Friday, December 11, 2009

"Pope lauds Cuba's 'signs of openness"-What???

As a practicing Catholic I am troubled and saddened that the Pope that I admire and agree with 98% of the time would laud Cuba for openness? Dr. Biscet is currently in prison serving 25 years simply for speaking out against abortion and communism. Take a look at the pictures and video above and see what happens if you DARE to speak out against the regime!

I am sad because here at El Cafe Cubano we have a FAST every Friday(Several years now) dedicated to the political prisoners in Cuba and it is met with TOTAL SILENCE. Thousands of e-mails, hundreds of postings and not one PEEP  from ANY Catholic organization or any returned acknowlegements for the Vatican.

YET......the Pope lauds Cuba for openness???


Anonymous said...

Amen brother Alfredo!

Anonymous said...

Alfredo, personally I can object to some things in the Pope's speech to the Cuban Ambassador, but he does not laud Cuba for openness. He said: I hope that concrete signs of opennes to the excercise of religious freedom will continue to multiply... Then he mentions some of those things. This means that religious freedom is seriously restricted and he is asking for a change. The Pope also asks for economic and moral reform, and respect for life and people's rights. The things I objecto to are in the second parragraph of the speech.