Monday, October 24, 2016

"Yes. Oswaldo Paya. Cuban government ran him off the road and killed him almost certainly."

From WikiLeaks concerning Oswaldo Paya and John Podesta's thoughts on what happened :

Re: Cuba

Thugs storm Venezuelan congress

Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's about the cigars, not Cuba's FREEDOM

Yes.... traded straight up! Obama lifts the restrictions on the cigars and rum, but the Cuban people get NOTHING! C'mon people who controls the cigars and the rum industry in Cuba? Take a's the Cuban DICTATORSHIP.

Now Chad and Heather tourist are so happy that they can see Cuba stuck in the 1950's, with all the 1950's cars, and see cute Cuba before it changes, AND NOW they can bring back RUM and Cigars...

Isn't that great Alfredo?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

74th Straight Sunday Damas de Blanco arrested and beat up!

Clueless tourist visiting Cuba

Clueless tourist visiting Cuba because they want to see it before it changes, or it's so cool to see all the 1950's cars rolling around, or the asinine reason because it's "cute" to see Cuba stuck in the 1950's.

Are the clueless tourist concerned about what the Apartheid dictatorship has done to the Cuban people the last 57 years?

Dictator of Cuba says he saw a UFO.... I'm not making this up!!!

It's not the crazy Cuban exiles saying this.....It's the Cuban dictator saying this and the sad part the media is eating this up. Click here for the absurdity.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Jose Fernandez

Even though I'm a die hard New York Yankees fan, Jose Fernandez was one of my favorite players. I was traveling at the time, and when I got off a plane, I was shocked to hear that he passed away. What a shame someone so young and such a great pitcher had to go before his time. What most people can't understand is what he meant to the Cuban American community. He like many of the Cuban exiles were persecuted by the brutal communist regime, and fled for FREEDOM. He loved the USA so much and would always make the point how grateful he was to be here and for FREEDOM. His passion for baseball, life, and for the realities of the Cuban situation are also reflected by many Cuban Americans(however many in the media insult us and downgrade us)

So with his passing a little bit of each of us passed away with him......

Oyeme brother may you Rest in Peace!!