Sunday, October 05, 2014

"Walking in Hemingway's footsteps"..............excuse me?

While sipping my daily dose of Cafe Cubano, I open up the paper and one of the first articles I encounter is that of John and Patrick Hemingway titled : "Walking in Hemingway's footsteps" .

The article as one is led to believe is all about promoting U.S. and Cuba cooperation to protect the marlin, tuna, and other fish. While weeping off an imaginary tear for the intense worry of my fish brethren in Cuba, this articles finishes out with the same conclusion as THOUSANDS of other do-gooders that "We support these changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba: The fundamental right to travel to Cuba without restriction should be restored to U.S. citizens: Cuba should be removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which is not. It's time to move beyond more than 50 years of antagonism to normalized relations"

While the Hemingway's are worried about the fish and Cuba's repeated propaganda for the last 55 years, in the meantime:

while fleeing the paradise of Cuba:

"Cuban migrants drank own blood, urine, adrift at sea for 23 days"

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