Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Your Kidding?

Here we go again with the media my FREEDOM fighting brethren! This past weekend Parade Magazine came out with a list of the World's Worst Dictators and GUESS who was not on the list? Yes, Mr. dictator in Cuba, the one who wears the Adidas outfits and has ruled Cuba ruthlessly for 48 years! What gives? This is not acceptable and we will not take this obvious slap in the face for all Cubans!

Take action mis hermanos, go to the Parade website and make a comment! You have to register before entering the site to vote.


Gusano said...

Alfredo. sorry i think its fitting.
he was even a faulire at being on the worst list


Anonymous said...

There are almost 13 pages of mostly "Bush is the biggest dictator in the world" comments. The poll should have included a short lesson explaining what a dictator is. Scary, I hope these idiots don't vote.