Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Oil Pimp Continues

Listen to a radio interview concerning the "deal" with Massachusetts here.

The Castro Times has an article concerning the deal with the "Commie from the Bronx" read it if you have the stomach.

Chavez and Uribe sign a deal to build a gas pipeline between the two countries.


Anonymous said...


Way to put it bluntly: oil pimp!
He is using oil to spread communism throughout Latin-America
and in the U.S.
Thanks for what you do, you probably catch a lot of flak, but you have more guts than many including myself

Albert Quiroga said...

Good site, Alfredo! Thank you for linking to my blog.

As for "meester Serrano," "representative" for the Bronx: a modest suggestion: Suggest that heretofore he should be addressed as "Sir Ano," in proper and respectful recognition of the fact he is...a Royal Asshole.