Monday, February 16, 2015

Top 10 list of what to buy when traveling to Cuba!!!!

The Conan O' Brien staff can take some pointers on what to buy while in Cuba:

1) El cafe Cubano suggest to barter on this first item. The American public and media are fascinated with all the 1950's car roaming all over the Island. To take advantage of this time warp cozy feeling, El Cafe Cubano suggest that you trade for one of those CLASSIC CARS in exchange for a  BOAT(make sure their is enough gas in the tank to make it to Miami). This will be a big hit for local Cubans! The US and Cuban government will get a big Kick out it. This is key for better US-Cuba relations.

2) Leave your CELL PHONE home and BUY ONE in Cuba!!! Use the local hotspots for WIFI and connect to those back home!!!!! Snapchat and twitter away dude...

3) Buy t-shirts(El Cafe Cubano has set up a t-shirt store in anticipation) at the El Cafe Cubano trade relation store. Make sure you buy one of these and wear all around Cuba and with pride:

"Mi cago en fidel"

"Mi cago en la revolucion"

"Gusanos Rule"

"Calle Ocho Rules"

"Soy un comemierda tourista"

"Luis Posada Rules"


Make sure you take a picture with your t-shirt at the Plaza of the Revolution in Cuba and post it to Facebook!!!!

4) Ask the concierge at the hotel your staying and ask him where Versailles is located , where you can go to drink Cuban coffee, and where you can eat pastelitos!!!

5) If you acquire one of those classic 1950's cars, you need to stock up at your local Cuba Auto supply store for spare parts!!!!!!

6) Guys buy a Mankini(nutcracker bathing suit) and wear it on the beach at Varadero! You will will be a BIG hit with all the local Cuban women, no matter the beer belly(JUST HAVE CASH!!!)

7) This is for you ladies......Dress all in WHITE(You can buys this at The El Cafe Cubano store also) and hang out with the Ladies in White while they do their weekly walk a long to church. Make sure you wave and yell real loud at the security.

8) A MUST..........purchase a handgun while in Havana!!!

9) Instead of eating out, save money go to the local store and stock up on meat, diet coke, water bottles, snacks and chips!!!!

10) Forget about the $100 rule(El Cafe Cubano has inside information).....go ahead and stock up on Cigars and rum, as much as you can, just slip the customs guy a $100, then wink, and you should be fine brother!!!!!

I hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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