Thursday, June 27, 2019

De Blasio shouts out a Che Guevara slogan at a Miami rally

De Blasio Shouts a Che Guevara slogan: " Hasta la Victoria Siempre" of all places Miami. He later apologizes and states he did not know the phrase was a revolutionary quote.  Really? Mr De Blasio conviently leaves out that he honeymooned in Cuba when it was illegal to go to Cuba, AND he was a staunch  Sandinista supporter. Sure you did not know the significance of this quote, especially in the heart of the Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan exile community!!!!!

Of course the media and the moderators of the Democratic debate won't even mention this, plus leave out the topic of Venezuela and Cuba.


Sunday, June 02, 2019

Omar Kelly: " the Miami Narrative about Cuba is very warped and quite deceptive"

Miami Dolphins beat writer goes to Cuba for several days as a TOURIST and disses over a million Cubans 
 exile as what they went through is just a NARRATIVE.
I saw his comments several days ago and said to myself: "another comemierda" It was just festering in me and I happen to walk in Publix and right in front of me,
this guy with the biggest tattoo of the assassin Che Guevera.
He is proudly strutting in front on me and I look down with a face of disgust. I blurt out " comemierda" and he continues to shop in Publix full of food unlike in Cuba for CUBANS. So I said to myself Omar is not getting a pass on this! 

You can't dialogue with these people

Venezuela is having peace talks in Oslowith the government of Cuba in the middle? Are you freaking serious? First of all you can never negotiate with a murderous dictatorship  or have a dialogue ( say dialogue on a very soft way).