Sunday, August 29, 2021

Havana Syndrome, Cicadas, or the Embargo?


More than 200 US officials have been affected by the sonic “Havana Syndrome.”  Remember when the Cuban government released statements that the official cause of these mysterious illnesses of the US embassy workers was due to Cicadas? The US media and others around the world took this ridiculous proclamation as an actual explanation of what happened! Just like all the lies for the last 62 years that comes out of this brutal dictatorship.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Where’s all the support from the Latinos for the “Snooty” Cubans?

 Remember  years ago when Comedian Al Madrigal called Cubans: “ a snooty subset-theWASPS of the Latino world”  on Comedy Central? He was followed by a bellow of laughs while chewing on a toothpick like he is the official gauge on who is so called “Latino” 

Where are all the so called LATINO brothers now? Total silence since the protests, where is Al Madrigal concerning the atrocities of the brutal Castro  regime? Oh I forgot!!! We ALL Cubans are snooty and don’t count! Probably never met a Cuban in his life and I guess all those above are just SNOOTY and WASPS.

Russians dancing while Cubans dying of COVID


Thursday, August 19, 2021

It’s a crime to speak out against the Cuban government on social media…who knew?

 How the Cuban government is so afraid of the truth coming out on socialmedia! The NARRATIVE has been blown away from the protests. Many have died, been tortured, and executed for speaking out against this regime the last 62 years.

Intervention in Cuba?

 I heard the term “INTERVENTION “ hurled at several rallies and I know people are well intentioned, but did you really think this administration will do anything for the Cuban people? This administration will QUICKLY and without HESITATION send back Cuban rafters back fleeing a brutal regime, YET have OPEN BORDERS to others. Look at how they have people’s back in Afghanistan!

History has taught us not to depend on others for the FREEDOM of Cuba. 

9th high ranking Cuban official dead in less than a month?

 The Cuban purge continues! ABSOLUTELY NOT Alfredo, it’s the embargo that caused the first few deaths, and the cicadas were the culprit of the last few deaths!

I suspect the pesky Cuban Exiles are at fault with all the ills that plague Cuba!