Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking the other way

As a flawed spiritual person, my family and I attended our local Catholic church this past Sunday. We were met with a rousing and touching sermon dealing with on how Catholics attend church every Sunday, but during the week do nothing about Abortion and other moral issues. Very good message indeed, but this past Sunday in “Santiago de Cuba, a city in the Eastern province of Cuba, women pro democracy activists were savagely beaten and verbally attacked in the streets by Cuban State Security agents after they attended mass in the Basilica of “El Cobre”, a Catholic shrine dedicated to “Our Lady of Charity”, where they prayed for the freedom of all Cuban political prisoners and for the freedom of Cuba.”

The Catholic Church silent and looking the other way…….

Dr. Biscet the leading dissident against the apartheid dictator spent years in prison for speaking out against communism and ABORTION! No pro-life groups came to the aid of Dr. Biscet? Thousands of e-mails to Catholic Churches and priest about the Friday fast for political prisoners in Cuba and NOTHING, ZILCH!

Yet Cardinal Jaime Ortega received an award (Eighth Gaudium et Spes Award Honoree ) from the Knights of Columbus back in 2010 and that gets press???

The Archbishop of Miami (Archbishop Wenski) has traveled to Cuba several times and I wonder what his thoughts about the beatings that happened right after mass this past Sunday???

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