Friday, February 10, 2006

What the f....!

What the f... is going on on? Guillermo Farinas on a hunger strike and the MSM basically ignores the strike and his basic principles. A reporter investigating about the Cuban rafters gets the crap beaten out him and do you see any mention of this anywhere? Shame on you, if after this you set foot in the Bahamas and give money to these ass holes.
How long must this go on? Ignored, ignored, ignored for 47 years! The dictator erects some laughable flagpoles and it's front page news. The Cuban baseball team creates an uproar because they were not allowed to participate at first, everyone and the media gets in a lather, a U.S. congressman issues a press statement defending Cuba and why they should play baseball, yet very silent concerning hunger strikes, very silent concerning political prisoners, and very silent concerning the balseros.
Muslims are offended by some cartoons and go crazy, yet the media and some politicians here defend their reactions. Cubans are imprisoned, tortured, and silenced and we denounce these actions by blogging and non-violent means yet we are described as fanatical, Miami-Mafia, or right wingers? We have over 20 million illegals in this country and the media describes and shows every real or perceived injustice, but 15 balseros are immediately taken back to the island prison and not one peep from any news organization.
What the f... is going on???


Anonymous said...

I agree and can you shed some light into why that man is still the big chief in that country and why is he still being aloud to. So much is said about suffering and injustice and I totally agree but why the hell is he still running the show?

ziva said...

What's going on? To quote a song. "The same as it ever was". castro farts and his media whores shit all over themselves getting the byline out but for actual Cuban citizens? The world turns its back. Not much we can do now.(Just wait until Cuba is free!) but don't you know Alfredo God is watching and judging.