Friday, September 30, 2005

Convocation Speech with Jesus Reference Sparks Controversy at Dartmouth College

Can not mention Jesus? I am sure if he quoted some marxism revolutionary nonsense, while wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt that would follow proper procedure. What is wrong with our society that our Lord Jesus Christ is banned everywhere? Communism is creaping into the fabric of our society!
CBS Bias(Communist Broadcasting System)

You sneaky CBS, seems like you had fun on your trip to Cuba in 2001. I can smell the bias 90 miles from the coast of Florida. Hope you had fun during the Elian interview(Rum, Women, Beaches, Cigars) never mind all the misery, tortures, political prisoners, and many other atrocities!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

CBS(Castro Broadcasting System) Video of Elian

Check out the video of Bob Simon's interview with Elian. As I said earlier get your barf bags ready!
60 Minutes report on Elian

Get your barf bags ready, straight propaganda courtesy of 60 Minutes. I am sure that these in-depth reporters will not point out that Elian's father had applied for a U.S. visa. I am sure they will leave out that many phone calls were placed from Elian's family to Miami insisting that they take care of Elian. Cuban exiles again will be potrayed as extremist .

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Land Reform(Commie talk for stealing land)

Hugo Chavez using commie speak, when using the term " land reform" as we all freedom lovers know the true meaning:(Stealing private property). Code words and revolutionary jargon all mean one thing: COMMUNISM! It reminds me of a old Alvarez Guedes joke, I am going to try to do it justice in English so here it goes:

A plumber knocks on the door and a parrot inside says: " who is it?" the plumber replies: " The plumber." Nothing happens, again he knocks on the door, "who is it?" "The plumber" again nothing. This keeps going on and the plumber one last time knocks on the door, "who is it?" "It's the plumber CO~NNNOOO!" the plumber faints, and at the the same time the owner of the house arrives through the back, opens the front door and says: "who is this?"
the parrot replies: "The plumber CO~NNNOOO!"

Same thing with Venezuela, how many time do we have to say : "It's communism CO~NNNOOO!
Rapid Response of Fan Brigade

The Castro Rapid Response Fan Brigade already starting the propaganda machine. I am sure that this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Posada will not be deported to Cuba or Venezuela

"Immigration Judge William Abbott found that Posada, a former CIA operative wanted by Venezuela for trial in a 1976 Cuban airliner bombing that killed 73 people, faced the threat of torture in those countries and therefore could not be returned under the United Nations Convention Against Torture, a government spokeswoman said on Tuesday."-Reuters

Let's not get all warm and fuzzy about this news, you know the Castro fan brigade will be out full force with revolutionary nonsense!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Peace Movement?

Check out the characters at the anti-war rally. If it looks like a commie, walks like a commie, they must be commies .

One aspect of the communist playbook is to instill fear and constant paranoia. Chavez again charging that everyone is out to get him. Notice the reference to Miami, also from the playbook, blame and vilify the exile community.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Latest comments from the Fan Brigade

Castro fan brigade member Jose Serrano, who represents Cuba, excuse me I mean the U.S. Congressman from New York, again opens his arm to tyrants and introduces Chavez last week with these remarks :
"President Chávez is constantly under attack from the Bush Administration." Serrano said. "I thought it was important for him to come and meet with real American people, who are also in a struggle for economic equality and social justice. The Bush Administration calls President Chávez a threat. I agree— he is a threat. A threat to poverty, illiteracy and injustice." -Jose Serrano
Fan Brigade update #2

Everyone lets sing along: "Day-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me a communist but live in the United States home. Day-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me wan' agrarian reforms everywhere on a drink of rum. Daylight come and me wan' to still live in the U.S. home. Stack communist propaganda till de morning come.Daylight come and me still wan' to live in U.S. home. Day-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me still live in U.S. home. Day-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me wan' socialism, Mister Castro man, tally me revolutionary nonsense. Daylight come and me have no idea why I still have a U.S. home?, Mister Chavez man, tally me the real election results.Daylight come and me still blast the U.S. but still have U.S. home! Day-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me wan' go homeDay-o, day-ay-ay-oDaylight come and me wan' go home. Torture people here, kill seven there, imprison eight there in the name of communism.Daylight come and me should live in a Cuban home."

C'mon everyone repeat this song!

Mr. Day-o again with his anti-U.S. tirade.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Latest on Rita

To family and friends do not worry we are fine. Thanks for all the phone calls, remember we live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area not Houston. Expecting tons of rain and wind. Pray for those who stayed in Houston! Here is the latest on the hurricane.
Cubans Picked up by the Coast Guard

A boat of 10 Cubans were intercepted by the Coast Guard. They spent several days in the ocean surviving the waves of Hurricane Rita. All you Castro worshipers, see what people risk for FREEDOM!
Another Softball Interview

This is an interview with Hugo Chavez done by Democracy Now. Here is a excerpt from mini-me:

"Racism is very characteristic of imperialism. Racism is very characteristic of capitalism. Katrina is – indeed, has a lot to do with racism - no doubt about it. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it’s African. So we need a new morality, a new ethic at this point. And from my Christian point of view, we need a revolution of the ethic. And in the political and economic fields we need to take back the flag of socialism, in my view - in order to be able to defeat - with the will of the people, with the participation of the people – to beat those ominous phenomenon such as racism. "


Jimmy Carter questioning the election results of 2000 years later. Now he has no problems with the elections in Venezuela? He never had a problem with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and he had no problem wearing a guayabera and hamming it up with Uncle Fidel!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Castro: Cuba Could Have Saved U.S. Victims

Here we go again with Uncle Fidel, anything he says is gospel to the media. Fidel can stop hurricanes, evacuate millions in an instant to ready made shelters all over the island, and yes only him can do all these things! Really? lets open up the island to the media(except for CNN, Dan Rather,& Lucia Newman)and really see whats going on! You see only God is the all powerful and all knowing, not a man or government. Guillermo Cabrera Infante stated it best: "The price of socialism is slavery, brutality, and death-all in the name of man."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Looks like Rita is heading for Texas. God please have mercy on us here in the Lone Star State. Check here for the latest track of Hurricane Rita. Prayers are what is needed now!

Monday, September 19, 2005

KGB Documents

A new book is out detailing some juicy KGB documents. Castro wanted to redeploy atomic weapons in Cuba 19 years after the cuban missile crisis. For all my brethren from Nicaragua some interesting information(probably no surprise):
- Carlos Fonseca, founder of Nicaragua's Sandinista National Liberation Front, was ''a trusted KGB agent'' code-named GIDROLOG.
- Nicaraguan Manuel Andara y Ubeda was a KGB agent who led a group of Sandinistas tasked by Moscow in the late 1960s to scope out the U.S. border with Mexico for possible targets for KGB sabotage teams.

A friend of mine let me borrow a book titled: " Nicaragua Betrayed" which goes into detail how the KGB(Castro) were behind the Sandinistas, the atrocities that the Sandinistas committed, and basically how Jimmy Carter handed over Nicaragua to the Sandinistas.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Date of Independence?

I open up my local newspaper(Ft. Worth Star-Telegram) this morning and as I am glancing through I notice: "Hispanic Heritage Month Facts" listing the independence days of how they refer to as "Hispanic" countries. Guess the date that they list for Cuba? Yes, my freedom loving brethren, Jan. 1, 1959! I quickly fired a e-mail to the internet reference site listed and informed them of the facts. I do not know about you, I usually cringe when they mention "Hispanic Heritage Facts or Heroes" They always list the heroes as Che Guevera, Fidel Castro, and mostly lefties. Gee, I wonder why ????
Chavez Fan Brigade

Chavez gave his speech at a church yesterday in New York City. Next to him by his side no other than Jesse Jackson and U.S. Representative Jose Serrano.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hugo Chavez Interview with Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel interviews Hugo Chavez with hard hitting, in-depth revelations, and questions his links to Castro.(NOT) Again these so called reporters allow these dictators to basically spew propaganda. Now if he would of interviewed someone who opposes Chavez and Castro, right away they would begin prefacing: "Right wing" "Miami Mafia" "Miami Cubans dictate foriegn policy" "Those who oppose them are rich, so they deserve everything that happens to them." For once I would like to see them hammer Castro & CO. like they do Bush. I know it's wishful thinking, but it is sickening to see some of these interviews!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Student Arrested

A student at the University of Memphis is arrested after finding a pilot's uniform and other materials related to aviation. He is from Egypt and is here illegally. Authorities are investigating if he has any links to terrorism. Let me give them a hint: YES
Denouncing the U.S.

Chavez denouncing the U.S. at The U.N. Summit. The fashionable thing to do for the lefties is always to blame the U.S. for everything. The communist playbook is in full order and play number "Lefty 666"is out of the shotgun offense. I wrote an e-mail to St. Andrew's Methodist Church in New York City asking if Chavez was going to speak, they replied with a resounding yes, but it was invitation only and scheduled for this Saturday at 6:00PM. They would try to squeeze me in possibly, that is until they find out that I am Cuban-American(No way Chico!).

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hugo Chavez Press Conference

watch the press conference of Hugo Chavez at the U.N. Summit. Why do all the commie dictators get all softball questions? Check out the statement that 200 doctors, and his security could not get off the plane(People actually believe this!) Love his comments concerning terrorism. According to Chavez, the U.S. government is a terrorist state. Again in all communist speeches and press conferences the use of code words such as poverty, the environment, and everyone who opposes them are terrorist or Mafia! I could not stop laughing when he mentioned that Castro was a hurricane expert! What a CM(come mier...)
Chavez Speaking at U.N. Summit

Here is information on who is speaking for the next two days. Castro is a no show, but mini-me will continue the propaganda machine.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Commie 101
Commie propaganda is full of slogans and code words to try to confuse the public. Now to Cuban-Americans or those who have lived through the horrors of communism, you know well commie speak. This commie to real definition list is to decipher the propaganda that will come out next week. It is really quiet now, but wait, the fan brigade will soon start.
So here is a few examples of Commie 101: (Commie words first and then the real definition)

21st Century Socialism-(We need to get back to the Old style of Lenin and Mao)

Nationalization-(steal all the banks, business, and property)

We are for the poor-(Everyone will be poor, except Castro, Chavez and Government elite)

President Castro-(Dictator Castro who has never been elected to office)

The Revolution-( The term they continually use to justify all the atrocities)

The Motorcycle Diaries-( I am rich kid bumming through South America and I really did not know how to ride a motorcycle)

Socialism-( As the late Guillermo Cabrera stated: "The price of socialism is slavery, brutality, and death-all in the name of man.")

Free Healthcare-(Healthcare for the elite government and tourist with$$$$, not everyone else)

More Commie 101 to come.....

Just thinking that all the brigades will start using the communist playbook, revolutionary sound bites, and ryhmes. As in Jesse Jackson style and before he comes out with his ryhmes here is a sampling of the El Cafe Cubano protest slogans:
" If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate."
" Free healthcare, so why all the despair."
" Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing."
" Everyone wants to trade, but no one wants to aide"
" Florida recount, Carter is in Venezuela one day and out"
" Castro supporters how you flex, where did you get your rolex."
" Many have tried to shut us up, but we will never give up!"

Friday, September 09, 2005


Looks like Hugo Chavez and Ricardo Alarcon are going to attend a rally for them on September 16th at Riverside Church in New York City. Gee, what a surprise, straight out of the communist playbook. You can hear them now:

"Calling play number LEFTY 666:
Lets have a big rally with revolutionary sound bite slogans(Che Guevera t-shirts encouraged, if you don't have one you can buy one for $21.99 at the Down with the evils of the U.S. and capitalism booth), a 6 hour speech by Castro in a church, activate the fan brigade(Hollywood actors, Journalist, media, and college professors) to supply endless praise for Castro and Chavez, and finally to demonize the Cuban-Americans and the United States.

Down with Yankee imperialism, set up agrarian reforms everywhere, hut, hut"

" Meeting at Starbucks at 9:00PM to study our playbook, to discuss the evils of capitalism, to discuss Marxist philosophy:
"the collective enthusiasm diminishes palpably as a result of a quantitative diminishing that takes place in each of the elements that make up the collective, and work becomes paralyzed until it finally shrinks to insignificant proportions; this is the time to rectify."-Che Guevera

Nominations for CM(Come Mier..) of the week

Please send in your nominations for the CM of the week, do not worry Jimmy Carter will not tabulate the votes!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Propaganda Machine is going to intensify

The U.N Summit is around the corner scheduled for September 14-16th. You know that Castro and Chavez are probably going to give a speech(boring 3 hours or more) at Riverside Church in New York City or some other church. The usual cast of characters will be defending the absurd ideology of communism and worse, knowingly defending the dictators despite all the atrocities. So everyone get your Pepto Dismal ready for all the propaganda. Get your pens, and phones ready to make a difference.

Stay tuned for the CM(Come Mier....) of the week

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Website and Blog:

These are wonderful sites that contribute to the truth concerning Cuba:

Both of these sites have information on Professor Luciana Bohne, who wrote an article titled "Adding injury to insult: Bush administration lies by omission about offer of medical help from Cuba." It is amazing how she portrays Castro as a saint: "Fidel Castro is one among the most punctiliously courteous leaders in the world." All you talented writers in blog land please give her a response!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Latest on Chavez and the Posada case:

Chavez has a march with a 100 supporters(Wow! alert CNN)to demand justice concerning Pat Robertson's remarks. I can not imagine how many would show up if they were not forced?

No matter what you think of Posada, its funny how the media and others refer to his status as "illegal" while millions of others are referred to as "undocumented." I am sure this trial will again be used as a tool to discredit and defame the Cuban-American community!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Relief Effort for New Orleans

Please help with your donations:

Catholic Charities U.S.A. 1-800-919-9338
American Red Cross 1-800-7669