Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kill Castro and Blog for Cuba both have a post concerning the the 7 year old girl that was picked up by a cruise ship. Can you believe this: On Thanksgiving weekend. Elian was also picked up on Thanksgiving weekend. A coincidence, no way! I believe this a message or a wake up call to fight for what is right. The media is ignoring and does not care about the plight of this 7 year old. Many of us have stated that we need to do something about the idiotic wet-foot, dry-foot policy for Cuban migrants. I do not have the money or clout, but I can spread the word through this blog and to start a letter writing campaign to the President, Politicians, famous Cuban-Americans, anyone that can help our cause. I need your help! I do this blog in what little spare time I have. Can we make a difference? I don't know but let's give it our best. That is the least we can do for all those who have died trying to reach freedom. If you are not going to do anything, please do not waste my time complaining that we can't do this or that, or is it worth it? 11 million illegals are in this country and it seems everything is done to make sure they stay here, but several Cubans escaping communism are immediately sent back? I still get comments that Cubans are given preferential treatment when it comes to immigration. How so? Let's get on the offensive
Communism Kills

All you lefties with all your jargon revolutionary soundbites(Che Guevera T-shirts included) how can you defend someone like Mao Tse-tung, who according to this article is responsible for 77 million deaths. How about this: "Marxist regimes murdered nearly 110 million people from 1917 to 1987 " and this: "And what did Marxism, this greatest of human social experiments, achieve for its poor citizens, at this most bloody cost in lives? Nothing positive. It left in its wake an economic, environmental, social and cultural disaster. "

Read the rest of this great article here.

New T-shirt Ideas:

Merry Christmas(can we say this anymore, thanks to all the lefties ruining this country)

Marxism Kills(77 million and counting)

Nuclear energy Program(Don't worry about Venezuela)

Keep the U.N. out of the Internet!

If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate

Free healthcare, so why all the despair.

Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing.

Carter is in Venezuela one day and out

God(I know this is highly offensive to many, and you probably could not wear this in many public places. Wear at your own risk!!!)


Hugo Chavez starting a nuclear energy program is very alarming. Not to worry says Chavez! O.K. that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that a nut job, whose hero is fidel, is starting a nuclear program. Here is an article concerning this topic. Again, do not worry!!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Venezuela is a hot topic these days and for good reason. The Toronto Star has an article that details how chavez uses his weekly show to lash out at everyone. Blog for Cuba has an excellent post concerning who is really behind the security detail for chavez. If you want to hear for yourself the rubbish called "Alo, Presidente' click here.
Hello, Anybody Out There!

I guess commie leftist books are in high demand. The leftist media are the only ones interested in her, but something happened that she even pissed them off? Could it be her absence from the summit in Argentina?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Oil Pimp Continues

Listen to a radio interview concerning the "deal" with Massachusetts here.

The Castro Times has an article concerning the deal with the "Commie from the Bronx" read it if you have the stomach.

Chavez and Uribe sign a deal to build a gas pipeline between the two countries.
Control, Control, and want to Control More!

Cuba says it wants to confront and defeat the western media? What they mean is that they want to control everything media wise. What are they bitching about, since they basically take out $163,000 ads, control Cuba content on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and who knows what else? They want to control bloggers that is their goal! The article states all the T.V. and radio stations that the Cuban people are afforded, one important fact left out: government control. Let the people of Cuba surf whatever websites they want, listen to anything they want, and watch any T.V. program! C'mon what are you afraid of? Open up those modems!!

Article here.
Castro's Ramblings about Baseball

Can you imagine a 5 hour slurred speech by the pompous blowhard! In his "blame everyone else for Cuba's problems speech" he take shots at Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras: "cannot resist the millions of the major leagues"

Read the interesting article here.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Santiago Alvarez Deported to Cuba if Convicted?

Santiago Alvarez could be deported to Cuba if convicted? Take out a $163,000 ad in the N.Y. Times and you get your way? O.K. now all the terrorist in Cuba must now be deported and face the music(They would never do this and why isn't their ever any pressure on them to do this?)
Sorry guys, I do not have $163,000 to take out an ad, only commie dictators and their eunuchs have money!

Read the article here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Apartheid of the Cuban People

From Cubanet:

November 23, 2005
1) Cuba doctors forbidden to stay at site of convention
2) Home of dissident stoned by paramilitary members

1) Cuba doctors forbidden to stay at site of convention
CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, November 22 (Abel Escobar Ramírez / www.cubanet.org) -

Cuban doctors attending an international medical convention at a tourist facility in Ciego de Avila province complain they were not allowed to stay at the same hotels as foreign participants.Instead, they were obliged to stay at nearby guest houses where they say they were well treated but not as well as foreign doctors were at the tourist hotels where they stayed.Under Cuban law, Cuban citizens are not allowed to stay at hotels which cater to foreign tourists.The event in question was the XVI International Congress of the Cuban Society of Orthopedics and Trauma, held recently held at the Polo Turístico Jardines del Rey in Ciego de Ávila.According to Cuban participants, registration fees for the congress were 400 pesos, the equivalent of two months salary for the average Cuban worker.Among the foreign participants at the Congress was William Stetson, a member of the American association of arthroscopic surgeons.

2) Home of dissident stoned by paramilitary members
HAVANA, November 22 (Ernesto Roque Cintero, UPECI / www.cubanet.org) -

The home of Alberto Moreno Fonseca, president of the Rural Worker Party, was stoned last week by paramilitaries, according to another dissident.María del Carmen Biriau, vice president of the party, said the attack was the ninth against Moreno's home in less than three months.She said the main instigator of the attack was a paramilitary named Esteban Fonseca, who shouted "Down with human rights!" and other anti-opposition remarks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Such A Deal(Part II)

Now it's the representative of Cuba, excuse me I meant Congressman Jose Serrano doing a deal with the oil pimp. Low- cost heating oil program for the low income residents of the Bronx. Isn't that special chico! Let me see Jose, what in the world do you have to do in return? Maybe this:

-Keep praising fidel and hugo
-Denounce the embargo on Cuba
-Keep having radio and T.V. interviews in support of Cuba and Venezuela(someone remind him he is a representative of the U.S.)
-Promote the Bolivarian Circles here in the U.S.
-Denounce our President and the U.S. in general

Check out the special press release.
Such a deal with the Commies!

Step right up, do a deal with a thug! Everybody is doing deals with killstro and mini-me. The latest is Joseph P. Kennedy, of Massachusetts. Venezuela is shipping 12 million gallons of home-heating fuel with $9 million going to the poor. O.K. so what's the catch? Here it is: Kennedy must now be a ally for the oil pimp, denounce the embargo in Cuba, and make sure Jimmy Carter is in Venezuela during the elections.

Read the oil pimp story here.

Monday, November 21, 2005

More On Our Favorite Group: Code Commies

Code Pink protested at military recruiting centers last week and staged fake military bake sales. Isn't that so cute! How about this: check out the photos of the artsy fartsy slogans and posters.

I have some some slogans that they can use on posters and t-shirts(Charge $15.99 for t-shirts, $2.50 for bumper stickers. Wait a minute, I forgot you commies can't make any evil profits!):

"I am really a communist"

" Beheadings are cool!"

" I could give a rats ass if I am aiding the enemy."

"I hate the U.S. with a passion, that I would rather defend terrorist ."(charge extra for this one!)

" I am wearing a Guevera t-shirt, but I am so ignorant of the facts of the butcher."

"Havana and Caracas are my kind of towns!"

" What happens in Havana, stays in Havana especially if you speak out against castro"

" We say no to torture and war, but not counting communist revolutions!"

" What mass graves in Iraq?"

" Killing is O.K. for dictators."
U.S. Agents Target Posada Ally(Updated)

Federal agents searched the office of Santiago Alvarez, a close ally of Posada. The same day that the search was being conducted, an ad in castro's favorite paper(N.Y. times) just happens to appear:

''October 6, 1976, was our September 11,'' said the letter, referring to the bombing of a Cubana De Aviación jetliner that killed 73 people. ``Help us keep a terrorist like Luis Posada Carriles, admitted murderer, from gaining protection and impunity in the country where so many people still cry for the victims of the terrorist act that brought down the twin towers on September 11.''

The ad cost $163,320(I thought commies did not believe in freedom of the press?) no chump change here. I wonder who was sponsoring this ad?(sorry, being sarcastic!)

Lucia Newman please find out why we can't run an ad in the Granma for the release of all political prisoners, yet a foriegn government can advertise and promote their ideas in our papers?

Read the story here.

***Santiago Alvarez was arrested this past weekend in Miami.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Great Article by Humberto Fontova

Mr. Fontova destroys the myth of Leche Guevera as a 'Guerrilla Fighter.' He writes a great piece here. It seems that Guevera t-shirts are popping up everywhere lately. Yet, when you question the moron wearing the shirt, you always get a blank stare and then they become very hostile and defensive.
Could it be we hit them with some reality? Talking about reality here is a site that also exposes the truth concerning Guevera.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chavez calls Bush a Murderer

Always the agitator, mini-me relies on the standard tactic of fear to distract the people of Venezuala from the failures of the revolution. Yo Chavez do we need Rocky or Pauly to find out this mystery called "Balboa."

Article from seattlepi.com:

Talk of U.S. plots divides Venezuelans


CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accuses Washington of plotting to overthrow him, calls President Bush a "murderer" and is expelling some American missionaries who he insists have links to the CIA.

Venezuelans are sharply divided between those who believe him and those who call it a ploy to distract attention from Venezuela's real problems such as gun violence, inflation, corruption and the homeless who wander Caracas.
"We have to be on alert," said street vendor Carlos Yanave, 44, who fears Bush could send troops to seize Venezuela's oil reserves, the largest outside the Middle East.
"It's a political maneuver," said Jannet Pestana, a 37-year-old lawyer. She said Chavez is trying to "divert attention from the true problems" by taking advantage of Bush's unpopularity.
Chavez says Venezuela has good reason to be concerned given the history of U.S. military actions in places from Iraq to Afghanistan.
"The people of the United States are governed by a murderer ... a crazy man!" Chavez said in a speech Thursday night.
Chavez has sought to make his case citing U.S. documents, online reports and statements from Washington.
"Military plans to attack Venezuela are in full preparation," he told thousands of demonstrators recently at an international summit in Argentina, warning that a U.S. attack would trigger a "100-year war."

Chavez, who is up for re-election next year, has clashed frequently with the United States since he took office in 1999 promising a revolution for the poor.
He says Venezuela must be prepared to defend itself and has called for volunteers to join the army reserve while ordering 100,000 Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles.

He has seized on intelligence documents released by the United States showing that the CIA knew beforehand that dissident military officers planned a 2002 coup against him. Chavez was briefly ousted but was restored to power by loyalist generals amid a popular uprising.
The Bush administration denies backing any plot against Chavez, though U.S. officials on Thursday accused him of endangering Venezuelan democracy by assuming ever-greater powers. Chavez retorted that the United States is the real threat to democracy.
Chavez's government also has released purported Spanish military documents detailing a 2001 military exercise called "Balboa." The simulation involved an assault on a "brown" country modeled after Venezuela. The documents list warplanes to be used and coordinates of real targets such as airfields and radar installations.
Venezuelan officials have accused the United States of providing confidential information for the simulation conducted by officials of the Spanish military and other NATO countries. Spain's military has not responded to a request for comment.
William Brownfield, the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, insists it was simply a Spanish military exercise - not any real plan and not linked to Washington. Last week Brownfield rattled off a list of other things he said Venezuela has wrongly blamed on America - from alleged assassination plots to floods brought on by global warming.
"Ladies and gentlemen, how can I get any sleep with so many conspiracies and plots?" Brownfield asked reporters.
Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel later shot back: "People can't sleep when they have problems with their conscience."
Chavez's attacks have extended to Mexican President Vicente Fox, whom he recently called Washington's "puppy" for backing its free-trade plan - a dispute that led both nations to withdraw their ambassadors.
Other accusations have surfaced against the U.S.-based New Tribes Mission, missionaries working with remote Indian tribes. Chavez claims they are being infiltrated by the CIA, and the government has given them three months to leave areas where they work.
The organization based in Sanford, Fla., denies the charges. Spokeswoman Nita Zelenak said the missionaries are preparing to move out, while hoping the government will reconsider.
Associated Press reporter Marcel Honore contributed to this report.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Here We Go Again

From the Miami Herald:


Coast Guard looks for missing Cuban rafter

KEY WEST - The Coast Guard searched Wednesday for a Cuban rafter reported missing a few miles off the Lower Keys after five others he had traveled with were found.
The migrants were trying to make it to Florida on at least one, maybe two, homemade boats. At least one of the Cubans was found on a flimsy vessel near a reef.
Under the U.S. wet-foot, dry-foot immigration policy, most Cubans caught at sea are returned to their homeland while those who make it to land are allowed to remain.
The agency also said it repatriated 10 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabanas, Cuba on Wednesday. The migrants were among a group spotted Sunday by a boater in Key West's channel. At least one was found clinging to a buoy as others tried to swim to shore.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Check Out This Quote

"No soy comunista por tres razones, y te lo digo para tutranquilidad espiritual.
Primero, porque el comunismo es la dictadura de una sola clase y yo he luchado toda mi vida contra las dictaduras y no voy a caer en una dictadura del proletariado.
La segunda razón, porque el comunismo significa odio y luchas de clases y yo estoy en contra completamente de esa filosofía.
Y la tercera porque el comunismo lucha contra Dios y la iglesia..."

Fidel Castro Ruz, Abril de 1959.
Conversación con el periodista católico Ignacio Rasco

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where are You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogs that are dedicated to the freedom of Cuba are the only ones bringing the issue of the Wet Foot-Dry Foot policy to the forefront. CB and Ziva, and others are calling for action! The result: no famous Cuban-Americans, no politicians, and no concerned citizens doing anything? Get off your ass and do something, we do these blogs on what little spare time we have. North Dakota inks a $20 million deal with the brutal regime and not even a peep from anyone. Cubans trying to reach freedom and many die: No response or outrage? Can you imagine if this was any other ethnic group or minority? The news would be 24/7 with Jesse Jackson leading marches everywhere. I expect this from the media, but with in our own brethren?

Get off your ass and do something!!!!!!!!
Fat Lady Singing Yet? (Updated Again)

As posted by the other freedom loving blogs, CIA concludes that Fidel has Parkinson's. Do not count on the fat lady singing yet, but it does explain his recent seclusion and mini-me taking on a more active rubble rousing role!

Read the story here.

Click on the images of castro falling!

Click here for a video report.

Since we are on the subject of falling and I can't get up. Check out this video of Juan Gabriel falling.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Freedom Loving Blogs

What can I say concerning the herculean efforts of these blogs dedicated to the FREEDOM of Cuba:

Babalu has an excellent post concerning a Canadian city council member, who is a fan of leche guevera.
Spread the word about this commie!

Songuacassal at Cuban-American Pundits tackles the embargo issue with great insight!

Click away at Blog For Cuba, calling for action concerning the Wet Foot-Dry Foot policy.

Kill Castro-A War blog , as usual pulls no punches when it comes to any subject. Today they take on Fox vs. Chavez.

Juan of Paxety Pages has a "Cuban Music Update" at his site.

Real Cuba as always with pictures that tell a story! Check out the picture of Mini-me #1 and Mini-me #2. It seems that the "commie" maradona charged $100,000 to appear at the summit.

To all of you: have a cafe cubano and a pastel de guava!
Mini-me vs. Cara de Caballo

The tift between these two continue and diplotic relations could be severed. Oh well, what a shame! Lets continue watching Mini-me make a fool of himself and continue dragging Venezuela lower into the pit called "Revolution"

Check out the article here.

Check out the video concerning the interview with Cara de Caballo(Someone who is very special to me came up with this name!) Click on the video next to the article.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Willy Chirino Concert

One of my favorite singers, Willy Chirino will be doing a concert in Miami on November 19th, commemorating his 35 years as a artist. The concert will be transmitted live on Radio Marti to Cuba.

Thanks Padrino for the information!!

Click here for the article.(Spanish)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cuban U.N. Victory?

(Warning!!) Please get your Pepto Dismal ready before reading this article. Here is Daniel Ortega's message to fidel castro:

"On hearing of Cuba's merited victory in the United Nations, we Sandinistas celebrate with delight, and as if it were a victory of ours, of the people, that vote in favor of justice and against imperial arrogance,"

What victory? Just like the victory chavez had in the recent summit? Cuba can trade with any country in the world with the exception of the U.S.(Not really , didn't Cuba just sign a deal with North Dakota for $20 million) and answer me why are the people of Cuba on ration books over 40 years later? Victory for who? Just the regime in in the victory lap! The victims of communist revolutions and regimes are left with:

Rations books
No free election in 40 years(do not give me that crap about how you have elections)
No freedom of expression
No private property
No religious freedom
Political prisoners and executions
(Do you want me to go on!)

Yep, a complete and moral victory? Hey why is daniel ortega still around after all the atrocities that the sandinistas committed?

Read this article here.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More on 'Unfair" Trade Agreements with Cuba

Here is a press release from Agriculture Commissioner, Roger Johnson of North Dakota. A record $20 million dollar deal with Cuba was inked with the brutal regime. I am sure a great deal of "fact finding" went into this business deal. My fellow North Dakota delegation let me remind you of what your business partner has inflicted on the Cuban people.
34 Returned to Cuba

The idiotic wet foot/dry foot policy was put into effect with the return of 34 Cubans. Please join our fellow bloggers to do something about this!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day

A salute to those who have served our great nation in defense of freedom. Please fly the flag today in remembrance of those who have sacrificed so much!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Keep The Pressure On!

You are making a difference and keep the wet foot/dry foot policy a hot issue. Thanks to the initiative of Kill Castro-War blog and the fortitude of all you bloggers to make a difference!
Not " A big Winner" in Argentina

According to the media Chavez really took it to Bush. Mini-me astounded the summit by instigating a riot and then twenty nine countries voted in favor of ALCA, four voted in favor of waiting and only Chavez was in favor of 'burying' it. Yep, a solid victory! Now he is insulting Vincente Fox. A toast to those in the media for their journalist valor, in-depth reporting, and obvious un-biased reporting.(Sorry no French wine in respect to what's happening in France concerning the Muslims-OOPS, can I say Muslim without offending?)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Riots in France

" Oyeme Alfredo why haven't you mentioned anything concerning the riots in France?"O.K. here is why: It is so obvious that this was all planned by the Muslim extremist, but the media basically ignores this and puts the injustice and no opportunity spin on it. Here is an excellent article in the The Weekly Standard that nails it!
Need Your Help!

All you seasoned freedom lovers who are experienced in roasting pigs, I need your help! I am going to roast a pig soon to pass on the tradition to my kids(Not much Cuban culture here in D/FW) and I am not quite sure on the best way to prepare the pig. Heck, any tips would be invaluable!

Hey have you noticed Fidel is real quiet lately? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller! Chavez is soaking up all the attention and being the all around rubble rouser.
What is going on: anyone, anyone, anyone!
Humberto Fontova

Talented writer Humberto Fontova will be in Miami on November 18 for the Miami Bookfair. Check out his comments at Babalu. A classy and humble guy. If you live in Miami take advantage and check him out at the book fair.
Oyeme Humberto are you planning to hit the D/FW area any time soon? Can't wait for your next book!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Three Jailed for Printing Bibles

Three people jailed for printing bibles in China. Commies fear anything that has to with God and the bible. Please do not e-mail that China does have religious freedom. No they don't, neither does Cuba, what they have is officially sanctioned churches who promote the communist line. The communist state is "God" Look at what happens when you really worship God and distribute the bible.

Read the story here.
Lefties at Anti-Arnold Rally

Lefties at a Anti-Arnold Rally in California, just look what they do to the Arnold supporter. This looks very familiar a.k.a. rapid response brigades that Castro and Chavez deploy! Read a interesting article by American Thinker on the political situation in California.
Chavez used Government Funds for Protest in Argentina?

Opposition parties claim that Chavez used government funds to pay for the mass protest in Argentina.

Chavez foes hit protest funding

by Martin Arostegui
November 8, 2005


Venezuelan opposition parties charge that President Hugo Chavez used government funds to help pay for mass protests in Mar del Plata, Argentina, which resulted in violence during Friday's meeting of heads of state of the Americas. "The Venezuelan government not only took great trouble in organizing, but also paid the costs for the events of the alternative summit in Mar del Plata to serve as a stage for President Chavez and his radical attacks against what he defines as 'imperialism,'?" said lawmaker Carlos Berrizbeitia. The representative of the center-right Venezuelan Project party said he has documents proving that a mass rally where Mr. Chavez spoke for two hours, calling on supporters to "bury capitalism and United States imperialism," was sponsored with official funds. Some of the protesters later rampaged through the streets of the seaside resort, torching banks and businesses in efforts to break through police cordons around the official conference where President Bush pushed for a hemispheric free-trade zone. Mr. Bush's proposal was opposed by Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Domestic opponents of Mr. Chavez say the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry spent more than $2.5 million on Mr. Chavez's trip and the stadium rally in Mar del Plata. Mr. Berrizbeitia said $100,000 went to pay Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona to appear on the podium. Maradona has been active in leftist politics since he went to a detoxification clinic in Cuba some years ago to cure a cocaine addiction. The U.S. State Department, as well as Latin American political leaders and security officials, often accuse the Venezuelan president of supporting violent movements throughout the region that have toppled successive governments in Ecuador and Bolivia and threaten stability of Colombia and other countries. Mr. Chavez was joined at Mar del Plata by Bolivia's radical leader, Evo Morales, whose party, the Movement to Socialism (MAS), has violently ousted two Bolivian presidents since 2003. The group of 1,000 to 2,000 protesters called "quebrancho," who rioted Friday, is said to be an offshoot of the "piqueteros" -- a larger protest movement in Argentina. Mario Baizan, a former chief of international investigations with Argentina's Interior Ministry, said several hundred piqueteros have recently undergone military training in Venezuela. Reports in the Argentina newspaper El Clarin said a group of piqueteros went to Venezuela to join a 30,000-member militia formed by Mr. Chavez to guard against a U.S. invasion. At the Mar del Plata protests, Mr. Chavez warned that any U.S. intervention in Venezuela would lead to a "hundred-years war" in the region. Mr. Berrizbeitia also said two planeloads of personnel who accompanied Mr. Chavez to Mar del Plata included a group of Cubans who served as a special security team for the rally, as well as doctors, cooks and a camera crew that transmitted the event live on Venezuelan state television. He complained that the money would have been better spent to help Venezuela's poor. "It is regrettable that Venezuelan money should be squandered in giving our country a terrible image abroad, because Chavez stood before the world as an agitator with the terrible violent events which occurred in Mar del Plata following his incendiary discourse."

Click the link here.

Concerning the Deaths of 2 Cuban Women

Kill Castro-War Blog has an excellent post concerning the dry-foot wet-foot executive order. How many have to die for the world to recognize and to do something about this brutal dictatorship?

Read the post here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

U.N. Controlling the Internet

Can you imagine if this happens? Blogs like this and all of you freedom-loving blogs would surely be banned. Check this scary stuff out:

The Internet faces a grave threat. We must defend it. We need to preserve this unprecedented communications and informational medium, which fosters freedom and enterprise. We can not allow the U.N. to control the Internet.
The threat is posed by the U.N.-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society taking place later this month in Tunisia. At the WSIS preparatory meeting weeks ago, it became apparent that the agenda had been transformed. Instead of discussing how to place $100 laptops in the hands of the world's children, the delegates schemed to transfer Internet control into the hands of intrigue-plagued bureaucracies.
The low point of that planning session was the European Union's shameful endorsement of a plan favored by China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Cuba that would terminate the historic U.S. role in Internet government oversight, relegate both private enterprise and non-governmental organizations to the sidelines, and place a U.N.-dominated group in charge of the Internet's operation and future. The EU's declaration was a "political coup," according to London's Guardian newspaper, which predicted that once the world's governments awarded themselves control of the Internet, the U.S. would be able to do little but acquiesce.

The rest of the story here.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Venezuela detains four for the Assassination of a Prosecutor

All suspects are in the opposition of Chavez and a leading Cuban dissident? Very suspicious? They are being held without any charges. Remember in a communist court just as Che Guevera stated: " We don't need proof to execute a man-we only need proof that it's necessary to execute him. Our mission is not to provide judicial guarantees. Our mission is to make a revolution"

God help them!

Venezuelan authorities ordered the detention of four people, including an outspoken journalist, an opposition-aligned businessmen and a Cuban dissident, saying they orchestrated the 2004 assassination of a leading prosecutor.
A Caracas court on Friday ordered the four detained without charges, a statement from the Information Ministry said.
Danilo Anderson, a prosecutor who strongly supported President Hugo Chavez's government, was killed Nov. 18, 2004, when a bomb exploded in his sport-utility vehicle in Caracas. He had been preparing a case against nearly 400 people who backed a short-lived coup against Chavez in 2002.
Among the four accused of masterminding his killing is Patricia Poleo, the director of El Nuevo Pais newspaper, who has been a vocal critic of Chavez and was investigating allegations that Anderson had links to an extortion web along with other state authorities.
Also accused was Nelson Mezerhane, a prominent local businessman and co-owner of private broadcaster Globovision closely aligned with the country's opposition. The third person accused was Salvador Romani, a leading Cuban dissident based in Venezuela, while the fourth accused, Eugenio Anez, is a retired general in the Venezuelan military.

Rest of the story here.
Bush in Brazil

President Bush acknowledged Sunday that he had more work to do to persuade Brazil of the value of a vast proposed free-trade zone for the Western Hemisphere.
Bush spoke after meeting with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was instrumental at a two-day summit of Latin American leaders that ended Saturday in preventing the nations on agreeing to restart stalled talks on creating a trade bloc stretching from Alaska to Argentina.

Read the entire article here.
Interview with Jose Serrano

Listen to this interview with Jose Serrano concerning Hugo Chavez. Here is a representative of the United States defending Chavez sounding like a mouthpiece for the Granma. He defends Castro and Chavez with such fervor, but Americans who are of Cuban descent he could care less.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Photos of Governor Dave Heineman signing contracts with Cuba

Check out the photo gallery of Governor Dave Heineman signing contracts with the most brutal regime that we have seen in this hemisphere. All you in blog land, where is your outrage? Do something and let this guy know how you feel!
What now Chavez!

Deep in Venezuela's new, cumbersome Social Responsibility Law is an item that requires radio stations to play more -- much more -- Venezuelan music. The idea, the fiercely nationalist government says, is to promote Venezuelan culture over foreign culture, particularly American rock that has dominated radio airplay for years.At least 50 percent of the musical output on radio must be homegrown. If the measure seems obscure, its effects haven't been. From the techno-pop wizards of cosmopolitan Caracas to the folksy crooners of this cattle town, Venezuelan musicians say they are reaping benefits from President Hugo Chávez's efforts to regulate culture.

A new law that requires 50% of the music to be from Venezuela. What? Esta loco mini-me #1. Another measure to control the people of Venezuela.

Check out the rest of the story here.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Video from the Summit

Here is video from the summit. The communist thugs rioting and Hugo Chavez instigating the crowd.
Summit March Turns Violent

As usual lefties resort to violence due to their intolerance of other views. You commies always hide under the guise of "peace activist" and your true colors are again exposed:

Read the story here.
Latest News on Summit

A crowd of 10,000 protesters chanting "Get out Bush!" swarmed the streets of this Argentine resort Friday, hours before the hemisphere's leaders sat down to debate free trade, immigration and job creation.
Before dawn, thousands greeted a train bringing the last group of fellow demonstrators from Buenos Aires, including Bolivian presidential hopeful Evo Morales and soccer great Diego Maradona, who donned a T-shirt accusing President Bush of war crimes.

The propaganda machine has begun and maradona must have the wrong t-shirt, considering the topic of crimes!

Read the story here.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cubans protesting at Summit?

Ricardo(Tricky Ricky) Alarcon and 300 Cubans are gathered in Argentina to protest the summit. Wait a minute Tricky Ricky, just like the people of Cuba are allowed to protest? You will get your photo opportunities, give cream puff interviews with come mierd... reporters(objective?), and blame all of Cuba's and the world's fault on the U.S. Yet with all this grandstanding, you can not justify and hide what you have done in Cuba.

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Deal with the Dictator

Governor Dave Heineman of Nebraska inks a deal(On the blood of the Cuban people!) with dictator castro for a whopping $27 million. How long after smoking your cigars from castro will you come out and speak out against the embargo? This is not about politics? Everything with this brutal regime is about politics! Hey, what about your secret meeting with castro? Funny, killstro has never had any time for those that his has killed or imprisoned.

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Before I receive an e-mail from your office, a disclaimer:
# I do not live in Miami
# I am not a member of any mafia organizations
# I am not a member of any anti-castro organizations

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mini-me #1 and Mini-me #2 to protest Bush at the Summit

Chavez and Maradona to protest Bush at the summit, which is taking place on November 4-5th. What a surprise! The fan brigade will be out again using the all to familiar communist playbook. Wait a minute, hold the phones, the media will cover and eat this up, while over 40 years they ignore the plight of Cuba? Now in the spirit of soccer , after seeing maradona(post plastic surgery) interviewing castro and having to stomach all that fawning, wouldn't you like to kick his as...

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Pictures of Hurricane Wilma

The website: The Real Cuba.com has the latest pictures on Hurricane Wilma that devastated Cuba. It's sad that the mainstream media can not and will not provide us with these pictures or with videos. Switching gears, I can hear crickets in the background when it came to the announcement of the "Cuban 5" trial! Websites like The Real Cuba and those wonderful blogs are the lifeline that keeps us constantly informed. God bless them!(**Warning: For those who are monitoring these blogs and websites please be aware of the term "God" as it might be offensive to you.)

Check out the latest pictures here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Appeals court voids Cuban spy decision, will rehear case


Associated Press

MIAMI - A federal appeals court has agreed to rehear arguments on whether five suspected Cuban spies got an unfair trial because of intense publicity, voiding an earlier decision by a panel of judges that the group deserved a new trial.
The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a brief one-page order issued Monday that all 12 active judges on the court would reconsider the case. "The previous panel's opinion is hereby vacated," the order said.
The three-judge panel on Aug. 9 tossed out the convictions and sentences of the Cubans because of heavy pretrial publicity, community prejudice in Miami and inflammatory remarks by prosecutors. That panel ordered a new trial to be held outside Miami.
Now, attorneys for the five Cubans will have to make those arguments again.
"I have to say I'm disappointed that the first opinion was stricken and we have to go before the full panel, but it's a long battle," said Paul McKenna, one of the Cubans' lawyers. "I don't look at is as a setback. I look at it merely that the court wants to hear more about the issue."
U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta said in a statement he was "gratified" by the court's decision, which he said would "provide us with the opportunity to respectfully present our merits arguments to the full court."
Acosta had previously argued that the three-judge panel's decision was contrary to previous decisions in similar cases by both the appeals court and the U.S. Supreme Court.
The five Cubans were convicted in June 2001 of illegally acting as agents of a foreign government as part of the so-called Wasp Network. The five admitted being Cuban agents but said they were spying on U.S.-based exile groups opposed to Cuban President Fidel Castro, not on the United States.
The ringleader, Gerardo Hernandez, was also convicted of murder conspiracy for his role in the deaths of four Cuban exiles whose planes were shot down by Cuban MiGs in 1996.
Three of the five Cubans received life sentences in federal prison, one got 19 years and one got 15 years. They have become national heroes in Cuba, with Castro regularly calling for their release from prison.
There was no immediate word on when the 11th Circuit judges would hear oral arguments in the case. Only one judge on the three-judge panel that found for the Cubans - U.S. Circuit Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr. - is an active member of the full court. One of the other panel judges was visiting from another circuit and the other is a senior judge on part-time status.

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More on the Unfair International Trade Show in Havana

"Cuban companies will occupy more than 5,000 meters sq. " that is a quote from The Digital International Granma. I believe they meant that their are no private companies in Cuba, and that the only entity in Cuba is run by castro and his government. Now I will beat them to the punch(Well, lets say kick, since maradona and castro are in the news so much these days!) All companies who sign a deal with the government, will publicly come out and denounce the embargo as part of the deal. Hope your financial transactions are a success, especially on the suffering of the Cuban people and on the blood of those who have been killed or tortured.
I noticed on the press release no mention of tours to see the political prisoners?

Read the press release here.

Interview by Maradona

Mini-me #2, a hard hitting investigator, with a nose for the truth in journalistic valor, interviews dictator castro. Read here an excellent post concerning this "lovefest" on this freedom loving blog: BlogforCuba.
Big Bad Commie Brother Watching!

Looks like you freedom loving anti-killstro blogs are making a difference. Check this out concerning who is "watching" the Babalu blog.
International Fair of Havana

I am going to be sick if I see again some moron taking pictures with killstro in front of a cow.

American farm businesses show their stuff at Cuba fair

11/2/2003 9:00 PMBy: Associated Press

HAVANA -- More than 70 American farm product firms from 18 states and Puerto Rico are among the exhibitors at the International Fair of Havana, which opened Sunday.
One Cuban food importer said that over the next week, Cuba hopes to sign contracts to buy more than $50 million' worth of American farm products, including cereals and livestock.
That's over the nearly $463 million spent on American farm goods over two years.
The fair comes as the U.S. Congress is trying to open Cuba to American travelers over White House efforts to continue isolating the communist neighbor.
One Cuban official told reporters at the opening of the fair that the growing number of U.S. exhibitors "demonstrates the inconsistency, the irrationality, the absurdity of the policy'' of the U.S. embargo.
But this year's American presence doesn't compete with an exhibition in Cuba about a year ago, which featured 288 exhibitors from 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.