Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Don't mess with me, girl"

Mini-me launching a verbal attack directed at Condoleezza Rice. During his Alo, come mierda show he comments:

"She messed with me again," and "Don't mess with me, girl."

The most laughable comment:

"Venezuela is free and however much they may try to instigate internal movements here, we will defeat them,"


Jose Reyes ( said...

I don't understand why these communist leaders always attack the President of the USA, personally, like the American people are not going to defend there country from the commies. This is how the commies work, they constantly are trying to divide the people and make them go against each other so then they could control them all. Chavez is learning tricks from Castro. Jose (

Anonymous said...

He's just a lowlife and a coward. He goes around threatening women, he will never stand up to confront a man, the scumbag.

tocororo_libre said...

I just heard he wants to stay in power until at least the year 2025,talk about freedom of elections