Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Judge rules in favor of rafters

Ziva has a post concerning this story, so does The Real Cuba and CB at Killcastro. This is great news at the onset, but there is a problem: How do we get the rafters back? Do you think for any second that the dictator is going to return them? This ruling does give a feeling of redemption, but also a feeling of a little to late. Am I wrong for feeling this way?


Anonymous said...

That's exactly my question, how are we going to get them back?
I hope the goverment takes its responsibility in the case and finds a way to solve this problem!

Jose Reyes (Cubanology.com) said...

No problem here Alfredo, that maricon will give in like a lamb on this one, he has to. I actually hope he makes a big thing about this so things could get hairy again. He's quiet now, he will give in like a dog! Jose(Cubanology.com)

Anonymous said...

Time to play "such a deal" I release the balseros for $$$$$$$$, or try to create a scenario a la reverse elian.

Anonymous said...

meeting next week on March 8 with the Bush admistration and exile leaders concerning wet/dry/foot policy.
Very good question on how we will get the rafters back. Who knows? we can not let them again use this as a propaganda tool.

Viva Cuba Libre!

tocororo_libre said...

I agreed,too late,too late as alwyas