Sunday, April 22, 2007

Forget the Alec Baldwin phone call, what about this phone call?

Phone Call that Threatened the life of the Opposition Leader Martha Beatriz Roque

I would like to divulge this information.

On April 17, 2007, I received a phone call that threatened my life, so that I would no longer speak on Radio Marti, and so that I would not meet with Portuguese reporters in my home.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, I had taped a program with Maria Marquez of Radio Marti, about the third document of the series that I write titled "The Two Faces of One Coin". The Reporters of RTP (Radio and Television Portuguese) named Sandra Filgueiras and Bruno de Jesus, called me at 10 minutes to 4:00 pm, just minutes before we were to meet, to inform me that the "Center for International Press" had informed them that they are to meet with a Vice Minister of Foreign Relations, which impeded my interview.

I took a call that was holding for me on the telephone, and a man began to threaten me, then I reacted and turned on my recorder and was able to pick up this conversation.

Voice: Martha, you are putting your life in danger, you are going to prison again.

Martha Beatriz: Yes, no, no problem, if I have to go to jail again, I will. You know this is how the Cuban Government wants it to be, so it's all the same to me.

Voice: It's all the same to you, no, Martha?

Martha Beatriz: Exactly the same, what else?

Voice: Would you like me to put you in an enclosed cell, Martha?

Martha Beatriz: Enclosed cell? Also. No problem.

Voice: Yes Martha, you will fall into that. No?

Martha Beatriz: You have that ability?

Voice: Of course.

Martha Beatriz: Oh, good!!!

Voice: The one who is speaking to you is from the State Security.

Martha Beatriz: Oh! One from the State Security is speaking to me, then you have no problems.

Voice: You heard Martha, be careful, take care of yourself.

Martha Beatriz: Afterwards, you will hear your voice on Radio Marti.

Voice: Yes, Martha?

Martha Beatriz: You heard?

Voice: Yes, ah, you taped it?

Martha Beatriz: Of course, aren't you threatening me even with death, I have to tape this, so people will hear you

Voice: Ah, that is fine Martha, well.

Martha Beatriz: Well, has been a pleasure.

Voice: One of these days you will spend it very badly, Martha.

Martha Beatriz: Well, whenever you would like.

Today, April 18, 2007, I heard that the Portuguese reporters were detained twice even though they are accredited as such, with their corresponding permits to be in this country. Because my telephone is intercepted by the Political Police, and the proof I have for this is that the regime has placed parts of my private conversations on television, on the program Mesa Redonda, the level of knowledge of the person who spoke to me leaves no doubt that they were well informed.

The tape with the recording is available to all who wish to hear it.

Martha Beatriz Roque

Havana, Cuba

April 18th, 2007

Translation from Spanish to English was made by Fundacion Civica Martiana


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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

These oafs think it's still 1960. They think they control information if the story doesn't make it onto CNN. They can't conceive of a world that has the freedom to allow millions of people to read about stories just like this. They fail to see that each one of these evil deeds that get out makes their rule that much more illegitimate. Tourism and the tide of history has turned against them now.