Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A smile from a father

This past Thanksgiving weekend we took off on a short 1 day road trip..nothing special..just the family spending time together. Well since we have a large family something is always bound to happen, our oldest son was not feeling well and he vomited all over the back seat. We drove to a gas station and we spent over 2 hours cleaning the back seat and the floor! I was not a happy camper. My son's clothing were full of you know what, so my wife stopped at a discount store to buy him a shirt. She gives him the shirt and I hear "I AM NOT GOING TO WEAR THAT!"

So I bark back: "Put it on now" and he responds; "dad, I can't wear this, this is what Fidel Castro wears!"

I look back and it's a Adidas shirt!

At that moment my anger disappears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vana said...

LMFAO..funny, good little Cuban boy you have there Alfredo.

Anonymous said...

you taught him well Alfredo!

Anonymous said...

when you say large do you mean FAT?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Only in your case Buck...with respect to your head.

Anonymous said...

no buck he meant large, you're the one who is fat, stop eating your waffles,put down the richard simmons video and write something creative because all your comments are beyond stupid. All in my opinion of course, and, my opinions are held in high regard.


Rita Loca said...

LOL! My Venezuelan kids wont wear red...ever.