Sunday, July 04, 2010

the National Anthem

Waking up this morning ready to celebrate the 4th of July and the FREEDOM we enjoy in this beautiful country, many emotions came flooding through. I picked up the paper and read an article about how the catholic church inside and outside of Cuba hope through dialogue with the Apartheid dictatorship in Cuba will hopefully bring change....

Sadness started to creep in... I started to think back to when I was younger, growing up and the celebrations we had on the 4th of July. I remember both my parents and grandparents flying the American flag PROUDLY on their respective blocks. Many times they would be the only one on the block flying the red, white, and blue.

So what Big Al? Who cares? parents and grandparents were not even born in the USA, they fled the abusive dictatorship of Cuba. They had EVERYTHING taken away and came to this country with NOTHING! They worked jobs that nobody else would and I would NEVER hear them talk bad about the USA...On the contrary, all I would ever hear is how grateful they were to this country and how they have the one thing they cherished most about the USA: FREEDOM!

I will take any day...the example set by my family concerning FREEDOM and what it is about...Now we should have every RIGHT to express our opinions about Cuba and not to be treated by many..who by NO experience feel THEY know what's best for Cuba and those in the media, who scorn us !

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