Thursday, December 22, 2005

Exile Team Denied In World Baseball Classic

The idea of a Cuban exile team came to a halt:

"the commissioner's office of Major League Baseball, in agreement with the Baseball International Federation and the MLB Players' Association, said that they will not allow any independent teams to play in the World Classic. "

Livan Hernandez to play for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic? What do you think about this my fellow brethren?


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I am not a tad surprised.
They are known for catering to every kagasstro's whim, in the management of the Big Leagues.
Remember when the Orioles said that they would not hire any Cuban defector?

Anonymous said...

I really have wonder where's a Cuban American investor (we have tons of darned rich people in our midst) who would come up front and buy the franchising rights for a team. Strangely, they would not do that.

Anonymous said...

We have Gloria holding up a Mexican flag, now we will see Livan
holding up a Puerto Rican flag. No jodas!!!