Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Land Reform(Commie talk for stealing land)

Hugo Chavez using commie speak, when using the term " land reform" as we all freedom lovers know the true meaning:(Stealing private property). Code words and revolutionary jargon all mean one thing: COMMUNISM! It reminds me of a old Alvarez Guedes joke, I am going to try to do it justice in English so here it goes:

A plumber knocks on the door and a parrot inside says: " who is it?" the plumber replies: " The plumber." Nothing happens, again he knocks on the door, "who is it?" "The plumber" again nothing. This keeps going on and the plumber one last time knocks on the door, "who is it?" "It's the plumber CO~NNNOOO!" the plumber faints, and at the the same time the owner of the house arrives through the back, opens the front door and says: "who is this?"
the parrot replies: "The plumber CO~NNNOOO!"

Same thing with Venezuela, how many time do we have to say : "It's communism CO~NNNOOO!

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Oyeme, te la comiste brother!