Monday, July 20, 2015

A NON Historic day......Embassy opening in Washington, DC

Most news media are using the term "Historic" in describing today's opening of the Cuban Embassy in Washington. In reality just a token symbolic event, while the PEOPLE of CUBA have benefited NOTHING, but the DICTATORSHIP has gained a monetary lifeline for the time being.

To add insult to injury, according to reports, among the attendees will be Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio"forked tongue" Rodriguez, former parliament president Ricardo"tricky ricky" Alarcon,and  Bruno "the mafia don" Rodríguez.

All the concessions that the US has made, But the Cuban government has CONCEDED NOTHING,
and the dictatorship(Been in power for 56 years) demands MORE!!!

HISTORIC, NO,  just another sad day for the people of Cuba, the blood of it's people still on the dictatorship's hands.

Other DICTATORSHIP supporters will be there:

CODEPINK will host a celebration in front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC at 5pm on the day of its official reopening.”

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