Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Juanes wants to do a concert in Cuba

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Colombian rocker Juanes wants to hold his second Peace Without Borders concert in Havana's storied Revolution Plaza next month with a host of regional stars. He says he has met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in hopes that American musicians can join the extravaganza.
In what could be the latest sign the art world is well into a thaw of nearly a half century of icy U.S.-Cuba relations, Juanes' manager, Fernan Martinez, said the concert will be Sept. 20. He said organizers are waiting for Cuban government permission to use the sprawling concrete plaza.
The first Peace Without Borders concert in March drew 100,000 fans to the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

Now will Juanes also ask for the release of political prisoners? Will he ask for FREEDOM of Speech for Cubans? Will he ask for Democracy in Cuba?


Fantomas said...

The answer is no porque no obtendria el permiso para perform there. Quizas hable de la paz de los pueblos etc pero de ahi no pasara a criticar al gob cubano . Tampoco se puede decir que Juanes es comunista
for going there. Muchos de estos artistas are only for the music in order to sell more records

Fantomas said...

Anonymous said...

check out Juans latest twitter message:

"Porque le molesta al mundo cuando se habla de paz ? porque promover la unión entre los pueblos y derribar las fronteras es una molestia?"