Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cuba outlaws 'cult of personality' after Fidel death-----how about that for FAKE NEWS!

Outlaw Cult of Personality? If that's not FAKE NEWS(Cuba has spread FAKE NEWS for the 57 years). Cubans know very well that the CULT of personality is one of the brutal dictatorship's weapon!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Damas de Blanco: The dictatorship back to regular beatings and arrests

The DICTATORSHIP is back to the regular beating and arresting of the Ladies in White(who march peacefully every Sunday), after the breakdown of the jeep FIFO tour of Cuba.

Google Said to Reach Agreement With Cuba for Expanded Service

Google is said to have reached for an agreement with the Cuban DICTATORSHIP for expanded service? An agreement with a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP that controls everything in Cuba!

So your saying their is a chance that the Cuban people can search for anything they want on Cuba?

So your saying their is a chance that this Blog will be see in Cuba?

Monday, December 05, 2016

Jeep carrying ashes of dictator Fidel Castro breaks down in the middle of the street

Here we have a photo of the Russian military vehicle carrying the ashes of dictator Fidel Castro to his final resting place.  The "revolutionary" jeep either broke down or ran out of gas...... and get this..... Had to be pushed by the military! 

You probably will NEVER see this picture in the NY Times, CNN, or other lame media outlets, who for decades repeated the false myths about the dictator and the reality in Cuba.

Los Pichy Boys llaman a una estacion de Policia en Cuba por la Muerte de Fidel

Como reaccionaron Los cubanos de Miami a la muerte de Fidel!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Dictator is DEAD.......Don't TELL us how we should FEEL or not to celebrate

The DICTATOR is DEAD........At first many did not believe the news, but after the news finally sunk in.....many emotions started to flow through me.....and how fitting the person who called me and TOLD me the news was my DEAR FATHER! A PRICELESS moment, because one of the reasons I do this blog is for my PARENTS! After telling my wife and kids, my mind started to race on thoughts about my Grandparents and how I WISH they could see this day. Remember on how the news media mentioned HISTORIC a thousand times about the Obama trip to Cuba and the flights to Cuba? Well I am going to throw the word "HISTORIC" now..... I said "me voy pa' Versailles"....and my dear Son said, "I am going with you!" Let me tell you how WRONG the media is, for some time now, the media is drilling the concept that the Cuban Exile community is dying, old, and the new generation of Cuban Americans don't care about Cuba....WELL......I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES.....Tons of young people, several generations of Cubans in the streets on Calle ocho!

Now back to the experience... I drive up to Calle Ocho and the gridlock of cars with Cuban and American flags HONKING and WAVING it was surreal. We finally find a parking space and start walking up to Versailles(the street was blocked off for several blocks). I am walking with my son towards Versailles, tons of people all over the place, UNBELIEVABLE......we stand in front of Versailles taking the moment in.....and then it hits me, I start to CRY(I'm really trying to hold it in), my son starts to HUG me.....A HISTORIC MOMENT!!!!!!!!

That specific moment was for:

FOR THE FREEDOM OF CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The DICTATOR is DEAD!!!!!!!!!

The dictator is DEAD! I never thought I would see this day.......many emotions flowing through me now.....Thinking of all my family members and those who have passed, longing to see this day. As I wipe the TEARS away, a flood of emotions......

BUT.....Cubita linda is still NOT FREE!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pope Francis Equates Christianity to Communism!

I think many of us knew that the Pope was a communist, but it was a matter of time before he actually admitted his belief that communism is equally the same as Christianity.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau visits the dictatorship of Cuba

Justin Trudeau continued the Trudeau romance with the Cuban dictatorship with his 4th trip to Cuba

Thursday, November 10, 2016

El Cafe Cubano's relocation to Cuba program for Hollywood Stars!!!!

FORGET about Canada, the UTOPIA of Cuba is where these Hollywood stars should take up residence! El Cafe Cubano's Relocation to Cuba program will help these socially conscious actors MOVE to Cuba.
If you really FRUSTRATED and SHOCKED about the election, go to Cuba with it's ONE PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM, Health care that they tout, an educational system that memorizes slogans and scripts, barely any Internet or cell phone service, and all those cute 1950's cars and crumbling buildings.

NOW that's really making a bold statement!

More info to come...

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Dictator Maduro urges "Urban farming" in Venezuela......straight out of the Cuban playbook!

Dictator Maduro is calling for " food sovereignty" in Venezuela or Urban farming, because THAT will solve the food crisis in Venezuela. Hold on mi pana.......We Cubans have HEARD this before, the ALL KNOWING dictator of Cuba tried to do this in Cuba and it was a complete failure, along with the other schemes. Dictator Maduro is making his moves STRAIGHT out the Cuban playbook! Of course the Cuban dictator is the quarterback and calling the plays:

Play 666:

Audible: Guaguero 666

"Down with Yankee imperialism

Set up agrarian reforms everywhere, imprison or beat up the opposition, have the Cuban dictatorship control everything, shift the blame...

Hut, hut."

P.S.  Have Jamie Foxx and Danny Glover run the Urban farming initiative for Dictator Maduro!

77th straight Sunday Damas de Blanco beat up and arrested

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Yes. Oswaldo Paya. Cuban government ran him off the road and killed him almost certainly."

From WikiLeaks concerning Oswaldo Paya and John Podesta's thoughts on what happened :

Re: Cuba

Thugs storm Venezuelan congress

Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's about the cigars, not Cuba's FREEDOM

Yes.... traded straight up! Obama lifts the restrictions on the cigars and rum, but the Cuban people get NOTHING! C'mon people who controls the cigars and the rum industry in Cuba? Take a's the Cuban DICTATORSHIP.

Now Chad and Heather tourist are so happy that they can see Cuba stuck in the 1950's, with all the 1950's cars, and see cute Cuba before it changes, AND NOW they can bring back RUM and Cigars...

Isn't that great Alfredo?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

74th Straight Sunday Damas de Blanco arrested and beat up!

Clueless tourist visiting Cuba

Clueless tourist visiting Cuba because they want to see it before it changes, or it's so cool to see all the 1950's cars rolling around, or the asinine reason because it's "cute" to see Cuba stuck in the 1950's.

Are the clueless tourist concerned about what the Apartheid dictatorship has done to the Cuban people the last 57 years?

Dictator of Cuba says he saw a UFO.... I'm not making this up!!!

It's not the crazy Cuban exiles saying this.....It's the Cuban dictator saying this and the sad part the media is eating this up. Click here for the absurdity.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Jose Fernandez

Even though I'm a die hard New York Yankees fan, Jose Fernandez was one of my favorite players. I was traveling at the time, and when I got off a plane, I was shocked to hear that he passed away. What a shame someone so young and such a great pitcher had to go before his time. What most people can't understand is what he meant to the Cuban American community. He like many of the Cuban exiles were persecuted by the brutal communist regime, and fled for FREEDOM. He loved the USA so much and would always make the point how grateful he was to be here and for FREEDOM. His passion for baseball, life, and for the realities of the Cuban situation are also reflected by many Cuban Americans(however many in the media insult us and downgrade us)

So with his passing a little bit of each of us passed away with him......

Oyeme brother may you Rest in Peace!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

71st Straight Sunday Damas de Blanco beat up and arrested

No wonder they could not SAY TERRORISM

The recent events in New York City and New Jersey brought out a interesting response. Both Gov Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio, went out of their way NOT to call these acts TERRORISM. Even Inspector Clouseau could have called it TERRORISM from the very beginning.

but then again what do you expect from De Blasio who Honeymooned in Cuba and supported the sandinistas, and Cuomo who plays nice, nice with a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP, who sponsor terrorists and are terrorists themselves.


Do the hip celebrities ever listen to what the Cuban people(inside and outside of Cuba) are really saying? Do the "cute" tourist think it's so cute that their is NO FREEDOM in Cuba and ONE FAMILY has ruled for 59 years?

Friday, September 09, 2016

Colin Kapernick wears a Fidel Castro T-shirt and won't stand honoring our flag!

It seems it now hip and cool not to stand and honor OUR FLAG and those who have sacrificed so much for our FREEDOMS!! To top it off you wear a T-shirt of a communist dictator whose brutal regime has affected millions of people.

Try to make the millions your making in Cuba!!! Why don't you go to Cuba and say something against the dictatorship and see what happens??


Guillermo Fariñas life matters!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

GUILLERMO FARIÑAS still on hunger strike

Keeping up with the Cubans-Damas de Blanco arrested and beat up for the 69th straight Sunday

The 69th straight Sunday that the Damas de Blanco are arrested and BEAT up simply for peaceful protesting for the Political Prisoners, Human Rights, and marching towards Church.

Where are ALL the cool and hip celebrities? Where are all the tourists who think it's cute that Cuba is stuck in a time warp from 1959?


Thursday, September 01, 2016

Un- historic Jet Blue flight to Cuba

All you heard in the news in regards to Jet Blue's flight to Cuba yesterday:


HISTORIC? NOPE.......The day that Cuba is FREE that will be HISTORIC!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Guillermo Fariñas hospitalized because of 38 days of hunger strike against the dictatorship


Keeping up with the Cubans...

Keepin up with the Cubans.....

*** Rules on reading the daily segment of "Keeping up with the Cubans"

- Please do not read this daily post with a nasily kardasian voice
-Please do not assume or comment that Cubans really enjoy being stuck in a 1959 time warp with no cell phone, no access to the internet, and by the way, NO FREEDOM. It's not cute 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Freaky tweet from Jared Leto concerning the Cuba Trip?

Jared Leto tweeted a freaky picture about:

"New Year’s Eve? Maybe?! “Cuba – New Years 2015/16"

Click here for the picture and tweet.

I'm sure Jared won't tweet about Guillermo Farinas or post this video...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where are you concerning Fariñas?

Guillermo Fariñas, who is on the 33nd day of his hunger strike.......

SILENCE from Pope Francis and Obama

SILENCE from most Media

SILENCE from the Catholic Curch

SILENCE from ALL of the Celebrities who have visited Cuba

Keeping up with the Cubans......Cuban Reality

All the clueless tourists and celebrities about the Cuban Reality...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Keeping up with the Cubans...


While Madonna celebrated her berzsday in Cuba(a communist dictatorship) and Obama took a long bacation(NEVER MIND THE FLOODS IN LOUISIANA CHICO)........

The Ladies in White(Damas de Blanco) for the 67th straight Sunday were beat up and arrested for their peaceful march and Guillermo Farinas is near death while conducting a hunger strike....

Where's the OUTRAGE from all the CELEBRITIES??

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zika in Cuba

Zika in Cuba......who knew? Well, thanks to the media no one knows about the Zika virus and all the problems with dengue in Cuba. Hold on Vladimer, it's not the crazy Cuban exiles saying this, it's the Cuban Health Ministry saying this !

Funny how the media in regards to Zika in Florida are screaming(danger, danger, danger, travel precautions, danger, danger, danger, danger) and in regards to Zika in Cuba: Silence...........

Can we say HALL PASS for the last 57 years??

keeping up with the Cubans....

Doo doo doo doo.......

The Ladies in White get BEAT UP and arrested every Sunday on the way to church. Farinas is in critical health while on a hunger strike, and Zika is in Cuba(even though the media is totally silent).

Doo doo doo doo.......

Monday, August 15, 2016

Keepin up with the Cubans.....

The TV show "Keeping up with the Kardasians" did several shows about their trip to Cuba. El Cafe Cubano will also like to do a segment called "Keeping up with the Cubans."

On this first segment, the video above shows how the Ladies in White, who for the last straight 66 Sundays have been beat up and arrested while marching peacefully to church!

*** Rules on reading the daily segment of "Keeping up with the Cubans"

- Please do not read this daily post with a nasily kardasian voice
-Please do not assume or comment that Cubans really enjoy being stuck in a 1959 time warp with no cell phone, no access to the internet, and by the way, NO FREEDOM.  It's not cute or hip

Where's the beef in Venezuela?

While the media was all in a tizzy concerning the so called festivities in Cuba this past weekend, they forgot to point out, that their is no FOOD in Venezuela, but the Venezuelan dictator had no problem attending a party for the Cuban dictator.

By the way.... who coordinated the outfits for this???

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Only the dictator's life matters to the media

Typical media spewing all the propaganda for the dictator, not only for TODAY, but for the last 57 years.... The media doesn't give a sh.t about the Cuban people.

Only the dictator's life matters to most of the media and the clueless celebrities.