Monday, December 31, 2012

Australian to swim Cuba-US -(YAWN)

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How many Cubans have died fleeing Cuba on rafts, inner tubes, and homemade contraptions?So WHO CARES about an Australian to swim from Cuba to U.S!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Commie Speak 101 concerning mini-me Chavez

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"Vice President Nicolas Maduro surprised Venezuelans with a Christmas Eve announcement that President Hugo Chavez is up and walking two weeks after cancer surgery in Cuba, but the news did little to ease uncertainty surrounding the leader's condition."

Here we go with the typical drama concerning the health of dictator chavez.....the commies, straight from their communist playbook(Play lefty 666) toil with the media and with the people of Venezuela. First, they have everyone believe that mini-me is on the brink of death.....and miraculously by the force of 21st century socialism, he is up and about. For weeks doubts swirled that mini-me would not be able to attend the inauguration on January 10th.....BUT from past history, these commies will come up a resurrection story and sure enough chavez will be at the podium babbling nonsense at his inauguration.........

straight from the commie up false hope, then break it down, build it up, break it down....How many times has that been done with regards to dictator castro's health in Cuba? People have become numb

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"My father helped free the Bay of Pigs prisoners"

A touching letter to the Miami Herald:

This letter is about Miami’s Cuban history. Teaching younger generations about the impact of what occurred and what was sacrificed before their birth is critical. It will create respect for events and people who gave them the world they have today in America. They need to know.
My father is James B. Donovan. He was one man with many achievements. He was associate prosecutor at The Nuremberg Trials, responsible for the visual evidence. He made the Rudolf Abel-Francis Gary Powers exchange by traveling in the trunk of a car at night through Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin. He was president of the Board of Education in New York City during the integration busing issues, he ran for the United States Senate and was president of Pratt Institute.
I will tell you that his singular trips into Cuba in 1962 to arrange the release of so many Bay of Pigs prisoners gave him such a remarkable sense of personal pride. The parents of these brave men called him and he worked with the hardworking Brigade Committee before he went into Cuba by himself to find a meeting ground with Fidel Castro to get the job done.
My father’s funeral in 1970 was filled with Jewish Holocaust survivors, Irish family, African-American good friends, and many well-dressed dignitaries.
Yet, as a bereft 20-year-old daughter, what I still remember is the solace I felt from the Cuban families and Brigade members. I always believed my father would agree that a most poignant part of this was when a young Cuban man, dressed in blue jeans with construction shirt and shoes, came through this distinguished gathering and asked me if he could pay his respects. He went up to the front, put down his lunch pail, bowed his head and said heartfelt prayers. This, I knew, would be what would touch my father most. He stood up, came back to me and said he knew he was now safe and had a future and would not feel right if he did not honor this gift.
So, almost 43 years later, I will come and honor the Brigade and their families. At 11 a.m. on Dec. 22, the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library will offer to Miami a 50th Anniversary Day. This celebration needs to be marked because the men and women I’ve known in this Cuban community are remarkable. They have experienced harrowing difficulties that need to be recognized and due to their old-world customs, they have strived to keep honor as the right path for all of us. If you are Cuban, bring your children, since this is the moment to teach them.

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"Tricky" Ricky Alarcon out as Cuba parliament chief

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It looks like "tricky" Ricky is no longer the parliament chief of communist Cuba. Who knows ....he might will show up in Tampa some time soon???

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Cuban exiles share a bond and inspirational tale of overcoming adversity"

From the Miami Herald:

Graduates at St. Thomas University may have expected just the average commencement speech from keynote speaker Miguel “Mike” Fernandez at Saturday’s ceremony.
Instead, they got inspiration as they witnessed the relationship between two men who fought adversity and circumstance to make a better life for themselves.
Fernandez, a leader in healthcare service companies who was presented with an honorary degree, spoke of failure and adversity as learning experiences — and shared many of his own.
“Failure and adversity are necessary steps in the road of success,” he said.
Then he introduced Jorge Alvart, a former Cuban political prisoner, who Fernandez recently befriended.
“The real lesson to be learned is this man came on a raft five years ago with nothing but the desire to work, but he didn’t take the easy way out,” Fernandez said.
Fernandez shared Alvart’s story, which began in Cuba, where his arms were amputated while in prison. He never gave up in achieving his dream of coming to America, where he started a business and brought over his wife and two children.
“He is the role model for anyone who thinks he’s had a bad day,” said Fernandez, 60.
The relationship between these two men was sparked last week when Fernandez was watching NBC6 news and saw a story on Alvart and the difficulties he was having selling Christmas trees at his orchid business.
“I was touched by the fact he had his life savings in this business and Christmas trees,” Fernandez said.
He was so moved that he went to Jorge’s orchid shop and met Alvart, answering Alvart’s prayers by offering to buy all the trees.
Fernandez presented Alvart with a check for all 600 of his Christmas trees on behalf of Simply Healthcare Plans, of which he is chairman of the board. He told him that they would be donated to needy families in Miami-Dade.
“This Christmas is the best I have ever experienced,” Alvart, 43, said in Spanish during an interview last week. “He didn’t just help me but he helped 600 other people.”
Alvart was so happy that the trees would be donated and that he had been saved from economic ruin that he insisted on being present as the trees were distributed.
He blamed his struggle to sell the trees, in which he had invested $30,000, on road construction in front of his orchid shop at 2032 SW 57th Ave.
“Anyone who says that this country doesn’t provide opportunities for those who want them can just look to him,” Fernandez said.
Buying Christmas trees was not the only way Fernandez brought hope to Alvart and his family. When Fernandez learned that Alvart was suffering from the final stages of cirrhosis of the liver as a result of hepatitis B contracted while in a Cuban prison, he contacted Jackson Memorial Hospital CEO Carlos Migoya to see about getting Alvart evaluated to be placed on the liver transplant list.
“What he is going to do for me, no one does today,” Alvart said.
“We will step in and take care of the bills,” Fernandez said, in anticipation of insurance denying coverage for the procedure.
While their journeys differed, both men are Cuban exiles who endured adversity to leave their homeland in pursuit of life in the United States.
The Fernandez family sought exit visas following the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.
While they were granted the visas, the two years between that and their departure saw Fernandez kicked out of school and his father fired from his job.
In Saturday’s speech, Fernandez said Alvart, “never let adversity beat him.”
Alvart was imprisoned in Cuba for the first time at the age of 14, after he was caught in anti-government acts such as burning down sugar cane fields. He was released two years later but imprisoned again within six months when he was caught trying to illegally flee the island on a raft.
While in prison, he says he was tortured several times.
In a planned attempt to escape, Alvart injected gasoline into his fingers so that he would be taken to the clinic. The plan backfired when he was denied medical attention and gangrene set in on both arms, which were then amputated.
He was released from prison after serving four years but was jailed again after trying to take his story to the U.S. Interests Section in Havana. He spent two more years in jail before being released.
However, that did not stop his dream of coming to the United States.
After his third release from jail, Alvart tried five other unsuccessful attempts to flee.
He succeeded on his seventh attempt five years ago. By then, he had a wife and two children, who joined him in Miami three years ago.
While in prison, his dream to come to the United States inspired him to tattoo an American flag on his back, and on his chest theseSpanish words: “ A noventa millas soy feliz” (I’m happy 90 miles away).

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Cuba humor!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Sean Penn Attends Vigil for Hugo Chavez in Bolivia"

Sean Penn attended a vigil for hugo "mini-me" Chavez while in Bolivia. Mr. Spicoli enjoys making millions in a FREE country, but all his admiration is for left wing communist dictator:
“He’s one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet, and I’ll wish him nothing but that great strength he has shown over and over again. I do it in love, and I do it in gratitude.
“I just want to say, from my very American point of view, of my friend President Chavez: It is only possible to be so inspiring as he is, as a two-way street. And he would say that his inspiration is the people.”





Comisionado Javier Souto estará rindiendo homenaje al Padre Miguel Ángel Loredo el 16 de diciembre del 2012 a las 11 a.m. en el parque, Francisco Human Rights Park (9445 Coral Way), mediante la instalación de un marcador apropiado en el área del Pabellón de Domino, dándole el nombre, The Father Loredo Park, educando a todos los visitantes del parque y la historia de la vida del Padre Miguel Ángel Loredo.
Padre Miguel Ángel Loredo falleció el 10 de septiembre de 2011.
El Comisionado Souto honrará el legado del presidente Vaclav Havel, nombrando una zona al lado del edificio, West Dade Regional Library, en el sendero peatonal del parque Francisco Human Rights (9445 Coral Way) como “The Vaclac Havel Rotunda” el 16 de diciembre de 2012 a las 11 : 00 AM. También un héroe del movimiento de los derechos humanos, el presidente Vaclav Havel fue presidente de la República Checa que visitó a Miami con una delegación muy grande hace unos seis años. El fue el héroe de los checos contra el comunismo y el movimiento democrático para el mundo.
Inauguration of two mini parks for two Heroes of Human Rights: Father Miguel Angel Loredo and President Vaclav Havel

Commissioner Javier Souto will be honoring Father Miguel Angel Loredo on December 16, 2012 at 11:00 AM inside Francisco Human Rights Park (9445 Coral Way) by installing an appropriate marker in the area of the Domino Pavilion, naming it The Father Loredo Park to educate all visitors to the park on the life history of Father Miguel Angel Loredo. Father Miguel Angel Loredo passed away on September 10, 2011.

Commissioner Souto will be honoring President Vaclav Havel’s legacy by naming an area next to the West Dade Regional Library building, in the walking path within the Francisco Human Rights Park (9445 Coral Way) as “The Vaclac Havel Rotunda” on December 16, 2012 at 11:00 AM. Also a hero of the human rights movement, President Vaclav Havel a former President of the Czech Republic who visited Miami with a very large delegation about six years ago, was the hero of the Czechs against communism and for democratic movement for the world.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


El Capitan de la seguridad del estado, Pedro Delfín Piñón Martínez.
Es indudable que estamos presenciando un relajamiento de las medidas y restricciones en cuanto a las visitas de cubanos y artistas desde la Isla se refiere, ¡ y es bueno ! Incluso hemos tenido la oportunidad de verlos y escucharlos por las cadenas locales de radio y televisión, lo que da la impresión de un ambiente de mutua coquetería de ambos gobiernos. Es preocupante como esa distención de las medidas de inmigración y la seguridad nacional también han permitido a ex agentes de la seguridad y la inteligencia cubana visitar, pasearse, penetrarse e incluso vivir entre nosotros. Tal grado de desfachatez ha alcanzado esto que ninguno de ustedes debiera asombrarse si justamente al lado de su casa estuviera viviendo el instructor de la seguridad del estado que lo torturo e interrogo.
Tampoco debiera asombrarse si tiene por vecino al hijo de alguno de los altos funcionarios del Gobierno de Cuba, entre los cuales se ha puesto muy de moda venir a vivir a Miami . Se les puede ver por las calles, en finos restaurantes, y en la mejores fiestas de las mas peculiares familias del jet set de esta ciudad.
Estos infiltrados tienen todos el mismo modus operandi, viajan primero a Europa, fundamentalmente a España, (donde tienen mayores conexiones) se hacen ciudadanos y adquieren el pasaporte de la Comunidad Europea.
Luego vienen a Miami, donde pueden permanecer por 90 días, periodo que utilizan para reubicarse y solicitar residencia en los Estados Unidos, se acogen a la Ley de Reajuste Cubano, derecho que le permite su condición de cubano. Conocemos de casos que incluso, se han hecho Ciudadanos Americanos, mienten descaradamente en la aplicación de la ciudadanía americana ( grave delito ) cuando niegan haber pertenecido al Partido Comunista, o haber sido miembros de la Inteligencia o la Seguridad del Estado Cubano.
Lo que no entiendo es como Homeland Security no ha detectado esta filtración. Entre los casos más relevantes nos llama la atención el del Sr. Pedro Delfín Piñón Martínez, fecha de nacimiento agosto 25 de 1963, quien fue capitán de la Seguridad del Estado y trabajo, entre otros cargos, como instructor de casos en el tenebroso cuartel de la Seguridad de Estado, Villa Marista. Allí, instruyo de cargos, interrogo, torturo y condeno a cientos de cubanos por el solo hecho de pensar de una manera diferente.
Este torturador, vive desde hace aproximadamente tres años aquí en Miami , en compañía de su esposa Tamara y un hijo menor llamado Ernesto. Ernesto, estudia en una escuela publica del Condado Dade, pagada por los contribuyentes del condado, algunos de los cuales quizás fueron torturados por su padre ¡ qué ironía !
El Sr Pedro Delfin Piñón Martínez y su esposa trabajan nada mas y nada menos que en el Aeropuerto de Miami, lugar de alta sensibilidad en cuanto a seguridad se refiere. No entiendo como los sistemas de seguridad fallan de esa manera y permiten que enemigos de este país, penetren sensibles organizaciones. ¿Cómo es posible que José Abreu, Director del aeropuerto de Miami , de origen cubano, no ha tenido en cuenta esta posibilidad? Es hora que todos y cada uno de nosotros denuncien casos como estos, para que al menos las autoridades locales conozcan hasta donde estamos penetrados.


The dictatorship in Cuba now wants a "deal" to swap American Alan Gross, who is currently held in jail by communist Cuba, for the Cuban spies currently in jail in the U.S.

Straight for the commie playbook!!!!

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