know all about the system there. They know that “good behavior” in Cuba is a must, especially if they want the utmost grace of an interview with the Maximum Moribund or brother Raul Alcoholic Castro, or any other official of the tyranny. That’s is probably why they sent Andrea Mitchell (Castro fares best with female interviewers) – who, by the way, looks hideous without her usual lighting, makeup and hair.

So, reporting from Castroland requires hypocrisy because journalists must compromise their journalistic integrity and their credibility. As I always say, they are rendering a disservice to the American people as well as to Castro’s victims.

In spite of what a silly and overexcited Ann Curry said to Matt Lauer on the show, there was nothing to learn from the latest NBC TODAY sham from Havana on Tuesday, June 5, 2007. It was another exercise in futility and superficiality, a sorrowful spectacle that has been repeated many times before.

The charade was set in the same spots we have seen used in the past by NBC and other U.S. networks: with backdrops of the Morro Castle, the Paseo del Malecon, Havana’s sea shore boulevard, the Cathedral Square and usual tourist café, in the center of tourist-apartheid Cuba, where only foreigners and Castro’s elite are allowed. Cubans are permitted there only as servants, and they are not allowed to receive tips.

We were also treated to a musical number by Castro’s official group “Van Van,” with a circle of “happy Cubans” dancing and other staged-by-the government displays of tourist attractions. It was Castroland at its best, the face of Castro’s Cuba that most resembles Cuba before the revolution. Even a ballet dancer singing the praises of the revolution.

Included In this spectacular parade was a tired Ricardo Alarcon – some official of the revolution, no one important since Fidel didn’t include his name in his “provisional” abdication of the throne for the toilet. Let’s face it, the main puppeteers are always the Castro brothers: Moribund and Alcoholic. And good old NBC’s TODAY sham gave Alarcon a platform from which to spit his usual vitriolic propaganda.

Required on the agenda are the repetitious famous fallacies of the revolution about the free education and health care. But absent were the visits by the NBC cameras (even their hidden cameras – that’s a thought – NBC has gotten very good with hidden cameras lately) to the real schools and hospitals designated for Cubans, which are very different from the ones foreigners use, which also happens to be the ones NBC was given access to. NBC didn’t show the empty pharmacies and stores designated for the average Cuban. Yes, the tyranny assigns you to a particular pharmacy and store where you are allowed to shop.

How many times did Matt Lauer mention that there is no homelessness in Cuba? How does Mr. Lauer know that to be true? How can that possibly be? For photos of homeless and real Cuban hospitals visit [ ]. Does Mr. Lauer consider the incredible slums in which the vast majority of Cubans live to be “homes”? NBC didn’t show any of the slums of Havana or the living conditions that many families – especially blacks – have to endure in that country ruled by whites. Another use for NBC’s famous hidden cameras?

NBC didn’t mention the over 200 jails built by Castro. Didn’t show any dissident or political prisoner or even mention Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, a black human rights activist jailed under horrible conditions in Castro’s dungeons. Lauer did mention the human rights issue a couple of times, but his guests chose to ignore the issue and, hard journalist or not, Lauer let it pass. And of course, left out were the infamous “Acts of Repudiation” against people who dislike the tyranny [].

The NBC TODAY sham was just the usual pitch for lifting the U.S. embargo and travel restrictions in order to flood the island with unscrupulous U.S. businessmen and ignorant, insensitive tourists unaware of the reality of the Cuban tragedy. Oh, and flood Castro with more money, to keep up his tyranny indefinitely.

How would the obviously anti-Bush liberal U.S. media like Bush as president indefinitely?

No mention of the infamous sexual tourism – including with minors – sanctioned by Cuba. Too tetric for early morning TV?

No foreign businessmen do business with the Cuban people. All business is done with the Cuban military, which is in charge of all businesses in Cuba. There is no such thing as a Cuban businessman. And no foreign businessmen can hire and pay the Cuban workers. All workers are selected and supplied by the Cuban government; therefore, what is earned by the workers goes directly to Castro and his henchmen. They of course keep 95% of the salaries and pay a miserable salary in worthless Cuban pesos to the workers. International labor laws, norms and morals are not respected by the foreign businessmen.

These immoral businessmen are not contributing to the betterment of the Cuban workers. Rather, they are contributing to and becoming accomplices in their exploitation. As if once is not enough, Cubans are being victimized twice!

In relation to the preposterous idea that the flow of tourists will improve living conditions for the average Cuban and expose them to the idea of democracy, you have to consider that Castro’s laws penalize Cubans who make contact with foreigners. I repeat, there are drastic penalties and consequences for the average Cuban who befriends a foreigner in Cuba.

Cuba has an apartheid society (for that alone there should be an international boycott like the one against South Africa). Cubans are less than second-class citizens in their own country – and have been for years!

Tourists from Europe, Canada, Japan, Latin America and, yes, the United States, as well as other areas of the world, have been visiting Cuba for decades and there hasn’t been any change! Hello?!

Americans who want to travel to Cuba with the false hope of fostering a change in Cuba’s political system were pathetically misinformed by the garbage on the NBC TODAY sham.

U.S. citizens have been traveling to and doing business with China for decades. Is China a democracy? Does China respect human rights? China is not our ally, it is our adversary. The same can be said about Vietnam, which was recently accused of giving the Cuban tyranny the highly contagious virus of aviary flu H5N1 that could be distributed to the U.S. via migratory birds (so don’t be surprised by a future outbreak in the U.S.). The same can be said about Russia, which in spite of everything appears to be slinking back to the dark ages of dictatorship. America is surrounded by so many “good friends.”

Because of misinformation and disinformation by the U.S. media – reinforced by the NBC TODAY sham on June 5 – there is ever-growing support from the American people to lift the travel ban and the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

The lack of food, clothing and household goods is a Communist technique to keep populations under control, distracted by concerns about how they are going to survive. That is the rule of thumb in all communist tyrannies. Hunger is a tool, nay, a weapon against the masses.

Conveniently, the U.S. liberal media in general do not emphasize enough that Cuba trades with the rest of the world and that some of the same products available in the U.S. are available in Cuba – but mainly for foreigners and the Castro elite. Cuban people with their meager salaries, equivalent to $4 to $20 a month, cannot afford to pay $8 for a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo! Fortunately, NBC’s TODAY did mention this fact – good work!

In spite of the (in reality, symbolic) U.S. embargo, America is the biggest supplier of food and other goods to Cuba! The U.S. is also the major provider of humanitarian help to Cuba! And the Cuban exiles have been providing millions every year in cash, medicines and other goods to their families in Cuba for almost half a century!

Yes, the most hated and vilified (by the U.S. liberal media and academia) Cuban American exiles have never forgotten their homeland and their relatives living under the boot of the cruelest, most criminal and longest-lasting tyranny in the history of the Americas! Over 100,000 documented deaths. Yet for fewer than 3,000 deaths Augusto Pinochet was despised all over the Americas. What an outrageous double standard!

No, NBC’s TODAY show definitely was not forthcoming with its recent reporting. I challenge network executives to come clean and explain to America under what conditions they were allowed to work in Cuba. They should demonstrate more honesty and journalistic integrity if they want to be respected.

If NBC doesn’t do it, as far as I am concerned, the kindest word I can say about its silence, omission and collaboration with the enemy is that its conduct in this sham and throughout these 48 years of tyranny in Cuba has been criminal.© 2007 ABIP

Agustin Blazquez, producer/director of the documentariesCOVERING CUBA, premiered at the American Film Institute in 1995, CUBA: The Pearl of the Antilles, COVERING CUBA 2: The Next Generation, premiered in 2001 at the U.S. Capitol in and at the 2001 Miami International Book Fair COVERING CUBA 3: Elian presented at the 2003 Miami Latin Film Festival, the 2004 American Film Renaissance Film Festival in Dallas, Texas and the 2006 Palm Beach International Film Festival, COVERING CUBA 4: The Rats Below, premiered at the two Tower Theaters in Miami on January 2006 and the 2006 Palm Beach International Film Festival and the 2006 Barcelona International Film Festival for Human Rights and Peace, Dan Rather "60 Minutes," an inside view , RUMBERAS CUBANAS, Vol. 1 MARIA ANTONIETA PONS, COVERING CUBA 5: Act Of Repudiation premiered at the two Tower Theaters in Miami, January 2007 and the 2007 Palm Beach International Film Festival, and the upcoming COVERING CUBA 6.


For previews visit:

Author of more that 300 published articles and author with Carlos Wotzkow of the book COVERING AND DISCOVERING and translator with Jaums Sutton of the book by Luis Grave de Peralta Morell THE MAFIA OF HAVANA: The Cuban Cosa Nostra.

Oficiales del Ministerio del Interior Hostigan a Hija de Opositor¨.

Por Dr. Darsi Ferrer, dir. Centro de salud y derechos Humanos ¨Juan Bruno zayas¨.

Una oficial del departamento de prevención de menores sometió a interrogatorio, en ausencia de los padres, a la niña Julia Lourdes Leygonier, de 13 años de edad, en la secundaria básica de la Víbora ¨Mariana Grajales¨, donde cursa el octavo grado.

La funcionaria del ministerio del interior Margarita es la que tiene a su cargo el expediente predelictivo de la pequeña a quien, el pasado 5 de junio, amenazó con enviar para el centro de atención a menores (prisión de menores de edad) de seguir trasnochando y con compañías inadecuadas.

Meses atrás su padre conoció que la niña era ¨atendida¨ desde hacía tiempo por un oficial de la seguridad del estado que responde al nombre de Moisés. Al parecer, su delito consiste en ser la hija del opositor pacífico Jaime Leygonier, quien se desempeña como periodista independiente.

Autoridades del centro escolar inquiridas por el papá explicaron que, esta vez, se trató de un mal entendido, pues resultó ser otra estudiante de nombre similar la de interés para los de minoría. El director de la escuela ocultó al padre de la pequeña sus datos personales porque, según le dijo, teme perjudicarse.

Ante la queja del padre de Julia, en la entidad municipal de educación aseguraron que no hubo tal equivocación, que la pequeña sí es seguida por el departamento de menores por presentar problemas en su comportamiento. También, justificaron la actitud del maestro, de permitir que la muchachita fuera sacada del aula y hostigada por una extraña, aludiendo que él estuvo presente durante la ¨conversación¨. Además, asumieron como normal la facultad de esos oficiales del MININT de asistir a los centros escolares e intervenir en la atención de niños con trastornos de conducta.

En el departamento de prevención de menores del municipio 10 de Octubre alegaron ante la reclamación del papá que ellos basan su labor amparados en el Decreto-Ley 64 y responden al interés de prevenir la comisión de delitos en los menores de edad. Que captan los casos luego de recibir las denuncias o notificaciones sobre niños con comportamiento que ponen en riesgo su normal desarrollo. Y que trabajan junto a los padres y la escuela para modificar las conductas inadecuadas.

La tendencia desde hace años para afrontar los problemas de conducta, principalmente en niños, es el trabajo en equipos multidisciplinarios compuestos por diversos especialistas. El tratamiento de esas situaciones requiere de análisis e intervención en los aspectos biológico, psicológico y social relacionados con cada caso en particular.

Contrario a lo reglamentado, la funcionaria de menores obvió la autoridad de los padres en todo lo relacionado a Julia L. Leygonier, pues son estos quienes tienen a su cargo la patria potestad sobre su hija menor de edad. Según establece el Código de Familia vigente en Cuba, a los padres les asiste la responsabilidad de la guarda y cuidado de los menores de edad, los representan en todos los actos y negocios jurídicos en que tengan interés, y están encargados de ejercitar oportuna y debidamente las acciones que en derecho correspondan a fin de defender sus intereses y bienes.

En estos momentos la reacción de la niña es de rechazo a los estudios, está muy avergonzada ante los maestros y compañeritos de la escuela por lo sucedido y aterrada de miedo por la amenaza de ser internada en un reformatorio. Lleva días con tendencia al llanto fácil, no logra concentrarse en clases y evita salir de su casa.

Los niños y jóvenes cubanos deben asociarse en diferentes organizaciones políticas de acuerdo a la edad, entre ellas, la Organización de Pioneros José Martí, la Federación de Estudiantes de la Enseñanza Media, la Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios, la Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas, la Federación de Mujeres Cubanas y los Comités de Defensa de la Revolución. Todos los jóvenes varones, en el caso de las niñas es voluntario, tienen que pasar obligatoriamente dos años de estancia como soldados de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cuban Resistance Video report from Tomas Estrada-Palma

Fellow FREEDOM fighter Tomas Estrada-Palma, has the first Cuban resistance video report, with many to follow! The media will not report the truth, the U.N. turns it's back, and the collaborators continue helping the apartheid dictatorship. So step aside Matt "DQ" Lauer and listen to this FREEDOM fighter.

Click here to watch the video!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

e-mail al Comandante

Jorge Hernández Fonseca


Me gustó mucho su última entrevista por televisión. Sobre todo lo que la asocia a los problemas cubanos actuales. Todos sabemos que el principal punto de Cuba, hoy por hoy, es su enfermedad. Ud. dijo que ya no era secreto de estado, cosa fantástica, lo que despeja para siempre el problema principal que Cuba tenía desde que se enfermó. Ya no es secreto (aunque nadie sabe lo que pasó)

Esto es muy importante, porque la prensa proimperialista ha estado insistiendo en la carne´puerco. Eso no es lo más importante dentro de la isla. Nuestro aguerrido y sacrificado pueblo trabajador quiere primero que Ud. se reestablezca totalmente, como lo vimos por TV, y después pensará en las cosas materiales propias del pasado oprobioso: desayuno, almuerzo, merienda y comida.

El hecho que su enfermedad ya no sea secreto de estado es para celebrarlo. Era simplemente declararlo: “no es más secreto de estado”. Claro, todo lo demás hay que guardarlo, no en secreto, sino con discreción, de manera que enemigo imperialista no llegue a saber nunca lo que le pasó, no sea que quiera que se repita, dándole otra comelata como la que hizo en Oriente, de la que hubo que salir a la carrera pa’la mesa de operaciones con aquella cagazón que no paraba.

Me gustaron mucho las referencias que Ud. hizo a Viet Nam en la comparecencia en TV, de las que ya nadie se acordaba. Nos extrañó bastante que Ud. no hablara de la re-instauración del capitalismo en Viet Nam y de lo bien que les ha ido después que remaron pa’trá con el socialismo. Pero bueno, son cosas como la del secreto de estado de su enfermedad, se sabe y no se sabe.

Lo único que no me ha gusta’o nada es la orden que Chávez le dio de volver a usar el uniforme verde olivo. To’el mundo sabe que es Chávez el que manda en Cuba (el que paga manda) pero decir por TV que le está dando nada menos que una orden a Ud., es como pa’darle el parón que se merece a ese socotroco. Si EUA, que hubiera podido hacerlo no lo hizo, ¡imagínate este loco!

Por eso fue que la visita de Evo no se dio por TV, ni hubo fotografías de ningún tipo; no sea que el socotroco interprete que al Ud. recibir a Evo con aquel mono Adidas, no quiso obedecerlo y entonces le corte el dinero y el petróleo con que nos mantiene. Yo sé que con ese uniforme de Adidas Ud. parece más un payaso que un jefe de estado convaleciente, pero esas no son formas.

Sin embargo Comandante, póngase de nuevo el verde olivo. Mire que la cosa no está muy buena que digamos. Dicen las malas lenguas que ya Ud. mandó a Pérez Torpe a negociar con el socotroco en Caracas pa’que le permita seguir saliendo en TV con el mono. Pero si Chávez no transige, póngase el uniforme verde olivo, que nos van a cortar la luz y el agua por esa bobería.

Ahora Comandante, mucho cuida’o con to’eso, mire que la Mafia de Miami anda diciendo por ahí que no es lo mismo “recibir a Evo Morales con el mono de Adidas, sin hacerle caso a Chávez dentro de la isla, y no publicar las fotos pa’evitar un problema internacional con el socotroco” que “recibir al socotroco de Evo Morales con el Adidas, sin hacerle caso al mono de Chávez y no publicar las fotos internacionales del problema dentro de la isla” Mucho cuida’o con eso!

Su víctima.
Ciudadano de Segunda.

Friday, June 08, 2007

"Cuba to buy $118 million in U.S. food, could reach $150 million"

Cuba which deals in blood shed by those who have been executed, imprisoned, and tortured, strike up a deal, to do bidness with American Farmers. It's not enough that these farmers are subsidized by the government and still can't make it. Now they deal with a country who denies it's people every possible FREEDOM. Bubba the farmer doesn't care because he just wants to make money, that's fine, who doesn't? Just don't act like you care about relations, that's B.S.! Probably before Bubba went to cuber to deal with apartheid dictator, Bubba probably couldn't find Cuba on the map!

Now on to my favorite quotes:

Cuban Commerce Minister Raul de la Nuez said most of the food would be sold at heavily subsidized prices, on the government’s food ration and at public schools and workplace dining rooms.

Why have the Cuban people been on ration books for 48 years? Explain that Anita Snow?

“This will help feed our people,” De la Nuez said.

Ha! the apartheid dictatorship has not been able to feed it's own people for 48 years!! How can a country who was the number one exporter of sugar, number one in tobacco, and fed it's people with no problem, now go to this after these thugs stole everything and basically depend on every one else? explain that to me Matt Lauer?

“We have a common goal of normalized relations between the United States and Cuba,” Kirby Jones, founder of the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association in Washington, told the gathering. “One day, we hope there will be free and open trade.”

We Cubans hope for FREEDOM! FREE elections, FREEDOM to express ourselves, FREEDOM to travel, FREE to go to any beaches, FREE to stay in any hotel in Cuba, FREE to use the internet, FREEDOM to believe whatever we want to believe! FREEDOM from this nightmare called apartheid communism!

While reading this article, a song popped up in my head that sums up this situation concerning the farmers dealing with Cuba:

"Just good ole boys meaning no harm" While swooping into Havana in your jets symbolically waving the rebel flag.

Well Bo and Luke Duke your dealing with Boss hog doesn't fly with the Cuban people. Ya'll heard that!

¨Gestapo Tropical¨

Por Dr. Darsi Ferrer
La Habana, 6 de junio de 2006.

Los métodos represivos de la policía política del régimen de los hermanos Castro incluyen todo tipo de aberraciones e ilegalidades, sin que se observen los límites de su actuar, en función de someter a la sociedad mediante el terror.

El deterioro de la quebrantada salud del gobernante vitalicio incrementa los temores de la cúpula en el poder. La inseguridad en las altas esferas también es generada por la falta de legitimidad de la sucesión dinástica.

Se percibe en el país un incremento de la tensión social subyacente motivada por la grave crisis económica que ahoga al pueblo, una tensión que se transforma en insatisfacciones y descontento general en la medida que el inmovilismo oficial impide soluciones a la acumulación de problemas sociales.

Hasta ahora, la actitud de los castristas es evadir la responsabilidad ante la tragedia que sufre la nación por el afán de poder de unos pocos. Derivan las culpas a factores externos mientras aferran su política a la supervivencia.

La opinión pública internacional se distrae con espejismos respecto a Cuba. Centran la atención en qué hizo el Sr. Moratinos, qué dijo la Sra. Rice, discuten sobre el pragmatismo y la capacidad reformista de un viejo militar, si alguien posee o no dotes de periodista, y si ese alguien tiene mejor o peor semblante, entre otras insignificancias.

Lo cierto es que el régimen desempolva métodos represivos más brutales mientras se le agotan los mecanismos de dominación relativamente pasiva, amparados en el poco reproche y tolerancia internacional devenidos de sus atropellos.

Salvo pocas excepciones, en las valoraciones y políticas de los diferentes gobiernos referidas al tema de la situación en Cuba priman los intereses económicos en detrimento de la ética y de las necesidades de los cubanos, como se demuestra en la actualidad con la posición asumida por el gobierno socialista del Sr. Zapatero.

Durante los últimos tiempos el ataque a la disidencia pacífica incluye el incremento de las campañas difamatorias, el retorno a los encarcelamientos masivos, las torturas físicas y psíquicas, el terrorismo de estado mediante los actos de repudio, etcétera.

La población es aterrada con los frecuentes allanamientos de moradas de las brigadas de policías y trabajadores del ministerio de comunicaciones que persiguen la captación de señales satelitales por todos los barrios.

Otra modalidad rescatada recientemente por la seguridad del estado es el asalto de un vehículo en la vía pública y secuestro de todos los pasajeros (una anciana, una joven universitaria, una señora y un adulto, ajenos a la situación) para enmascarar el arresto de un disidente, con la intención de impedir su asistencia al lugar donde tenían preparada la filmación del programa News Today, de la cadena televisiva NBC.

El colapso progresivo del sistema totalitario amenaza la concreción del traspaso hereditario del poder. En esta etapa, los gobernantes se enfocan en ganar tiempo enviando mensajes banales hacia el exterior y para el interior desatan lo peor de la brutalidad de sus sicarios de la policía política.

Los acontecimientos señalan que la desesperación en las altas esferas del régimen reproduce el círculo vicioso: miedo-terror-inconformidad-pérdida de legitimidad social.

Es de esperar que, ante la ineficacia del modelo represivo acostumbrado, las cosas cambien…para mal. A nadie asombre que en cualquier momento la escalada represiva dispare la cantidad de nombres en las listas de desaparecidos o comiencen a aparecer disidentes baleados en las cunetas. El preludio lo constituye los centenares de presos políticos que lentamente y con impunidad están matando en las cárceles de la Isla.

Reminder: Friday fast for all political prisoners in Cuba and let's not forget Venezuela!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Por Jaime Leygonier.

Agentes de civil de la Seguridad del Estado interceptaron con sus autos el automóvil en que viajaba el médico y periodista independiente Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez y lo condujeron a la fuerza junto a cuatro pasajeros a la unidad policial de Zapata y C en el Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, donde los retuvieron toda la mañana.

El hecho ocurrió el 5 de junio cuando el disidente se dirigía desde su domicilio al centro cultural de la Oficina de intereses de los EE.UU. en La Habana, con intensión de asistir después a la exclusiva filmación en La Habana del programa estadounidense ¨News Today ¨, de la cadena americana NBC.

El Dr. Ferrer afirma: ¨ El Régimen procura impedir cualquier denuncia social ante la prensa extranjera , sin importarle que sus gorilas de la Seguridad del Estado empleen medios tan brutales como asaltar en plena vía pública y secuestrar a todos los pasajeros de un auto: dos señoras , una joven estudiante universitaria y una mujer y un hombre que acudían a sus empleos, arrestados por hombrones que los aterraban a gritos: ¨ ¡ Párate ahí¡ ¡Somos de la Seguridad del Estado¡ ¡Entreguen sus carnets¡ ¡Cállense¡ ¨ .Se negaron a identificarse como les exigió reiteradamente la chofer. Daba pena como una anciana angustiada les preguntaba ¨¿Pero quienes son ustedes¿ ¿Qué pasa? ¨ y un orangután le gritaba: ¨¡Cállate la boca¡ Una multitud de curiosos se aglomeró para ver ese show contra personas inocentes cuya fatalidad consistió en vivir en un país donde carecen de derechos y coincidir con un opositor pacífico en un auto. Nada les impedía arrestarme a mí solamente como han hecho tantas veces.¨

Vecinos informan que esa madrugada les llamó la atención un auto lada azul e individuos que aparentemente vigilaban la vivienda del opositor pacífico – como ha ocurrido antes como preludio de mítines y arrestos contra el doctor.

El médico relata que cerca de las 8 de la mañana salió de su domicilio en el barrio de Santos Suárez. En la Calzada de Diez de Octubre abordó un auto particular que conducía una señora – en La Habana casi todos los choferes – aunque no sean taxistas -- recogen pasajeros.

Cuando el auto llegó a San Lázaro y Ronda, frente a la escalinata de la Universidad de La Habana, dos autos lada con chapa particular lo interceptaron bloqueándole el paso con chirridos de frenazos y ocho individuos de civil – de raza negra ´-- salieron de los autos con gritos y portazos.

Uno de los pasajeros aterrados refirió: ¨ Parecía una de esas películas americanas en que los agentes del F.B.I. arrestan a criminales peligrosos con amenazas y gritos:¨ ¡go, go, go¡

Sin identificarse, conminaron a la conductora a seguirlos y los escoltaron hasta la Unidad policial de Zapata y C, donde ordenaron a todos esperar en un banco y al doctor lo empujó un gente que le ordenó permanecer aparte, de pie en un pasillo y de cara a la pared con un agente como custodio de vista.

El doctor relata: ¨ Todo el tiempo fueron groseros, la intención de vejarnos era tan evidente como la ausencia de un motivo legal que justificara aquella brutalidad. No nos registraron, ni al auto, no recogieron nuestros arrestos en el libro de la carpeta, no hubo cargos ni la menor explicación. La anciana aterrada tuvo que tomar un medicamento, la jovencita universitaria lloró. La propietaria del auto resultó ser una artesana que se dirigía a la feria de 23 y M, otra mujer iba a su empleo en un comedor ¡de la misma Policía Especial¡ Estando en el pasillo, vino un mayor de la Policía Nacional Revolucionaria – al que aparentemente ni avisaron del show – Me preguntó: ¿Tú quien eres? ¿Qué haces aquí? ¨ El que me custodiaba le cuchicheó aparte y el mayor me dijo: ¨ ¿Así que tú eres uno de esos descaraditos revoltosos de los derechos humanos?¨ Y se fue. Los agentes de civil se marcharon dejándonos allí. Ningún agente me interrogó ni ¨ aconsejó ¨ como acostumbran Horas después el policía carpetero llamó de uno en uno a los secuestrados, y los interrogó, a mí el último de todos, unas pocas preguntas tontas como en que esquina tomé el auto y qué hablaron los pasajeros. Finalmente ese oficial nos dijo que podíamos irnos: ¨¿Ustedes están bravas? , preguntó a las señoras que le respondieron: ¨ Sí, claro que sí ¨. ¨¿Y tú estás bravo?¨, me dijo, ¨No, yo estoy contento ¨. Serían las l2 M. cuando nos soltó.

El Dr. Ferrer, como director del Centro de Salud y Derechos Humanos ¨ Juan Bruno Zayas¨ desarrolla una labor de denuncia de los males de la salud pública y el abandono de la atención médica y yagas sociales , como epidemias que el Estado oculta y la vida infrahumana en los barrios marginales.

El doctor -- principal autor de un informe sobre la tortura en Cuba-- fue noticia por la represión gubernamental de la marcha pacífica que convocó el 10 de diciembre pasado en el parque frontero a las oficinas de la UNESCO en La Habana

Su arresto del 5 de junio, coincide con su denuncia de que en Cuba los nacionales sufren marginaciones que tipifican legalmente como delito internacional de Apartheid, y la complicidad con esa política oficial de las asociaciones económicas extranjeras, en especial, la cadena hotelera SOL-MELIA, así como con las revelaciones de asesinatos de presos por mala atención médica y golpes de autoridades .

Nada de esto llegará al programa de tema social cubano que filmó en La Habana ¨News Today¨.

La Habana, 5 de junio del 2007.

Stay tuned to my thoughts on Matty Lauer

I know many of you have commented on the "Today" show. We all knew that they would not cover the truth, but what we saw was dispicable! My first reaction was to ignore this and chalk it up to another useful idiot for the apartheid dictator, but the more that I thought about it, we can not just let this go mis hermanos/hermanas! We need this documented by posting our responses and in turn our posts will be spidered all over the Internet.

We also can not let this go my FREEDOM loving brethren because of those who have been tortured, killed, and imprisoned. Look at what happened to Dr. Darsi Ferrer yesterday!

Matt Lauer is not naive, he knows what he is doing, he would rather cater to a dictator because of his obvious hatred of Cubans(inside and outside the island).

Matt, how did you arrive at: the Buena Vista Social Club invented the Son?

Stay tuned for the El Cafe Cubano's response to the "Today" show.(Beware: it's not pretty)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Arrestado el Dr. Darsi Ferrer".

El Dr. Darsi Ferrer, mi esposo, salió de la casa en horas de la mañana de hoy para visitar la sala de Internet de la Oficinas de Intereses de los EEUU, donde tenía un turno reservado para las 9:00 am.

Cerca de las 10:00 alguien llamó por teléfono a casa del periodista independiente Jaime Leygonier y le informó que Darsi se encuentra arrestado en la estación de la policía de "Zapata y C".

Con frecuencia él es vícitma de acciones represivas a mano de la seguridad del estado, ha sido detenido en varias ocasiones sin siquiera haber cometido delitos.

Nuestra familia, que incluye a nuestro pequeño niño Dariel, de 5 años de edad, hemos soportado 11 actos de repudio, y Darsi y yo incluso hemos recibido hasta golpes.

No sé cuál es la intención de la policía política esta vez. Por ahora, la situación real es que está desaparecido pues ya estaría de vuelta por la hora que es en estos momentos.

Responsabilizo a la seguridad del estado de lo que le hayan echo o suceda a Darsi.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Matt Lauer and the "Today" show will be in Cuba tomorrow. Past history has shown that it's always the same thing, so this special blogburst will provide all the information needed for the "Today" show. Will they ask these questions? Probably not, but we are watching and documenting.
Ask Matt Lauer a question about his broadcast in Cuba by clicking here.
Please click here for the blogburst!
"Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom"-Jose Marti

Sunday, June 03, 2007

No executions or political prisoners "Today" show?

The “Today” show will be in Cuba Tuesday doing a live show with Matt Lauer. History has shown us that most journalist and “shows” who travel to Cuba just regurgitate the dictator’s propaganda. I am sure the fascination will be about the miraculous recovery of the Adidas wearing dictator and of course: THE EMBARGO AND THE PESKY EXILES!

The apartheid dictatorship has been in power for 48 years and they claim that they never have executed anyone or NO political prisoners exist or ever have existed in Cuba. I wonder who those two rubble rousers in the picture above are? The dictatorship since day one has been executing and jailing anyone who thinks differently than themselves. Why have the “TODAY” show and other journalistic shows choose to ignore this? Will you ask “tricky ricky” alarcon about Dr. Biscet? Are you going to ask "the no elections in 48 years gang" about who was the longest- serving black political prisoner? No, it's not Nelson Mandela, it was Eusebio Penalver! This true hero died not long ago! Most people have no clue on his bravery and his heroics . Armando Valledares spent 22 years as a political prisoners, but has the apartheid regime ever been questioned by the media concerning this?

What about the current political prisoners? Will you ask about Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez)? Will you ask about any of these political prisoners?

Rafael Ibarra Roque
- Leonardo Miguel Bruzón Avila
- Francisco Chaviano González
- Julio César Morales González
- Arturo Suárez
- Juan Carlos González Leyva
- Néstor Rodríguez Robaina
- Camilo Pérez Villanueva
- Julio César Álvarez López
- Miguel Galván Gutierrez
- Luis Campos Corrales
- Carlos Alberto Domínguez González
- Angel Moya Acosta
-Francisco Herodes Díaz Echemendía
- Humberto Eladio Real Suárez
- Jorge Pelegrín
-Idelfonso Batista Cruz
-Normando Hernández González
-Orlando Zapata
-Virgilio Mantilla Arango
-Julio Valdés Guevara
-Delio Laureano Resquejo Rodríguez
-Egberto Angel Escobedo Morales
-Pedro Pablo Pulido Ortega
-Lázaro Miguel Rodríguez Capote
-Pedro Alvarez Pedroso
-Maximo Omar Ruiz Matoses
- David Aguila Montero
-Lázaro Alejandro García Farah
-Luis Alberto Martínez Rodríguez
-Adrián Alvarez Arencibia
-Miguel Díaz Bouza
-Armando Sosa Fortuny
-Lázaro González Caraballo
-Pedro Guisado
-Hector Maseda
-Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique
-Léster Gonzalez Pentón
-Ariel Sigler Amaya
-Guido Sigler Amaya
-Margarito Broche Espinosa
-Iván Hernández Carrillo
-Dr. Marcelo Cano Rodríguez
-Nelson Molinet Espino
-Eduardo Díaz Fleitas
-Omar Rodríguez Saludes
-Marcelo López Bañobre
-Luis Enrique Ferrer García
-Ricardo González Alfonso
-Antonio Villareal Acosta
-Fabio Prieto Llorente
-Adolfo Fernández Sainz
-Fidel Súarez Cruz
-Mijail Bárzaga Lugo
-Nelson Aguiar Ramírez
-Víctor Arroyo Carmona
-Pedro Argüelles Morán
-Efrén Fernández Fernández
-Claro Sánchez Altarriba
-Omar Ruíz Hernández
-José Ubaldo Izquierdo Hernández
-Diosdado González Marrero
-Librado Linares García
-Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodríguez
-José Gabriel Ramón Castillo
-Julio César Gálvez
-Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos
-José Miguel Martínez Hernández
-Héctor Raúl Valle Hernández
-Pablo Pacheco Avila
-Ricardo Silva Gual
-Mario Enrique Mayo Hernández
-Félix Navarro Rodríguez
-Reinaldo Labrada Peña
-Alejandro González Raga
-René Montes de Oca Martija
-Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet
-José Daniel Ferrer García
-Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta
-Leonel Grave de Peralta
-Héctor Palacios Ruíz
-Alfredo Felipe Fuentes
-Dr. Luis Milián Fernández
-Alexis Rodríguez Fernández
-Dr. Alfredo Pulido
-Antonio Díaz Sánchez
-Arturo Pérez de Alejo
-Jorge Luis González Tanquero
-Dr. José Luis García Paneque
-Manuel Ubals González
-Rolando Jiménez Posada
-Rev. Ricardo Medina Salabarría

Prove us wrong and ask those questions that never been asked! Please show us some journalistic ethics while staying in those hotels that Cubans are not allowed in.! Mr. Lauer in the press release it stated that you are a world traveler, ask the dictatorship if Cubans are allowed to travel abroad freely?

Mr. Lauer are you going to ask about Guillermo Farinas? REMEMBER "TODAY" show ask about those executions and POLITICAL PRISONERS!

Stay tuned to the other bloggers for other questions you should ask!